UPDATE: New California Grill Menu with Photos

As we mentioned in our update on the California Grill renovation, this popular restaurant at Disney’s Contemporary Resort will be unveiling new dishes when it reopens.

California Grill is expected to start taking reservations within the next few weeks for its end of August opening. But right now, in an off-site kitchen, California Grill Chef Brian Piasecki is creating delicious new dishes!

In our earlier post, I reviewed the three-meat meatballs — a new addition to the appetizer menu at the restaurant. They were delicious…

Oak-Fired Three Meat Meatball.

“We’re really trying to think of creative new ways to use our wood-fired oven,” says Piasecki. Those meatballs are one way, with pork, lamb, and veal spiced with house-made harissa.

An oaky, crispy crust makes them perfect for dredging in Meyer-lemon-scented chimichurri with a side of marinated picholine olives and a little orzo. “Perfect for sharing,” says Piasecki.

Three Meatball Appetizer.

Sourcing as much as possible locally is a priority for Piasecki. The Cape Canaveral prawns are a great example. He roasts them head on in the wood-fired oven and serves with oven-roasted tomatoes, charred lemon, and a handful of peppery baby arugula. (And he’s using the shells to make prawn oil.)


He’s also creating house-made duck charcuterie – prosciutto, sausage, rillettes, butter, and mousse, all made with duck and served with house-made pickles, chutneys, and a whole-grain mustard.

Look for an enticing new entrée, which includes beets roasted three ways with pan-seared halibut. The beets are salt-crusted and oven-roasted, with beet syrup and beet microgreens. When paired with parsnip “silk” and a rich macadamia nut vinaigrette, it’s a healthy dish.

Pan-Seared Halibut.

The state-of-the-art kitchen will have new custom, cast-iron planchas (flat-top grills) installed for cooking fish. “Dual temperature zones so we can sear the fish on one side, then slide to the other with a lower temperature for cooking the rest of the way,” says Piasecki.

Chef Brian Piasecki at California Grill!

An expanded sushi area will boast a classic look with a glass case showcasing the gorgeous seafood.

Let the chef show off and order the 12-course “omakase” menu! Leaving the selections up to the chef, diners be offered a modern take on traditional Japanese dishes.

New tables and chairs are being set up, and the new lighting fixtures are “spectacular!” says Piasecki. We can’t wait to get our first look!

What are you looking forward to sampling at the California Grill? Any old favorites that you hope to still see on the menu?


  1. JoAnn says

    I’m hoping for an ADR there in November. Looking forward to seeing more of the new menu.

  2. Joni says

    I could not find the comment section for the What is the first thing you do section so I am entering it here.
    We get out and immediately say we are here! And it is just day 1 of our ___ day vacation at Disney and try to soak in everything the smells the sights the total “I’m really here feeling”
    Savor every moment cuz it goes by way too fast. Remembering when my son was little and that cool thing happend , remembering when we took so and so and we ate there etc. I have had the opportunity to go there alot living about 2 hrs awa,y ever since It was opened and it is truly like coming home. I went there with frinds and family as a teen, as a young adult and with My Child and now hope to take my grandaughter on her first trip soon. So many memories have Disney in them.

  3. David & Becki says

    So looking forward to the great Filet Mignon. Have been comparing it to many steaks since our last visit, and have not found anything to come up to the California Grill’s standards.

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