News! Menu Updates and New Dishes at Disney’s Pop Century Resort Food Court

Hey Pop Century fans — we’ve got NEWS!!

Here’s a heads up for upcoming Pop Century Resort guests at Walt Disney World — the Everything Pop Food Court menu has been updated with significant changes. Let’s take a look…


Most of our favorites are still on the morning menu including the popular POP Waffle with fruit topping (unfortunately, it’s now at a higher price :-().

Pop Waffle and New Breakfast Items.

The chocolate chip pancakes, breakfast pizza, breakfast wrap, and breakfast potatoes did not survive the cuts. A potato casserole is now being offered as a side dish.

Don't Fear -- You can Still Get Your Pop Waffle!

New breakfast entrees include: a biscuit with sausage gravy and scrambled eggs; empanada puff pastry; corned beef hash; and new omelet choices (Southwest, Floridian, Italian, and Vegetable).

We have also spotted a Create-Your-Own Yogurt Parfait, Spanish Quiche, and Breakfast Burrito. Most of these items are also available on the Kids’ Menus.

Breakfast Menu at Everything Pop.

Instead of an “Omelet of the Day”, there’s now a large daily selection of omelets. Here are  just a few:

New Omelets.

If you enjoy a cool beverage, look for the Iced French Vanilla, Iced Mocha, Iced Latte, Popaccino (Iced French Vanilla with vanilla syrup, espresso, and ice), or a Strawberry and Banana Smoothie. These drinks are available all day.

Omelet with House-Made Guacamole on the side.

Lunch and Dinner

Some items cut from the lunch and dinner offerings include: Roast Beef and Bleu Focaccia; Reuben Flatbread; Tilapia Sandwich; Mexican Hot Dog; Chili Cheese Fries; Vegetarian Lasagna; Salmon; Shrimp Lo Mein; Mom’s Night Out Fried Chicken; and the awesome Chicken Penne Alfredo (there is a new chicken and pasta alfredo dish, though — see below, thanks to Daniel Staten).

NEW Chicken Cavatappi Alfredo at Pop Century Resort

But some things have been added for you to try! For burgers, choose between the new Salmon or Southwest options. The Angus Bacon Burger is now served without barbecue sauce.

Other new sandwiches include a Spring Roll Sub, Sloppy Joe, Turkey Sandwich (with Mashed Potatoes, Cornbread Stuffing, and Cranberry Mayonnaise), and Roasted Pork.

Lunch Menu.

New entrees that might tempt your taste buds have been added!

Look for Rotisserie Chicken, Roasted Pork Loin, Roasted Vegetables, Sesame Chicken Nuggets, Coconut Curry Shrimp, Pot Roast, Beef Brisket, Beef Stroganoff, Margherita Flatbread, Roasted Vegetable Cavatappi, Chicken Cavatappi, Mussels, Shrimp and Cheesy Grits, Pork Shank, Chicken & Dumplings, Crab Quesadilla, Meaty Stromboli, Sweet Italian Sausage Sub, Beer Battered Fish & Chips, and Pasta with meatballs or sausage.

Dinner Menu Items.

Pizza lovers will now find “pizza bread“. And if you love French fries, they are now served with gravy!

For soup fans, savor these new options: Wonton, Sweet & Sour, Sausage & Potato, or Minestrone.

Kids have new menu items too! Pork Loin, Roast Chicken, taco, burrito, Italian Sausage sub, Meatball Sub, Fish & Chips, Roasted Vegetables, and more!

Let us know how this menu update measures up with your family’s tastes!


  1. Katie says

    I’ll be there next week ;) Guess we won’t be walking to Landscape of Flavors every morning after all…

  2. Courtney says

    “And if you love French fries, they are now served with gravy!”

    One cheese curd away from poutine!

  3. Natacha says

    I am actually very disappointed! I have no issues with them adding new items to the menu, but the cut a lot of the stuff my fiance and I loved! We loved the chocolate chip pancakes, the fried chicken and the shrimp lo mein. And these things were actually popular!!!

  4. Niki M says

    Spring Roll Sub – I’m imagining an egg roll on a grinder roll and it seems strange lol. Has anyone seen it or had it that can say if there’s bread involved?

  5. Mrs. Nesbit says

    Nikki- yes it’s a spring roll on a bun and, honestly, it looks pretty gross from the picture on the menu. So far, I haven’t seen anybody it.

    We’re staying at Pop right now. We used to love the food here, especially the sandwiches but this new menu isn’t very appealing.

  6. Joe B says

    I also see they no longer have the Chipotle Shrimp Flatbread which was awesome.
    I like the new additions. Especially those that include poultry or seafood since I don’t eat red meat or pork.
    I am disappointed they changed the chicken & penne alfredo but at least they kept the parmesan crusted chicken. I guess you can always substitute the red sauce for alfredo if you don’t want the grilled chicken. But you’re still stuck with the cavatappi pasta which I’m not a fan of.
    I notice now you have options for the nachos. We always asked if they could substitute chicken in place of the beef & were either told no or they would have to speak with the chef. Nice they removed that hassle.
    Overall I can’t complain. there’s been many nights I’ve stood there undecided because I didn’t want the same thing. Now I have new options to explore on my next visit.

  7. Galloping Gourmand says

    This menu has a southern breakfast flair to it. A lot of hash, biscuits and gravy. That’s all fine by me. Breakfast Burrito and Breakfast Pizzas were trendy food whose time had come.

    My father, who worked in the butcher and restaurant business, once told me that “Omelet of the Day” means “We has some stuff left over from another establishment that would have gone bad if we didn’t serve it for breakfast somewhere.” Not sad to see that go. :)

    They are loosing one of my favorites, the breakfast potatoes. Now, sure, they were often cold in the middle and slightly too greasy but man, I loved a side of those things.

    I don’t have much to say about lunch because I’m never at the resort for lunch. I do hope the pizza bread is a late night option.

  8. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    i will miss my late night chili cheese fries.. the chicken pasta was good too..

  9. betsy says

    yayy!! i am obsessed with disney’s biscuits and gravy! so excited. Pop might just be the next place we stay!! also excited about the shrimp and grits!! yum yum yum

  10. Tank says

    No more breakfast pizza? Very disappointed. Makes me glad I’m likely moving up in the World next trip!

  11. Lana says

    Is the Pizza Bread replacing the individual pizzas? I crave those pizzas when I’m home!

  12. Janna says

    Oh, I am laughing! I obviously hadn’t checked the blog when I sent my message today! :)

    We tried these things tonight: shrimp & grits, spring roll sub, and kids’ rotisserie chicken.

    Shrimp & grits: tasty but the sauce:grits ratio was way off for us. More grits and less sauce would have been nice. This wasn’t an option because it comes prepared in a bowl that is then heated, at the time of order), then all dumped on the plate.

    Spring roll sub: too much bread. The spring part of the spring roll is basically on the outside of the egg roll wrapper.

    Rotisserie chicken: tasty but dry.

    I hope to have the gravy fries tomorrow!

    Thanks for the heads up on breakfast…I wondered how much it had changed, too.

    You’re the best, AJ!!!

  13. Janna says

    Lana – yes, the pizza breads replaced the individual pizzas. My older son ordered a large cheese pizza tonight because he wanted the ‘old’ pizza, not the French bread kind.

  14. Lana says

    Thanks Janna. That makes me very sad. Do you know if the other resorts or Pinnochio’s will be keeping the old pizzas?

  15. Janna says

    Lana – I think those went away before January of this year. We couldn’t find a ‘normal’ pizza in all of MK for my teenage son, only flatbreads. We finally found chicken nuggets at Cosmic Ray’s.

    If we go to Pizza Planet tomorrow and their pizza has changed, there may be a mutiny from my boys…;)

  16. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    I for one and am very excited about the menu changes! I have never stayed at POP, but looking at the old menu my options were pretty limited…a veggie burger, a fish sandwich, and cheesecake (not that that’s a bad thing, lol) – but on this menu I have so many choices, and they’re unique and sound delicious! I can’t wait for my September trip and try them all :)

  17. says

    The Spring Roll sub is on a hybrid of French bread and hot dog bun. Also served with mayo. Very bizarre combination, but unique.

    I had the French bread pizza last night. It’s almost like the pesto cheese bread at Art of Animation, but longer. Mine was cooked to order and took about 3 minutes. You may still order the larger pizzas for $17.99.

    My sister had the roasted vegetable Cavatappi. It’s a lot like a casserole in consistency and they’ll add extra marinara if you’d like. It’s got a baked cheese crust on top.

    The biscuit and gravy with scrambled eggs portion is HUGE!

    Lots of changes, and the Cast Members were still getting used to it as well. I noticed them weighing portions after they plated them and overall, the lines tended to go a little slower than normal.

  18. Tinkymurph says

    Janna, Did you happen to see if the Pizza Planet pizzas are safe? That’s our lunch pick for our visit to DHS in 21 days( but who’s counting) !!

  19. Jen says

    My hubby and I loved the breakfast pizza and we are sad to see it go. I am really excited for the lunch/dinner menu though because POP is the main place we stay and there were a lot of times we would be eating the same thing over and over again. I love the food at POP so I am excited to see this new stuff introduced. Can’t wait to try it out in November!

  20. Chris Radawiec says

    I hope they kept the pizza the same! I always looked forward to a late-night personal-sized pizza. Does anyone know?

  21. mcr1117 says

    oh no! i loved the personal sized pizzas, i looked forward to them every trip! please bring them back!

  22. Janna says

    I haven’t made it to PP yet – heading back over to HS in a couple of hours. I did come back through Art of Animation and they do still have the individual pizzas. :)

  23. mcr1117 says

    thank goodness! i know AoA used to have the flat breads and then they changed back to the individual cheese pizzas- hopefully pop century follows suit! i’ll definitely be taking a walk over to AoA next week when i stay at pop century. thanks for the updates!

  24. Lana says

    So happy to hear I can still get a personal pizza at AoA! I’ve never been to Pizza Planet, but it might be on my list for fall!

  25. Danielle says

    Oh no! The breakfast wrap is gone :(
    I thought it was pretty amazing when I had it on our last visit to Pop Century… Though I did have to share it… (Far too much food there for me, especially in the morning! Haha) Glad I got to try one though!

  26. Essie says

    This may be the place I stay at on my next trip. I loved AoA, but POP was right across the lake and it looks like a lot of fun. Many people that I know have stayed there and they loved it. If they offer free dining for the Sept. time slots over the next couple years I’d def like to stay here and the new menu items look very nice. I’ve heard that their food court is already one of the best.

  27. Randi says

    I just got back from a stay at the Pop last night, but due to timing, I never actually got to eat lunch/dinner there. Some of the new choices look really good, and now I’m craving to go back.

    Side notes: there were definitely still chocolate chip pancakes being served. You had your choice of them or plain when you were at the counter. Also, the AoA personal pizzas are incredibly tiny. They’re about the size of a baseball.

    The AoA menu also changed during my visit. Between Wednesday and Saturday, the Mongolian Fish was replaced by a Lentil-crusted Fish, and they added a Butter Chicken dish and an “Open-faced Steak Sandwich with Mushrooms,” which wasn’t a traditional steak sandwich, but rather a whole steak on a piece of bread.

  28. Lei says

    I’m actually glad they are changing up the menu. I have become bored with some of the items. I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside last year and noticed the Build Your Own Salads on their menu and wished they had it at Pop. Then I saw it on another site that Pop will now have a Build Your Own taco, burrito and salad.

  29. Barbara says

    We just got back from the Pop Century and after having to look at the same items every night, we drove to Arts and Animation and had a wonderful crabcake with shrimp on top burger. The sandwich was “to die for”. In fact we went back two nights later for the same thing.

  30. Pudge the Fish says

    I’m confused that the omelet photo shows breakfast potatoes on the side. How can that be if the potatoes have been removed?

    Also very sad to see the demise of the shrimp lo mien. That was my all time favorite lunch/dinner choice.

  31. Roz Vining says

    Barbara, thanks for the heads up on the delicious sounding crab cake and shrimp at AOA. We stay at PC and the food is okay, but we will surely check out the crab cake. We are from Louisiana and we love any type of seafood. Sounds great!!!

  32. James says

    At Pop Century now, for the person who mentioned the build your own salads at Riverside, they do have build your own salads at Pop right now, along with the nachos which I had last night (choice of veggie chili, chicken chili, or beef chili). Also had a Beef Stroganoff dish two nights ago which was huge and pretty tasty.

  33. Tammy says

    My daughter loved the chicken nuggets on the kids meal. They got rid of them and I can tell you that my daughter who has sensory processing disorder will not eat anything off of that nee kids menu. Guess we will have to somewhere else to eat if we stay there again. It’s my kids favorite hotel but we may have to check the menu’s at other hotels before we decide where we will stay.

  34. Faith says

    I wonder if they got rid of the adult chicken nuggets as well. My teen doesn’t venture too far away from the chicken/burger stand…..occasionally she’ll eat one of those pizzas (which are gone now too).

  35. Opus_P says

    ….please note that I was just there for a week (8/23 thru 9/2/13)…and more than half of the new” items (per the updated menu released by Disney this spring) were not available. One of the four food stations was never open as was i/3 or the dining area …and therefore items that I consider “real food” were not available. What was available were burgers …pizza …sandwich’s …flatbreads. The omelet station was closed for 7 of my 9 days there ….and that’s the same station that usually has “real food” dishes at dinner. The expected nightly specials that were to include rotisserie chicken, beef brisket barbecue, coconut curry shrimp, roasted pork loin, beef stroganoff, and roasted vegetable tofu…(as had been represented on the various menus that are available on-line) …were nowhere to be found. Additionally missing was the Crab Quesadilla, Veggie Calzone with Salad, Tilapia Sandwich ….and several other items. When the omlet station finally was opened on the next to last day I was there …I said to the cast member working there, “Where have you been”? She did the finger to the lips “Shssssh” (it’s a secret don’t tell anyone sign) …that perhaps they shouldn’t have been open …..because the food court at AoA has taken a lot of their business …and POP is no longer ‘packed’ …because many people are opting to stay at AoA instead.

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