Guest Review: Everything Pop Food Court Breakfast, Snacks, and Dessert

Welcome back guest author Joey Beyer to the Disney Food Blog with a groovy review of Pop Century’s food court!

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I had multiple firsts, which included the Liberty Tree Tavern, Le Cellier, and lunch at the Tusker House.

Today however, I will be discussing the food court at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. This was my first time staying at Pop Century, and my motivation was all the positive things I had heard about the “Everything Pop” food court.


The Pop Century food court is well organized and, even when it was very busy, it never felt overly crowded.


The panoply of foods that each station offered also impressed me. Breakfast offers everything from the standard Disney baked goods (e.g. cheese danishes and muffins) to breakfast burritos to the famous Pop Century waffles.

Lunch and dinner sees the stations change to a deli counter, a grill, a pizza and pasta station, and a Mexican/Asian cuisine station. Sweet treats from the bakery such as cake, cookies, and cupcakes are offered throughout the day.


At breakfast time I sampled a Pop Century waffle, a cheese Danish (a longstanding Disney resort favorite of mine since I was very young), banana bread, and the blueberry muffin.

Of these options, the Pop waffle stands out the most. It may just be me, but something about that “Pop!” in the middle of the waffle makes it taste that much better, even though I am sure the ingredients are the same as all of the other waffles on property.

I topped my waffle with whipped cream and strawberries, which only made it that much more delicious.

Strawberry Sauced Pop Century Waffle

The particular waffle I had was perfect by my standards. Just slightly overcooked so it had a darker golden brown color and was a bit crispier on the outside, without being crunchy. The whipped cream and strawberries were very good as well. If I had gotten a second waffle I may have foregone the strawberries as they did make the waffle a bit soggy.

I only ate one dinner at the Pop Century. Choosing my entrée was very difficult because there were so many options, and more importantly, so many of them looked delicious! I finally chose the Pop Nachos.

The Pop Nachos start out as a plate of tortilla chips, to which you can add as much or as little as you would like. The nachos were topped with everything but black olives, which did not seem like a very appealing topping to me. The cast member baking my nachos really did an impeccable job on evenly distributing the toppings, and on the presentation in general. For only about $8, they really are a good deal as well.


Naturally, I had to try dessert as well. The ice cream sundae was my dessert of choice. For roughly $4, you get three scoops of ice cream (they can all be different flavors) and your choice of toppings (e.g. hot fudge and caramel). Of course no sundae would be complete without nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry.

I ordered a scoop each of cookies and cream, vanilla, and butter pecan with caramel topping. As you can see in the picture, I could not stop myself from digging in before photographing my dessert. The sundae was very good, and a great value for the price.


The other members of my party sampled the tie-dyed cheesecake and the Oreo cupcake. I sampled each of these and I would definitely consider both of these options for dessert on a future visit.

Disney's Pop Century Resort tie-dye cheesecake

Oreo Cupcake

The Pop Century has a wide variety of beverage options. The $15 all-you-can drink Disney mugs are available, as well as a selection of milks and juices.

They also offer a cooler of beer and wine for those who are looking to imbibe. There are also coolers of bottled sodas, sports drinks, and flavored waters.


Overall, I really enjoyed the Pop Century food court. There are a great variety of options, and everything I was able to try was delicious. While I do not know when I will be returning to the Pop Century, I look forward to going back and trying more of their delicious offerings.

It is worth noting that it is possible to use the Tables in Wonderland card at the Pop Century food court. The prices are already pretty reasonable, since the portions really are quite generous, so this is just an extra layer of icing on the cake.

Let us know your thoughts on the Pop Century and what your favorites are!


  1. Dan B says

    We stayed there last Sept. I found the tie dye cheesecake very good and their cupcakes even better. We still havent had the pizza yet. Maybe on our trip coming up in December.

  2. PrincessKaren says

    Loooove POP Century. Been there past 5 out of 5 years. No questions about it, it’s my favourite Value Resort. :)

  3. Janna says

    I love my Pop! We’ll be there again in 2 weeks. I can hear the Pop waffle calling my name…:)

  4. Randi says

    I’m staying at Pop for the first time in under 2 weeks. Can’t wait to try all the crazy-looking food options!

  5. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    Thank you for the great review. I’m staying at Pop for the first time in September and I cannot wait to get my hands (or rather, my mouth!) on a slice of that tie dye cheesecake!

  6. Galloping Gourmand says

    The POP! Waffle works so well because the POP! In the middle makes a perfect place to hold syrup, strawberries, whipped cream, or butter. It’s like a bowl.

    Best waffle at WDW.

  7. says

    It’s great to hear all of you enjoy Pop just as much as I do! I will actually be there in a couple weeks also. Maybe I will see you guys there!

    Galloping – I totally agree with you on the design of the waffle. Genius!

  8. Gwen says

    Pop has a whole new menu now! Great stuff and awesome changes for a Value resort!

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