Snack Series: Banana Pudding in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Every once in a while I come across a truly unique item at a Disney counter-service location. Today, so many of the desserts and snacks are homogenous across Disney World and Disneyland, that it’s always great to find a one-of-a-kind!

Today, we’re headed to Yak and Yeti Counter Service — also known as Anandapur Local Food Cafes — in Disney’s Animal Kingdom to check out the Banana Pudding!

Yak and Yeti Counter Service Menu

Banana Pudding

OK, I totally understand your concern. Pudding can be boring. I’d skipped over this dessert many, many times before actually ordering it, too. But in this case…it’s pretty awesome!

Banana Pudding at Disney's Animal Kingdom

This dessert is not only unique to this counter service spot — it’s also delicious! Truly rich and creamy, the pudding is thick — not soupy at all.

PLUS…here’s the best part — it’s full of real bananas and built on a crust of crushed Nilla wafers!!!

Real Live Nanas!!!

Real Live Nilla Wafers!!

Seriously — this is a must-try if you’re at all into bananas or rich, creamy desserts. Plus, like I said, it’s not often that you find a truly exclusive and unique counter-service dessert these days in Disney World. So take advantage! :-)

Have you tried the banana pudding at Animal Kingdom? Let me know if it’s on your list!


  1. Mylene says

    I love banana so I can’t wait to complete my delicious honey chicken meal with this new dessert!

  2. Colleen says

    Is this not a thing in the south? We make it up here all the time. Make some vanilla pudding, mix in some crushed Nilla wafers, and you’re good. Is it a Midwest thing?

  3. Angela says

    My husband and I discovered this dessert last September! It made our anticipated meal at Yak and Yeti (one of our favorite quick service stops) even better!

  4. Alan says

    Colleen – It is definitely a southern thing. I’d say it is one of the definitive southern desserts, at least here in NC.

  5. Logan says

    I had no idea this was there! After moving to another country years ago, I haven’t seen, much less eaten, a nilla wafer in a while! Going on the list for the next trip!!

  6. JanH says

    Had no idea they would have banana pudding at this location. Going in 2 weeks and will have to try it then. My granddaughter’s favorite dessert!

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