Review: Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

C’mon kids!! Everyone into the Studios for another look at Hey Howdy Hey Takeway in Pixar Place!!

This is one of my favorite little kiosks in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Lots of folks just wander on by, but there are so many cool themeing elements here to gawk at!!

Banner Over Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway Kiosk


Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway is a wagon-shaped kiosk located across from the entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania.

Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway Wagon

Theming for the spot comes from the Toy Story franchise — specifically, Toy Story 2, which explores Woody’s history as a TV personality.

You’ll remember that in that film, Woody learns that “he” starred on a TV show, along with Jessie, Bullseye, and the Prospector. And of course, there were many products created to promote the kids show. (Sound familiar??)

What self-respecting Woody fan wouldn’t start the day without a heapin’ helpin’ of Cowboy Crunchies?

Cowboy Crunchies Giant Box

And, much like you’d find in the Toy Story Midway Mania queue, everything here is scaled so that you feel like you’re toy-sized! Taken directly out of the film are these amazing giant spoons. I totally wish I could have these in my house.

Enormous Spoons

But what do they have to eat? Glad you asked. :-)


You won’t find anything particularly original here, but everything has its time-honored place in the Disney snack lineup.

And while the popcorn fits the Toy Story Midway Mania theme perfectly, most guests come for the Wheezy’s Breezy Freezy Drinks. These frozen slushes come in Coke, Lemonade, Wild Cherry, or Watermelon flavors.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Lighter than Goofy’s Glaciers, these remind me more of an Icee consistency with less liquid.

Wheezy's Breezy Freezy in Wild Cherry

The super-sweet, frosty treat hit the spot. It’s the perfect refresher on a hot day while you’re waiting in an endless Toy Story Mania line! ;-)

Wheezy's Breezy Freezy Wild Cherry -- Up Close

And seriously…the name alone is enough to make me stop!


If you are as big a fan of Toy Story as I am, you really need to make it over to Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway, just for the pure fun of the place.

Even if you don’t plan to have a hot dog and a Wheezy’s Breezy Freezy, I’d recommend that you spend a little time just appreciating the amazing detail of this place. After all, that’s what Disney is about: the details! Thank the Phoenicians Imagineers!

Have you tried a snack or a Wheezy’s Breezy Freezy? Let us in on your thoughts below in comments!


  1. Prof. Brainard says

    I thank them every time I use the words telephone, headphone, gramophone, microphone, phonetic, saxophone, francophone, xylophone, and phony! I thank them for this very sentence! . . . the Phoenicians, not the Imagineers.

  2. Katie says

    I love the little quote from spaceship earth! Very nice. Plus, can’t you just picture yourself sipping a watermelon wheezy’s freezy right now?? I definitely can.

  3. Essie says

    I agree with you 100%, A.J.! I love the entire Toy Story area; seeing all of the ‘barrel monkeys, blocks, Tinker Toys, etc. in giant size is just pure Disney fun. Especially since so many of them were toys we all had as kids, I think it just puts a smile on your face (I loved my Slinky Dog!). I’ve never gotten anything to eat or drink from this kiosk, but I’ve sure enjoyed looking at it. BTW, A.J., I see that you’re trying to tempt me into a 2013 trip with the comment you made on the ‘Free Dining Post’. I’m weakening……

  4. betsy says

    Love this spot. It’s a great place to re-charge after waiting to ride Midway Mania. My favorite flavor is the lemonade actually, but I’ve heard good things about the watermelon. and my daughter loves the cookies here!

  5. Galloping Gourmand says

    I had a breakfast here in October. It was the standard massive danish and cinnamon roll, along with fresh fruit and granola with a selection of milk or oj (and possibly apple juice). For about 15 minutes the kid behind the counter was the most popular man in the park as the crowd rushed to get the fast pass tickets and then turned around and grabbed a pastry. They managed to keep it well stocked. I was impressed.

    Yeah, I was one of the people grabbing the cinnamon roll. It was the same Disney cinnamon roll you get in the resorts at breakfast. It was little doughy and maybe could have used some more of that cinnamon goo in between the rolls. I usually don’t get them because it’s a little too heavy for me in the morning. I like a light breakfast (or bacon!). It was fresh, though, for cart service.

  6. Jen says

    I was here a couple of weeks ago and really wanted a watermelon freezy, but they told me they no longer had it. They replaced that flavor with strawberry. :(

  7. Lisa says

    A.J., I’ve never seen this kiosk, but I was very amused by your reference to “Thank the Phoenicians”. Every time my husband and I got to Epcot (even if it’s multiple days within a single trip), we have to ride Spaceship Earth. When they get to the part you referenced, we always yell, “THANK YOU, PHOENICIANS!!!” It’s a little Disney ritual we have.

  8. says

    Prof. Brainard — Ha ha! Well done.

    Katie — Glad you enjoyed!

    Essie — We’re on the same page here! And, yes…it’s time to plan a 2013 trip… :-)

    betsy — Thanks for the review! The cookies are different than they are in any other parks, aren’t they? Interesting!

    GG — Yep; I’ve got a review of the Hollywood Studios cinnamon rolls coming up soon in breakfast review and I agree with your insights. Fresh, but not the best!

    Jen — Oh no! They had that menu up when I was there just a couple of weeks ago, too! Must have changed it immediately after my visit. Figures.

    Lisa — Ha ha! Disney traditions are the best. :-)

  9. says

    They call it the greatest place on earth for a reason. It is so much fun for the adults as well as the kids.

  10. says

    Great drink! But don’t purchase if you’re heading into wait for toystory maina as they won’t let you in with a beverage :-/

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