Dining in Disneyland: The Mickey Coconut Pattie

Perusing the goodie case at Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure, I stumbled across something that could potentially be a new favorite treat.

I’m a huge fan of coconut and I love Mounds and Almond Joy candy bars (they are the first to be stolen from my kids at Halloween), so I figured I’d better check out the new “Mickey Coconut Pattie.”

Mickey Coconut Pattie

Mickey Coconut Pattie

I’m not sure why the treat is called a “Mickey” Coconut Pattie, because in no way does it resemble Mickey.  It’s a big circle; no ears!

Anyhow, I will forgive Disney for this due to the fact that that it tastes amazing.  The Mickey Coconut Pattie is $3.99 and is very generously portioned. Plenty big for sharing — or if you don’t want to share, it’s a great treat for eating a bit and saving the rest for later!

Generously Portioned Mickey Coconut Pattie

A thick dark chocolate coating on the outside topped with flakes of sweet coconut, the pattie is pretty sturdy.

It was easier to take a bite than to cut it with a knife!

Thick Dark Chocolate & Lots of Coconut

The Mickey Coconut Pattie is a simple yet amazingly tasty treat.  The coconut  inside is soft and sweet. It does not taste artificial at all;  and the thick dark chocolate coating makes a perfect complement.

One last photo. Just because...

It may not be a totally original idea, but it sure does taste great! My only suggestion? Add those Mickey ears so it can represent!

Have you tried the Mickey Coconut Pattie yet? What did you think?  If not, do you plan on indulging in the coconut fantasticness???

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  1. Prof. Brainard says

    I share your liking for chocolate and coconut. I also share your puzzlement over why it’s called a “Mickey coconut pattie.” I can’t come up with any film or cartoon reference to Mickey and coconut, and, as you point out, it looks nothing like Mickey. Also, they’ve spelled “patty” incorrectly on their sign. The singular is “patty,” and the plural is “patties.”

  2. Darlene says

    Oh yeah! These are on my list for August along with the marshmallow Tigger Tails, the peanut butter sandwiches, the chocolate, caramel, cashew pretzel rods and the caramel apples. And it’s all thanks to your wonderful reviews, Heather! (although my waistline is crying already!)

  3. Heather Sievers says

    @Anna – It is amazing! And you’re welcome!

    @Prof Brainard – I’m willing to forgive because it’s so tasty.

    @Darlene – At Disneyland calories don’t count! ; )

  4. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    wow yummy… 1. I hope they bring that the WDW by september… and 2. the recipe would be great…

  5. Heather Sievers says

    @CanadiansLoveWDW – I hope they do too! Everyone should have the opportunity to eat it! ; )

  6. Gabriella B. says

    I love the combination of coconut and dark chocolate too! Can’t wait to give it a try on our next trip. Thanks for sharing Heather!

  7. Scott says

    Yesterday my wife and I went to DL/DCA and we shared a coconut patty and peppermint patty. After buying them, we took a seat on the porch (the best place to relax and people watch on Main Street in Disneyland) and sampled each of them.

    Both were fantastic, and it was difficult to decide which was our favorite. Although the peppermint patty was great, with an intense minty flavor, we had to pick the coconut as our #1 choice. It was very moist, and not overly sweet. We were really impressed with the size of each, as they were generous with both the filling and the chocolate coating.

  8. Heather Sievers says

    @Scott – Glad you got a chance to try them both! I haven’t tried the mint one yet, I can only take mint in small doses, so I’m not sure if I will or not.

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