News! 2013 Disney World Free Dining Offer

UPDATE: Free Dining available for select dates in October, November, and December!

Great news! Free Dining will be offered for check-in dates 9/2 – 9/25 in September 2013!

Travel Dates

Free Dining is being offered to guests ARRIVING September 2 to September 25, 2013. A minimum stay of 3 nights is required and may not be booked for longer than 14 nights.

Disney Resorts

If you stay at a Value Resort, you’ll receive the Quick Service Dining plan for FREE. (Note that you can upgrade to the standard or deluxe dining plans by paying the difference in cost per night.)

If you reserve a Moderate, Deluxe, or Deluxe Villa Resort, you will receive the standard Dining plan for FREE. (You can upgrade to the deluxe dining plan by paying the difference in cost per night).

NOTE: Ft. Wilderness campsites, 3-bedroom villas, and Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation Resort are not included in this offer.


In addition to booking a minimum stay of 3 nights at one of the above Disney resorts, you’ll also need to purchase AT LEAST a 2-day Magic Your Way Disney World ticket.

Is The Free Dining Offer Right For Your Family?

Since this offer generally can’t be combined with other discounts, it’s often difficult to determine whether or not your family will save more money with Disney World hotel room discount or with the free dining offer.

We break down and compare the costs and options for several Disney World discounts, including the free dining offer, in our DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book to help you save the most money possible.

Along with over 400 pages of great Disney World dining advice, photos, and details, this book is a great deal. Get yours here, and speaking of saving money — use code “2013” to get $4 off today!

Tell us what you think about Free Dining and your thoughts on this specific offer in the comments below!


  1. Kim says

    Well boo no free dining for when I am booked. Very disappointed. Seems we keep getting less and paying more. Ansd since we don’t travel in from another country we don’t get the free dining. I have a Disney visa and an signed up on all types of their sites and never get free offers or pins. Any suggestions?

  2. Nicole says

    Why is Disney only sending out Pins to certain people for free dining for Oct-Dec. that’s not fair. I’m going in October and would love a pin for free dining.

  3. Jennifer says

    Do you have to book your hotel thru Disney’s website to get the free dining? I’m trying to figure out how this works. We had planned to book our room and flights thru Travelocity as it was the cheapest for what we wanted but if we could maybe get a meal plan for free we’d have to reconsider.

    Just wondering what the “fine” print is :)



  4. athena says

    Yes, you must purchase through Disney by website or calling them directly. And you have to include a minimum of 2 day park passes.
    — I just booked 2 weeks ago or so…and asked about all the possible combinations. If you book at a value resort, u get the quick service dining plan…u can upgrade to one table service and one quick service by paying the difference OR just book at a moderate resort and get the table and quick service automatically.

    This is our 5th year on free disney dining

  5. Debbie says

    Have gone twice before in August and had free dining. Very dissapointed no free dining till September. Can’t go in September as kids back to school then. Had to find another discount which worked for us but free dining would have been much cheaper for us all around.

  6. Lisa says

    Nicole- my family has gone the last two years in October for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and both years I was able to get the free dining plan. The trick is to wait to book until free dining is announced online. Unfortunately this can be a bit of a gamble since it seems that Disney doesn’t announce until August, which can result in the resort of your choice being all booked up. That happened to us last year and we ended up staying at a resort that was not my first choice for sure. But the money we saved on dining made it worth it. We are going again this year and my plan is again to wait to book until the free dining announcement is made.

  7. Kathie says

    Nicole- You can book your trip for October and if free dining is offered at a later date it will apply to your trip.

  8. Mark says

    Currently booking for the second week on November. Has anyone ever heard of free dining in November?


  9. kathie says

    Mark. Some people received pin codes for that week in November for free dining. Free dining is only offered for some days in september for all. Hopefully they will extend the free dining to all in October and November. good luck

  10. says

    Athena — Free Dining has not been opened through Nivember. The email you received is a pin code that only you can use. Some people who are signed up to receive Disney promotional emails have received pin codes like this, but they are only useable by the person who received them, and only useable one time.

  11. rick says

    I’m sure Disney is going to offer free dinning for Oct and Nov cause if they don’t I’m sure there going to see a drop in sales consider people wait for the free dinning now

  12. Crystal says

    We booked our disney trip the week of Sept 15th at the art of animation resort, will we automatically get the free dining when we get there or do we need to call? I guess I am confused about this free dining thing.

  13. says

    Crystal — You need to call to add the free dining plan to your reservation. Contact Disney at 407-W-Disney

  14. Q.B says

    I know someone who got their pin in mail yesterday for the free Disney dining plan up to December. The invitation have the pin I called and they never sent me out one considering I go twice a year still waiting on my pin so I can go in December. You just have to wait till it’s announced and wait till you receive pin by email or mail.

  15. wanda bond says

    hey travelling to Disney in Orlando florida august 15 to 22 2013. Hoping we will have the free dining plan! what do u think ?

  16. Adam Flod says


    I am also going to Walt Disney world on those exact dates and nothing that I have found indicates that there is free dining yet

    And also is there any deals for Canadians??

  17. Kathie says

    Well every year for the past 3 years there has been free dining for most of October, November and some of December. So I think there will be an offer soon. Pixie dust to all and I am hopeful for free dining:-). Not sure about Canadian offers but a good site to check for that is mousesavers. Good luck

  18. Adam Flod says

    I did find out that the current pronation ends aug 14 and nothing till sept 5 is that common or will they release something for those two weeks or so?

  19. Chris says

    I called and asked about october. I am going haloween week and they added my sinibg at no charge. Call and ask for it

  20. Kathie says

    Adam. If you go to and type this into a search, (Historical Disney World Resort Discounts: Past Dates of Release). You can see release date discounts for the last three years and there were discounts released in those years in July and mostly August for fall and winter free dining and room discounts. I am hoping for free dining the last week of October. Good luck :-)

  21. Adam Flod says

    It has happens the last three years but nothing for this year has been made official yet well not that I can find

    Hopefully there will be able to help me
    Or someone here could point me into more of a direction to get it

  22. Kathie says

    The offers for free dining in the fall were not released till July and Mostly August in past years. No one really knows but I have a feeling it will be offered. All we can do is hope the same will be offered this year. Good luck

  23. Chris says

    No. I just called and asked if it was available. I check in oct 26 for 7 nights at caribean beach. I was put on hold and when he returned i was given free dining. I already got a confirming email

  24. Kathie says

    I just called and they said it is not offered for October unless you have a pin code. This is the only offer available. Late October Disney World Deluxe Offer
    October 26 – November 2, 2013
    Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort
    Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort
    Disney’s Beach Club Resort – Standard View
    Disney’s Beach Club Resort – Lagoon View
    Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Standard View
    Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Club Level
    Options: Room-only available | Discounted tickets with FREE water park admission | Dining plan cannot be added.

  25. Chris says

    I dont know why we got free dining but we did. This is our 12th consecutive year going and our 5th getting free dining

  26. April says

    We received our PIN via email on May 9th. I have no idea why we received a PIN. We are not Disney regulars (although we intend to be now that we have kids), and March 2013 was our 1st time staying at a Disney resort. I would like to now how I got on the list as we intend to make Disney in October our yearly family vacation for the next several years.

  27. Kathie says

    Chris, I just got this info today from the Disney Diva. “Tips from the Disney Diva That person is wrong, or fibbing. Sorry, but there’s no polite way to stay that. There are a lot of Free Dining PIN codes out there, and so perhaps he called to see if there was one attached to his name and they found one by looking him up, but it would still require a PIN code at this point in time to get Free Dining for those dates. Disney does NOT give it away just for the asking. ~Leslie the Travel Agent Diva”
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  28. Nicole says

    How do you sign up for one of these “PINS” for free dining to be sent to you? I have signed up for the Disney planning packet.

  29. Kathie says

    How often does Disney World mail out pin codes for free dining? Also I know that Disney mailed out pin codes for free dining in October when I am going. What are the chances they will extend this offer to the public? Do they ever do this?I really want one.

    – Asked by kathie on 6/20/2013
    Answered by
    Kathie F., SCCategory
    Dining PlanHi Kathie!

    I really wish I knew when the Disney discounts would be released! But, unfortunately, there isn’t any news on October yet! Many times discounts are first offered to a small group and then extended to the public. And while Pin Codes are distributed to guests on a regular basis throughout the year, there isn’t any pattern or way to predict the pin codes or discount release dates.

    Be sure to check the Special Offers page of Walt Disney World or a site called Mousesavers (great info on Disney discounts and saving money!). Mousesavers is worth checking out – in particular if you do a search on the site for “historical discounts” you’ll be able to view a chart of all past discounts, when they became available and any restrictions. It is super helpful for trying to figure out what might be offered when.

    Good luck – I hope you’ll be able to get a great deal and Free Dining in October!

  30. says

    Kathie — Yep, Kathie F (whom I know and love!) is absolutely correct. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything about extended dates. :-)

  31. Ang says

    I receive pin codes. I think it has something to do with pricing a vacation and saving it for later. ib the website. I also always order a vacation planning DVD. However, I did receive a pin code for free dining for the late fall. Very disappointed when I called to book a room for 5. They said that no more rooms were available in value or moderate that would fit 5. My only choice was deluxe or get two rooms. It was way more expensive than five at Port Orleans. I only waited a week from when I got the pin code to call and it doesn’t even have to be booked until August 18th. I had them check every date that was available and NO rooms for five. Hopefully, they will open it to everyone so that more rooms become available. Has this happened to anyone else?

  32. Cristy says

    Just called and received free dining for our Oct. 27-Nov. 2 stay. My cousin who is also going at same time got a pin in an email. I have received no correspondence from Disney despite signing up for emails and ordering vacation dvd (which i have not received). The Disney agent told me I couldn’t get it because i didn’t have the PIN. I asked how do i get on the list she said she didn’t know and I got a little angry and said “I’m asking you to market to me and you won’t do it?!” She put me in touch with Marketing Dept and after about a 20 min wait the marketing agent said she got it done for me. Saved our party of 8 $1800!! She went on about how nice i was about it so i guess kindness goes a long way.
    FYI she told me she doesn’t know how people get on those lists and that the rumor of signing up for a Disney Visa is not true…won’t necessarily get you on the “list”

  33. jay says

    Cristy, I just made that call and was told they couldn’t even connect me to marketing. How did you get through to them? Jay

  34. Cristy says

    Jay, I’m not really sure what I said that got me through. I didn’t request to be connected I just asked why I hadn’t gotten any emails or correspondence from Disney and why I hadn’t gotten my vacation planning DVD. The agent said she didn’t know but would put me thru to “marketing”
    Maybe it was who handled the planning DVD… And asking about it put me thru???

  35. Crystal says

    AJ- I called and they told me that it was not available for us since we were staying at the Art of Animation resort. Evidently this is only available to particular hotels. Doesn’t seem fair but what can you do??

  36. says

    Crystal — That’s correct; this is not available for guests staying in Little Mermaid rooms at the AoA. Also, they may have just run out of free dining rooms at the resort. There are only limited rooms available at each hotel.

  37. Katie Rose says

    If I were to theoretically have a free dining code, would I be able to use it to book all three rooms for our group of 12 ? Or would I need a code for each room?

  38. Craig says

    Katie, Disney told me that you could book up to 3 rooms with your pin and get free dining. Just had to be for the same days and same resort.

    I received the PIN and was suprised. I haven’t been in 4 years and haven’t signed up for anything. We have used the free dinning the last couple of times we went. FYI i’m taking my wife & son in Nov.

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