News! Be our Guest Restaurant Menu Updates

We’ve got some Be Our Guest Restaurant menu updates for lunch and dinner!

Yep — the brand new Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland is already updating their choices and prices based on high demand…

Be Our Guest Restaurant Menu Changes Already in the Works...

Price Increases

First up, we have some price increases to contend with. We’ll need to dig deeper into our pockets when ordering lunch and dinner items.

For example at dinner, the French Onion Soup was $6.99 and is now $7.49; Thyme-scented Pork Rack Chop went up $2; and the Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops will now cost an additional $3. The steak dinner is up a few dollars as well. While dessert prices remained the same, most prices for appetizers and entrees on the dinner menu were increased.

Be Our Guest Menu Update!

For a general idea of what you can expect at the restaurant, check out our Be Our Guest Restaurant EVERYTHING ON THE MENU! review!

Guests will now pay an additional $3 for the Be Our Guest Restaurant Scallops and Shrimp

Lunch prices remain the same.

New Menu Items

Chicken Breast Provençal (Pan-seared and simmered in a rustic blend of Heirloom Tomatoes, Olives, White Wine, and fresh Herbs with Seasonal Vegetables and Roasted Fingerling Potatoes) has replaced the Rotisserie Cornish Hen.

At lunch, the Grilled Steak Sandwich has been substituted with a Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich.

See ya later, Steak Sandwich! It was nice while it lasted...

For kids, the Mickey Check Meal at dinner is a Meatloaf Entree with Turkey Meatloaf, Broccoli Florets, and Zucchini served with Orange “Stuff” for Dipping (this is a carrot ketchup), plus a fruit cup for dessert.

Nutritional Content

Nutritional information has been added to the online menu (it was always available at the kiosks, though)! While we’re not quite certain that we want to start adding up our “vacation” calories, this content is helpful to those with special dietary concerns including food allergies.

Here’s the scoop on that new Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich:

Nutritional Information.

We love that you can even modify your selection and see the resulting nutritional info! For the sandwich, you can choose between Pommes Frites or Green Bean Jardiniere and remove items such as the horseradish sauce to see a modified nutritional snapshot.

We want to hear your thoughts on the menu updates. Chime in below on what your choices are!


  1. Anna says

    Thanks for this info, AJ. I am glad Disney is being more proactive with sharing the nutritional content of its food. The US Institute of Medicine and the CDC recommend that we eat only 1500mg of sodium per day. That roast beef sandwich has over 1100mg of sodium in it. I understand that vacations are time to relax and have fun, but for many of us dietary issues are things we must monitor even while enjoying Disney. Disney has heard the messsage that some guests want sugar-free desserts and gluten-free pizza, I hope lowering sodium content is on their radar as well. At least we can make more informed choices with this information.

  2. Jamie in Jax says

    These price increases are pretty ridiculous! We ate there in March and were not all that impressed with the food portions and the prices even then. There are a lot better places to eat at WDW for a lot less money. Let’s face it, not everybody can afford this type of dinner in the first place. Before you go pay $60 – $80 for a 2 person meal (much higher if you have kids), check out some other restaurant choices on DFB. We unfortunately made this restaurant a “one and done”.

  3. Mary says

    We really enjoyed our dinner at BOG. I think the price increases are a bit ridiculous, but unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast (no pun intended). That French Onion Soup is amazing, but I think almost $8 for a bowl of soup is a little crazy. I’m glad they kept lunch the same though, but as always, I’m sure eventually it will change, it always does. :(

  4. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    good luck getting a ADR for this place… but we are going to go for lunch since beauty and the beast is my wifes fav disney movies.. hope its good…

  5. Fiona says

    Demand for “new” drives so many and so much. It is a shame to see prices rise and cheaper cuts substituted.

    Save your money, don’t bother with the onion soup. While there is delicious french onion soup on property it is not at BOG. Perhaps Remy could find time to visit the castle kitchens and teach the chefs how to season. I found the soup to be a sweet, kiddiefied mess instead of a savory, rich indulgence.

  6. Essie says

    I love this restaurant and would like to go every trip, but for me it will always be a lunch restaurant. Their lunch food/menu was wonderful.

  7. Karen says

    As an annual Disney Pass holder, I felt compelled to give my take on this new restaurant. the best thing about the whole experience is the dining hall itself. It is truly beautiful. However, that is, unfortunately, the only positive thing I have to say about this dining option. First of all, the menu is simply NOT kid friendly whatsoever. And by kid friendly, I am talking about that group of kids Disney has seemed to forget…the 10-17 year olds. These kids have to eat off the adult menu, and there is absolutely nothing on there that really appeals to teens. We went for lunch and the menu is very limited, with none of your “normal” chicken, beef or pasta choices. I get that they are trying to serve food with a French flair; but they should offer at least a couple of standard items to suit ALL age groups and tastes. Also, much to my dismay, both I and my friend did get sick after we ate here. I am not sure if it was food poisoning or not; what I do know is I will not be returning to this restaurant. There are simply way too many other choices that offer better food, more choices and at a better value.

  8. James Malin says

    It’s such a shame the deserts have been kept the same. I strongly feel lunch and dinner menus need to be different. Cupcakes and puffs is acceptable for a lunch time quick service menu. But for table service you’d expect creme brulee and sweet dishes similar. From my understanding Disney are struggling to move diners quickly enough through a meal at the Restaurant because everyone wants to take there time and enjoy the details and surroundings. Disney might be addressing this by the price hikes. It would certainly seem to suggest this by the cost of the steak which often takes longer to cook. Since its cooked to order. The rest of the dishes most likely take less time to plate up and prepare.

  9. Marion Durham says

    We have really enjoyed BOG as we have dined there three times since it has opened. I am disappointed at the price increase, though. The ambiance is amazing and especially the time we went for lunch during Passholder Preview of The New Fantasyland, I really felt transported out of the theme park. The last time I went, we had a great server who helped me make a delicious substitution. I figured I could eat fries anywhere and asked for mashed potatoes with the steak and she suggested the fancy Mac and cheese…..awesome idea and delicious, creamy substitution. Pls, we get to see the Beast! Hunka, hunka.

  10. Neil says

    Thank you for this, A.J., but I think you buried the lede. Is this the first time Disney has provided online nutritional information for one of its restaurants? Getting carbohydrate count of food is very important to me since my daughter has type 1 diabetes, and if they did this on all the menus it would be fantastic.

  11. Wendy says

    I was told when we ate there last weekend that the menu will be updated every six months or so. We ate there during lunch and as much as we love the restaurant environment, the food is not much to write home about. Unfortunately, this is one of those places that you want to take friends when they visit Magic Kingdom.

  12. says

    The building was amazing. The service was okay. The food was meh. Having eaten dinner there twice now, I barely think it was worth the old prices, and that was with Tables in Wonderland discount. Our first meal we had to have 2 meals removed from our bill because of being burned, and they offered to do the same for two more due to them being so bland but we were starving and they were edible so we did not feel right doing that. The only item our parties were happy with was the ratatouille.

  13. Brittany says

    This is pretty disappointing. Santa is sending us to DW for my daughters’ first time on Christmas Day. We were planning on getting ADRs for Be Our Guest, but there sure are a lot of bad reviews here and I’m beginning to rethink that. We will have the Quick Service Dining, so we were going to pay out of pocket for only one or two big meals. Is BOG really not even worth it?

  14. Frani says

    We have reservations for the end of September and I have so been looking forward to it. After reading this review and all the replies, I’m not quite as excited.

  15. Hal J. says

    I’ll be eating there for the first time at the end of October, I was able to get a dinner reservation. The higher prices are a bit annoying, but I’m going there as much for the ambiance as the food.

  16. A says

    I was under the impression after reading previous information about the restaurant Be Our Guest, that it was fast food with a better décor. If the prices reflected above are accurate, it had better get rid of the implied assembly line ordering and turn it into a real sit down restaurant and not a cafeteria style chow line. I do not plan on visiting this chow line after reading the information provided about the ordering system. $32.99 for dinner? Let me sit down and look at the menu, not order at a fast food kiosk!

  17. Steve Korchinos says

    I visited this restaurant for lunch during the WDW marathon weekend and loved it. Being a vegetarian at WDW is not particularly exciting, but BOG offered some great alternatives that few other restaurants offered. For the quality of food (definitely a step above all other restaurants in the MK), I felt the food offered great value — and this is in addition to the great immersive experience. Furthermore, the portion size was just right. Most restaurants offer far too much food in one serving.

    I will definitely come January when I return to run the marathon again, price increase or not.

  18. Galloping Gourmand says

    Chuck steak? Sigh. AJ, is “Prime” the USDA rating or is it Disney branding? Pardon my cynicism, but many places will throw out the word “prime” when it’s not. That’s legal, but sketchy. Chuck steak has a lot of connective tissue. If I’m getting chuck steak at a restaurant it better be USDA prime. If not I’m getting a lesser quality of an inferior cut. (I can handle Choice for Shortloin, Rib, or Tip)

    I’m a little disappointed here. I can understand increasing the prices. Demand is what is driving them up, and that’s fine by me. What I can’t abide by is increasing the price AND supplying an inferior cut.

  19. Georgeanne says

    I have to stick up for this place after reading the comments. Managed to snag a table here for dinner this past December. The food, service, and atmosphere were wonderful. Give it a try, and don’t miss the potato leek soup or strawberry cream cheese cupcakes. And say hi to the beast! Would have gladly paid a couple of dollars more for the exact experience we had.

  20. Dana says

    I literally got up at 4:30 AM Central Time and refreshed my browser until I was able to make a dinner reservation at BOG. Now I’m really nervous that it won’t have been worth it, and I kept my husband up all night for nothing. I’m hoping some of the negative things I’ve been reading about were due to the restaurant being new, and maybe they were still working out all the kinks. We’ll be down there at the end of September, and got the Disney Dining Plan for free, so we won’t be paying for our meal our of pocket. But I’m starting to get really nervous that we’ll still be disappointed….

  21. Suzanne Buckner says

    Had lunch here in December. While it was okay, I did find it a little overpriced for the quality. The French onion soup was tasty but not over the top. Definitely not worth more money.

  22. Tricia says

    Looking forward to trying lunch here in September. I hope it is as good as it looks, but I am sad that they “adjusted” the stake sandwich as that was my preferred item to try. Now I gotta plan to look at the whole menu again…

  23. says

    The price changes are a little disappointing, but as were on the DDP that just means a bigger tip. Although, I really cant believe they got rid of the two simple items on the menu that would have suited for fussy eaters…. like me. Now it looks like ill be ordering the beef sandwich sans sauce and seeing which other main meal on the dinner menu takes my fancy. I was really looking forward to the old chicken option, why add olives!!!! I have a reservation for September and now ive gone from being excited to meh…

  24. says

    Have just reached the 180 day mark so tried making reservations online (lunch or dinner) with no success. Is it really still so popular?

    That being said, I was more interested in seeing the restaurant itself than the food anyway.

  25. Joni says

    Too bad about this place. I had high hopes that this would be a great resturant. Casual lunches and fine dining for dinner. At least the prices suggest fine dining and the atmosphere is great but…. I can never understand with all the chef’s and food available to Disney why the food at some places is not up to par. This could be another Le Celier, Not the food but the popularity, IF the food was great. I understand there is a huge volume but…. I also think they should have that down by now.
    With all the places to eat at Disney if they charge thses prices the food and quality should reflect it. If not like I said so many other places to go. Hope with a few more tweeks over the years it will be fantastic.

  26. Alan says

    Ouch. What’s it been, about six months since BOG has been opened? It’s hard to believe the folks at Disney missed the price point they need, just a half of a year ago. So, such a quick increase smacks of greed or gouging. After 30 years of WDW vacations, I have always felt that the prices, while expensive, were justified for what you got and I never felt that I was being taken advantage of. I haven’t been there yet, to try the food at BOG, so I can’t comment on the value, but it does seem to be a bit of a P.R. mess. This change while not a huge deal, along with certain other changes that have gone on over the last decade or so do give me a bit of a chilled feeling.

  27. Sandra says

    We ate lunch there in December and thought the experience was fine. Yes, lunch is still CS. No, you do not order your dinner at the kiosks; you are seated and order from a menu. Is the food absolutely fabulous? No, but acceptable. I do wish they had, as someone else said, a couple of more kid/teen-friendly items, like a simple pasta dish or plain chicken. My son did not like the bread on his sandwich, although I thought it was nice (seeded wholegrain). My quinoa salad was a bit bland but not awful, and we thought the cupcakes were just the right size for our lunch. Drinks were refillable, which was nice. We used the QSDP to order and really had fun checking out the theming. If you just want to see what a great job the Imagineers did with BOG, go for lunch, and save your dinner $ for someplace with a more appealing menu.

  28. Katie says

    I tried to get a ADR for BOG the first day we were eligible to (180 days out) and it was impossible. We ate there for lunch last year and I really liked it. The food choices in MK are just okay and I don’t always want to have to settle for Pecos Bill’s mediocre food so BOG was a nice change of pace. I didn’t leave BOG feeling gross as I do from most Disney restaurants! I just hope it becomes easier to get an ADR here!!!

  29. Juanita says

    I had dinner at BoG back in February and lunch there in April. My party consisted of a friend, my sister, my two year old nephew, and me, and we all loved our dinner. My sister had the steak, I believe my friend ordered the salmon, I had the pork chop, and my nephew had the multi-grain pasta and actually ate every single bite on his plate, which is quite a feat for a two year old! True, the cupcakes aren’t exactly fancy, but we all ordered a different one and we each loved the one we got. I was much less impressed with lunch – my sister had the steak sandwich and I had the croque monsieur. It was better than other QS locations at the MK but still not super tasty.

    The price increases are a bit disappointing but not surprising. I believe if I remember correctly, they were increased before when the restaurant was still going through previews. Josh from EasyWDW visited many times in that period and I remember him commenting that the prices were lower than he expected and they were raised like the next day.

  30. Galloping Gourmand says

    Georgeanne – We aren’t knocking the resteraunt as a whole. We are voicing our displeasure that first they are doing a price increase after not even being open a full year and second they are substituting some good products with inferior ones. Much of the menu is the same and that’s great. I’m sure it’s still quality food in a fantastic atmosphere. The value is being eroded, however. Some people, myself included, may not think that shaved chuck is worth $12. And I’m used to New York Area prices.

    Everyone else – I don’t think you have to worry too much about the menu deteriorating beyond the pale yet.

  31. Galloping Gourmand says

    I just noticed something. With these increases Be Our Guest is being brought into the same price zone as the out of park signature establishments in Disney. In park Signature dining is slightly more expensive than Artists Point, Jiko, etc. Up to now Be Our guest had been a fairly low priced (for Disney) experience for having such great reviews. I don’t see them going Signature yet because the prices are not quite up there and the menu is not quite as high end, but it’s possible that they will move it into in park signature dining ranks within a year or two. The one that MK has, Cinderella’s Royal Table, isn’t exactly beloved and falls into the rakns of Character Meals. The most visited park in the world can certinally handle another one that is truly a signature meal.

    If the menu quality improves and they join the ranks of Monsier Paul, Le Cellier, and Brown Derby I’d welcome it with open arms.

  32. Scott says

    I am disappointed to see that they have taken away the steak sandwich. We did the quick serve lunch twice in early December and enjoyed this sandwich very much. Personally speaking I believe this was the best option on the lunch menu. I guess I will have to give the Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich a try the next time we are there.

  33. EeyoreBFF says

    Sadly, given all the mixed reviews, long lines and now these increases…BOG remains off our list of want to eat there. And we are looking forward to our adventures in the France Pavillion for more choices.

  34. Rikki says

    We ate at Be Our Guest Restaurant during the “soft opening” back in January. We had ADRs for a party of 8, one of which was a 2-year old. Our plan to arrive early and let most of the party wait while one of us kept my daughter distracted (read: not having a melt-down because she (gasp!) isn’t very patient) was foiled when they told us we couldn’t check in more than 30 minutes early and the entire party had to be present. We all checked in 30 minutes early and then proceeded to wait the 30 minutes plus another HOUR AND A HALF for our table to be ready. I’ve eaten my way around Disney several times over, and I know ADRs are not a true “reservation,” but a 2-hour wait is just ridiculous for an ADR made 180 days out! By the time we got in, we were starving and our 2-year old was howling. It was pretty miserable. The food was meh and mostly cold– our daughter didn’t touch a bite, and we were so angry by then that we weren’t tempted much. Even with Tables in Wonderland and a free appetizer for our troubles, we felt robbed for the quality of the food and the experience as a whole. It was the worst Disney dining experience I’ve had– ever.

    All that being said, the ambiance of this restaurant is glorious– it is easily the most beautiful restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Also, although all the adults in our party were miserable, the only thing my daughter remembers from this debacle is how exciting it was to meet Beast. She still talks about it 4 months later.

    I hope more people will post about positive experiences, because I really wanted to enjoy this place. Although I do like sophisticated dining experiences, I have realistic expectations for theme-park food (I equally love California Grill and Pecos Bill’s), and this just didn’t cut it. I hope they work out the kinks before everyone is turned off completely. As far as we’re concerned, there are too many great places to eat at Disney to waste time and money on this one again.

  35. Dawn says

    My husband and I ate at BOG while on our trip in May. The food was amazing. The price increase was not a problem in our opinion because the quality of the food was worth it. Sadly my husband and I had two completely different experiences. The table they sat us at was the first table on the corner right as you enter the restaurant. With the way the tables are set up, he had a wonderful view of the ballroom and loved every minute of it. My view was the door, bathrooms and every guest that was seated stopped at the door to take a picture and I got the flash in my eyes. That all being said, once we were done and got up to walk around, it was clear Disney once again pulled off the amazing detail they are known for. I would absolutely come back and eat here again with hopes of a different table.

  36. Don says

    I wish Disney’s new site would include the graphical PDF menus that look exactly like the restaurant menus, that would nicely compliment their new menu information as well.

  37. Susan says

    We were able to dine at Be OUr Guest in April for dinner. It is just my husband and me. I LOVE anything Beauty and the Beast, so I was so impressed with this new restaurant and the food was incredible. Loved the “gray stuff!” It was delicious! I loved the food, the ambience, meeting and dancing (!) with Beast and getting quite a bit of one on one time with him and lots of pictures (no one was coming to see him, so we stayed until there were other guests coming) and we will try to go to this fantastic restaurant and experience every trip we make to the Magic Kingdom. We get to WDW at least once per year and this is a MUST DO for us now. It is one of the best restaurants in the whole WDW resort. Fantastic! I am so happy they added it to Fantasyland. This is my favorite restaurant now! And my hubby’s as well. He was very impressed with the food and the setting. We will definitely be going again and again….

  38. says

    I just ate at Be Our Guest on 5/29/13. I’ll be upfront about my opinion:

    1) The food was a notch above excellent
    2) The service was the best I’ve ever had
    3) I would highly recommend BOG
    4) I will be going back

    Okay, now that this is out of the way, I want to call out all those people who are whining about the prices – you knew exactly what the prices were going to be when you made your dining reservations. Disney offers full disclosure. There are no surprises here. No bait-and-switch. If you want cheaper prices, go eat a turkey leg in Frontier Land… or go off site and eat at McDonalds.

    I ate at Flying Fish the night before on 5/28. It was twice the cost, for less food and not as good as BOG. I do not have the dining plan, so I paid cash. We ate more actually at BOG, and I enjoyed the flavors and experience much more than FF. Don’t forget this – you are eating in a $25 million restaurant. The details of this place are spectacular. The snow falling outside. The lighting. The decor. Beast. The ceiling. The napkins. The tables.

    I had the ratatouille. It was so full of flavor. The texture, the presentation, the quality was second to none. My wife had the salmon. I had two samples of it, and it had excellent flavor and was cooked perfectly. My daughter had the pork shank. It was probably one of the most incredible pieces of pork I’ve had. In fact, it reminded me of prime rib. My other 2 kids had a kid’s meal chicken breast and sirloin steak. They were excellent and full of flavor. We each got a dessert… which was perfect!

    Last, and certainly not the least… our waitress was one of the best we’ve ever had in the 18 years we’ve been coming to Disney World. I cannot say enough good things about Rebecca. She loves her work, loves the restaurant, and loves taking care of us.

    Bottom line again… it is a great experience. Do not listen to the whiners and complainers. They would complain if Walt Disney himself had been serving them from his own table. Have a great time. The atmosphere, food, and service are excellent!!

  39. Heather says

    We went to Disney the beginning of May. We were lucky to have reservations for this restaurant. it was funny waiting for our table to be called as to how many people were walking up hoping to get in. The only bad thing I would say is the wait. We had 7:10 reservations and were not seated until almost 8pm. this was the only place we waited so long to get our table. and with (3) kids with us, that made for a late dinner. We rushed the waitress and dessert as we were trying to catch the parade & fireworks.. I felt bad for this, but did explain to her & she understood. everything was amazing… the food was great, the desserts, even though we ate the next day for a snack, were good too. If we ever get to go back, and have the dining plan again, I will make reservations to eat here again.. I am glad to see they changed the Cornish Hen out. my older son didn’t really care for it.
    If you are thinking of going here. I would, at least check it out once & form your own opinion of the place. don’t listen to some of the reviews. each person has their own feelings about it.

  40. Kay W says

    Is this nutrition information only at BOG or can you get it other places. Also, where online do you get the info?

  41. Jim O says

    I would also like to add support for the idea of nutrition info being supplied on the Disney website for all Disney restaurants. As far as I can tell, nutrition info is only available for BOG, and only for the Lunch menu (not the dinner menu). We have heart issues, and getting low sodium and low fat meals is extremely important for us. As a result, we are avoiding fast food or counter service places where it is not possible to find out or request low sodium/low fat items. It would be great for planning to know in advance what places might have menu items that would be options for us.

  42. Michelle says

    I went the day after it opened in Dec and went for both lunch and dinner the same day , We had the dining plan so really didn’t pay attention to the pricing . I agree there is very little for the kids , However my Husband and I loved the steak sandwich for lunch and the onion soup was to die for . Im returning this year in Dec as well and have the dining plan again but going with a cousin and not really sure if Its worth going for dinner again .. (will go for QS ) I think this is more for show and I would recommend to anyone that has a little girl to go at least once she will love it …. I agree with the cupcake for lunch but they really need to make a better dinner desert for sure …. Take the Monorail over to O’hana’s you cant go wrong there !!

  43. Susan says

    I am wondering if it’s ok to make a reservation at Be Our Guest just for dessert? My kids are so picky about everything that I don’t think they would eat the food, but I would love to sit and relax there. Thoughts?

  44. says

    I am shocked to see so many negative reviews but I guess we all have different tastes. For my part, I am your typical food snob who hates the majority of the Sysco premade crap I find in disappointingly large quantities at Disney World. It is therefore with great joy that I welcome a restaurant that serves a fresh tuna nicoise salad for lunch and not just burgers and fries that are heated up in the back kitchen. That said, we have never been for dinner because we never made reservations for a trip with 180 days notice since it opened.

    THEN, we decide to do NYE 2013 at WDW and bam, I had 180 days+ from the time I made the reservation to arrival. We thought, what better restaurant for dinner on NYE than BOG, not only because as far as dining options in the park goes it’s the only one we have really liked at any time of day but also because, well, we can have a little drink or two, without having to leave the park. So, I woke up this morning at 4am PST, called in and got one of the last reservations for dinner that also happened to be at exactly the time we wanted! Hopefully their dinner menu will be as good as their lunch, and if not, I will drink a couple of glasses of wine and enjoy the ambiance. Should be an enjoyable dinner either way.

  45. Jodie says

    I am so excited to see that this restaurant is including nutritional information! As the auntie of a type 1 diabetic who are planning a Disney trip, this information makes it a lot easier with regards to carb counting and insulin doses. I wish that all Disney restaurants would do this in order to make dining out a little easier for all of those out there with different dietary requirements.

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