News! Menu Updates at Disney Restaurants

It’s that time of year again!! Disney World restaurants are updating menus left and right!

Thankfully, we have wonderful readers who help keep us all up-to-date with these changes. Here are a few of the updates… . And stay tuned for our review of the NEW Le Cellier Steakhouse menu coming up soon!

Beaches & Cream

According to a server, menu changes took place approximately two weeks ago at the Beach Club’s Beaches & Cream Soda Shop. Check out the addition of a Vegetarian Falafel on flatbread which replaces the Grilled Vegetable Sandwich.

Beaches and Cream Menu. Click image for larger version.

Here’s a pic of the new Falafel sandwich, thanks to ThatMattLynn on twitter!

Falafel Sandwich at Beaches and Cream

Also, prep for a Kitchen Sink Sundae price increase by $2 — it now costs $28.99. Thanks to Brent Hannon for the info!

Ice Cream Menu at Beaches and Cream. Click image for larger version.

Artist Point

Artist Point in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has a few menu updates this Spring, according to DFB reader Elyssa Henry!

She says, “My husband and I just ate at Artist Point for the first time and it was AMAZING! Thanks for the previous reviews. They helped guide our choices. I also wanted to let you know that they just added two items to the menu and our server, Paul, told us tonight was their debut.”

Artist Point Cedar Plank Salmon

It sounds like the Wild Columbia River Cedar Plank Roasted King Salmon is back on the menu, and there’s also a seasonal dessert to sample: pistachio coffee cake and sea salted caramel vanilla panna cotta.

Kona Cafe

The Polynesian Resort’s Kona Cafe has a new dinner menu, which features a new cheese plate as an appetizer.

For entrees, a pan-seared chicken with a spring pea risotto and a scallop dish were debuted. Thanks to Reader Jacky Hernandez for the heads up!

And the breakfast menu has a new listing. Kona Café has added an Egg White Omelet with roasted red peppers and goat cheese for $10.99. Thanks to Deb Koma at All Ears for the news!


The ESPN Club at the Boardwalk Resort has a new menu. All of the hot dogs have been removed, including the Italian Hot Dog and the Chili Cheese Dog.

Italian Hot Dog. No longer being served at ESPN Club.

Higher end fare has been added along with higher prices. The Macho Nachos are now a BBQ Pork. Thanks to Jeff Merry for the update!

Have you seen a menu update or change at Disney World or Disneyland? Let us know by contacting us here!

What do you think of the recent menu changes? Have you noticed any other menu updates at any Disney restaurants? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Jennifer says

    How do you take all of the hot dogs off of the ESPN menu????? What says sports like hot dogs?That’s what we eat when we go to a ball game! this is a head scratcher.

  2. Mike Venere says

    I am with ya….tried the Italian hot dog pictured there once and loved it.
    And to take all of them off??

  3. Jared Diamond says

    Nothing screams Polynesian-style cooking like a cheese plate!

    I still like Kona Cafe, but I haven’t quite gotten over the loss of the duck pot stickers. Changing them to pork was a blatant example of homogenizing the menus across property. Using duck was a unique, theme-appropriate treat at Kona.

    Also, looking at the photo of the new Beaches & Cream menu, it seems that somebody realized that taking the traditional cheeseburger away probably wasn’t the wisest move. I suspect that hundreds of people ever day were going in there and asking for the bacon barbeque burger without the bacon and barbeque.

    Finally, the brownie sundae there doesn’t compare to the amazing chocolate cake that used to be there.

    OK, enough rambling for now.

  4. lulu says

    Hey Jared. I have not been to beaches in ages… but I did notice a chocolate cake on Brent’s picture of the menu. It is above the kitchen sink on the right hand side. Is that the one you love?

  5. Tracy says

    No way they changed the Macho Nachos at ESPN!! So many people ordered them and finished them off. We went just for them. They can’t be gone! Guess we have no reason to head there now.

  6. Georgeanne says

    We had the nachos on Feb. and substituted the beef for chicken. So I don’t foresee there being a problem switching the pork to something else. Also- the pulled pork sandwich (and cucumber salad) there were awesome,
    So I’d be willing to give it a shot. Love the boardwalk area, and thanks for the updates!

  7. Laura C. says

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this amazing blog!!!!!! Just planned a trip to Y&B Club for the first week of December and your blog has been so helpful in planning which restaurants to make our ADR’s in! Since we’re staying in the Yacht club with our 5 kids we plan on eating the Kitchen Sink one night at Beaches and Cream since it looks amazing and is cheaper then 7 individual desserts, but that No Way Jose is something I don’t want to pass up! Do they let you get things to go? Or even deliver as room service? Trying to divide my ‘treats’ up each day between Beaches and Cream, the Boardwalk Bakery, and all the yummy things in the parks and not get overloaded and sick is going to be a challenge! Any recommendations for things we should definitely try? (Can you believe I’ve been to WDW twice and never even heard of a Dole Whip till you enlightened me?!)

  8. says

    Laura — You can’t get the no way Jose to go, so make plans for two beaches and cream nights :) For “must-eat” stuff, check out our Disney Dining Guides at! I’ve got all my favorites noted in our books :)

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