Spotted! Princess Candy at Disney Parks

It’s always fun to take a look around the shops at Walt Disney World and Disneyland just to see what’s been added since I was there last.

This time, it was two brand new bags of Disney Princess-themed candy. Varieties include Gummi Butterflies and Rock Candy.

Princess Candy -- Rock Candy and Gummi Butterflies

Clad in pink bags with an assortment of princesses on the front, the bags actually have little crown-shaped windows so you can see the treats before you purchase them.

On the other side of the bags you’ll see the nutritional information and ingredients. Note that each bag contains approximately three servings.

Gummi Butterflies Nutritional Info

Rock Candy Nutritional Info

Gummi Ingredients

Cute and colorful, this would make a great treat for a princess who’d like a sweet that’s durable in the heat, and it’s great that you can have a few and tuck some away for later.

And with the “Disney Parks Authentic” logo, these would make a great take home souvenir as well!

Which Disney Princess Candy would your little princess choose? Leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. Shinygirl says

    I second the rock candy – you just don’t find it like you used to and it looks so pretty! Really fits the Princess theme. Hope I get to WDW soon!

  2. says

    Gummi butterflies and rock candy? OMG. I want some! I may have to ask my brother to get me some from Disneyland. Or, heck, it’ll be a reason for me to go down and visit (besides visiting my brother and going to Disneyland, of course)!

  3. Alex says

    I am not positive as there are no unbagged pictures but the princess gummi butterflies look exactly like Albanese gummi butterflies. That isn’t a bad thing, in fact it is likely they are just that packaged differently (Albanese make very delicious gummis, as most fruit candy addicts might know, and I have found them sold all over randomly as store brands, which is funny because a small box of them, which I can only find at World Market cost nearly 2$.)

  4. Andrea says

    If the butterfly gummies are half as tasty as the Goofy’s gummies, I’m sold!

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