News! Starbucks Signage Up in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Welp…the time draws nigh!!!

As we reported last year, the Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom is now under refurb to bring Starbucks to Disney World. We’ve been anxiously awaiting news of its re-opening, and it looks like we’re getting closer and closer!

Starbucks Signage outside Disney World's Main Street Bakery

Starbucks signage was recently spotted hanging over the bakery location in the covered walkway outside, and there’s also signage on and around the building!

Starbucks Signage on Main Street Bakery Window

We know that many of our readers are concerned that the bakery will lose its turn-of-the-century charm; but we’ve been assured that many of the Disney guest favorite items will return to the bakery cases, and the theme will be maintained to fit nicely into the rest of Main Street’s Victorian era style.

A nod to the original Main Street Bakery signage can be found above the doors

See an example in this review of the first Disney Starbucks location at Disney California Adventure.

Are you Pro or Con Starbucks coming to Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Elantrice Hughley at DizThruBrownEyes and Suzannah Mitchell at Zannaland for the use of these photos!


  1. Matt says

    Gourmet coffee doesn’t really strike me as fitting in with Walt’s vision of Small Town America. Now, I have no problem with Starbucks being in Walt Disney World, but I feel that’s something best suited for Downtown Disney/ Disney Springs, Hollywood Studios, or perhaps located throughout the various resorts.

  2. Kris says

    It’s a Pro for me and my family. We are by no means coffee/espresso snobs but Starbucks is consistently good no matter what location you go to in the world. I travel extensively on motorcycles and have had Starbucks on 3 continents and it always tastes good. Add Disney’s theming and strive for excellence and you have a match made in coffee heaven. Goodbye Nescrape! Any word on Joffreys being implemented at the resorts?

  3. Prof. Brainard says

    I’m one of those not opposed to Starbucks’ coffee being sold on Main Street, which has always had corporate sponsors. (Also, Disney park coffee is infamous, and this will hopefully fix that.) I am, however, one of those concerned that the theming be maintained faithfully and that logos and signage be discreet. I cannot tell from the otherwise excellent photos how large these signs are relative to the spaces they occupy. Do you have wider shots you could share, or, barring that, an opinion on the relative sizes? This is a picky question, I know, but, since there is a good bit of controversy over the matter, Disney will have to play every card exactly right on this one.

  4. Cindi says

    I’m pro Starbucks because that Nescafe was crappy, but I don’t like the new sign. The mermaid looks fat and chubby and why does she have two tails? I would rather they (Disney suits) had left the Main Street Bakery signage as it was and simply added the coffee to the beverage menu without touting it as “Starbucks”. WDW is where I come to escape reality and that includes all those chains and it was always refreshing to visit and I was in a real fantasy world where the outer real world did not cross over. Now that McDonald’s and Starbucks have entered my realm, it really loses a lot of that Disney magic. I don’t want to see golden arches or the coffee mermaid. Ugh!

  5. Jill D says

    OK, I’m not saying I am unhappy to get a good cup of coffee, but could maybe it be themed a little less like a Starbucks? I’m happy it is the old siren and not the one that is on every corner, but maybe a little more theme? Maybe more like Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe in Disneyland?

    I will wait to join the picket line until after I see the completed design (and after my Grande, non-fat, 140º, no whip, White Mocha!)

  6. Laura says

    I am so excited for Starbucks! However, it makes me talk a mile a minute and winds me up. So, Starbucks + the excitement of being in Disney = one extremely hyper Laura. My husband smacks his forehead in an “oh no” gesture. I can’t wait for September!

  7. Paul says

    I hope the Disney baked goods will be the same. They certainly are not at the new Les Halle’s Boulangerie Patisserie at EPCOT. Some of the names of the items are the same, but the quality is not. The Napoleon is the best example of the lower quality. Also, several French items are no longer available like the pithivier (sp?). :(

  8. Lynne says

    I know a lot of people are going to be happy to now get a good cup of coffee, but for me as a TEA drinker, it is going to be a fabulous addition.

    There are precious few places on the entire property to get a decent glass if iced tea. That Peak stuff is horrid. I will soon have a tasty option at each park!

  9. Jolene C says

    They should come up with some specialty drinks exlusively sold at the Disney one to make it a bit more special in my opinion. Because I feel like if I am going to Disney I will want to have something I can’t get anywhere else.

  10. Kayla says

    @ Cindi – that “chubby two-tailed mermaid” is the original Starbucks logo (a siren) and in basically the same colors as the original logo (the current logo is of the same siren – but in green – and if you look closely she still has her two tails).

    If they bring the full line of tea lattes and/or seasonal drinks, my tastebuds might die of happiness between a cinnamon roll and some pumpkin spice drinks :)

  11. Lo says

    I am surprised they are using the old Starbucks logo at WDW. I think a certain percentage of people will find it offensive.

  12. Lisa says

    Starbucks coffee will mean that I can get good coffee at Disney World (they were lacking in this department). However, I am completely against putting Starbucks food at the Bakery. I’m holding out hope that it isn’t like Disneyland and I will still be able to get the breakfast croissant!

  13. Gina Cerasuolo says

    I have mixed feelings. I’m not against Starbucks coming in as long as the theme is in keeping with the rest of Main Street. Not a big fan of the signage. I’m pretty sure there were no Starbucks signs adorning the bakeries during the main streets of old. Advertise inside the bakery, of course, but not on the door/windows. Takes away from the charm.

  14. carlos says

    Starbucks on Mainstreet is horrible. People go to Disney to be immersed in Disney. The commercial crap does not fit in at all. You can get all the Starbucks you want at home. Really people, you think Disney needs Starbucks to stay alive? Give me a break! True Disney fans know that this is crap and I’m pretty sure Starbucks was not a part of Walt’s vision. Since Disney and Starbucks opened the same year, I’m sure he would included it then if he wanted it. Total crap!!!!

  15. LizC says

    I am 100% pro Starbucks in Magic Kingdom and anywhere else in Disney they want to put it. I am especially looking forward to the one in Epcot, my favorite park. I am an avid latte drinker, and it was always hard to find a good one while on vacation in WDW. Now I do wish the had gone with Dunkin Donuts, but Starbucks will certainly do as a fine substitute while I am on vacation. Can’t wait to have my Starbucks latte in hand in WDW come October!

  16. Lorraine says

    I agree with many comments that the signage goes against the “immersion” that is always mentioned for the parks. Having Starbucks in the parks is one thing, messing with the turn of the century feel of Main Street is another. On a personal note, I live in Seattle where the original Starbucks is and are on every street corner as gas stations are. After spending quite a bit of money, and being squished in a plane most of the day, I am really not thrilled with ending right back home with Starbucks while in WDW. Have it in the parks but not in our face.

  17. Sandra says

    My husband is the primary coffee drinker in the family, and he is not amused. Never a fan of the Nescafe “swill,” he is not happy about Starbucks either, regarding it as overpriced, overbrewed and burned-tasting. His favorite purchased coffees are Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s and 7-11 (really). Anyone who is offended by the mermaid’s attire (or lack thereof) or her size needs to let go of the 21st century’s horrid standard of feminine beauty that dictates that adult women should be shaped like skinny boys. She’s a fantasy figure, maybe not yours, but historically correct, so even though I won’t be drinking their coffee, I appreciate their using this older logo on Main Street instead of the modern one.

  18. Galloping Gourmand says

    Not sure why people are upset with the logo. It has a turn of the century feel. Believe it or not figures of topless mermaids or farries like this were not highly uncommon in Victorian decor. It might not have been on the window but this kind of figure would not be unheard of, at least until the revival movement swept through right after the turn of the century.

    As for the prominence of the thing… That’s a misuse with me. Other corporate logos have been much more subtle. This logo is massive and the precident worries me.

    Finally, I’m not a huge fan is Starbucks (burnt taste) but its far superior to Nescafé.

  19. Donald says

    Carlos, you don’t sound like a true Disney fan because you would then know that Walt died almost 5 years before Walt Disney World opened, and the WDW as we know it (four theme parks, dozens of resorts, etc.) wasn’t his vision at all. Furthermore, Disneyland (especially Main Street) was fully loaded with corporate sponsorships on opening day, and these relationships have been keeping the parks going since before Day 1.

    None of us are qualified to say what Walt would think about a Starbucks opening on Main Street, but I personally think there are many aspects of the current resort that would disappoint him first.

  20. Wendy Darling says

    I am one of those AGAINST Starbucks in Magic Kingdom. For so many years, Disney has been building the atmosphere of old America in Main Street and in other parts of the park. Having the Starbucks, in my mind anyway, breaks the atmosphere. I agree that its okay in other parks like HS or DD though. Not liking coffee, I won’t be stopping in, unless they will still have cinnamon rolls. :)

  21. says

    I think they just chose the wrong place to put it and the wrong method of putting it in the parks. Not only does it not go with Walt’s vision, Starbucks didn’t exist during the time that Main Street is depicting. I think if they just sold it IN ADDITION to everything previously at the locations without any advertising or signage, it would be fine. The way they are doing it just makes me nervous that my favorite items won’t be returning.

  22. Andrea says

    I like the siren logo a lot better than the “new” logo that is on every other store. It certainly fits better. I doubt I will buy any of Starbucks food while at WDW (I rarely partake in the real world), but I would like a nice iced latte or frap on a hot, July morning.

  23. Rich says

    While I love Starbucks and drink it every day I am not a fan of the branding on Main Street. I guess we will see how it looks upon opening but I just don’t like the thought of it. I can do without the coffee honestly if it means a major branding on the building. I have hope that it is at least done tastefully and most of the bakery charm remains intact.

  24. says

    I’m more offended that Stitch’s Great Escape still exists than I am about Starbucks on Main Street. I will totally order a iced grande caramel macchiato! One thing that’s super cool is the custom Disney Parks Starbucks cups! I wish they sold them!

    I’m looking forward to my favorite Starbucks drink and an oversized cinnamon roll from the bakery!

  25. Connie says

    Another ecstatic Starbucks coffee drinker….and although we always have Starbucks for our resort room in the am having it available in the parks (MK and Epcot) is going to be wonderful….my husband will be thrilled when he finds out!!

  26. Tim says

    Mainstreet is suppose to represent small town America from Walt’s childhood so putting a starbucks in, I suspect, might be against his image. But things change over time and Disney is a public trading company and things like this happen. It’s not uncommon for companies to sponser rides, so hey why not sponser stores and restaurant too.

    So I’m too thrilled about them changing the turn of the century theme main street is suppose to represent, but at the same time, I didn’t pratically care for Disney World’s coffee. For Starbucks to get their sign and logo on the building means they paid alot for it so. Still, I wish they could have done it like the Goofy Candy Co…but rights to their coffee but use a Disney theme store and call it…Timon’s Watering Hole or something.

    In the end, I doubt I will really even notice it unless they start re-doing the whole street.

  27. Lori says

    I’m a coffee drinker & I love Starbucks but I’m not very happy about them taking over The Bakery at MK. I just don’t think it’s fitting with the small town theme. I also really enjoyed the bakery items that were on the menu. Every time we visited the park this was our breakfast stop. I would have been okay with it if they were just going to brew Starbuck’s without allowing it to take over the whole Bakery. At the very least I hope they keep the bakery items the same, although I think I’m going to be sadly disappointed with this. :( In the meantime I’ll try to stay positive until the re-opening.

  28. Galloping Gourmand says

    In 1955 Disneyland featured a massive light up sign for the Maxwell House Coffe House. By massive, I mean that it covered an entire archway. So enough about this “Walt wouldn’t want a sign like that” or “Not in the original spirit of…” stuff that I’ve been guilty of too. This kind of sponsorship and sinage goes back to 1955. The days of Walt and the opening of the original Disneyland.

    I hope we can now return to discussing our feelings on the quality of the food and coffee instead of discussing sinage.

  29. carlos says

    donald how dare you tell me i am not aq disney fan . i love disney soo much and i love the way it . your bull about sponsorship in bull crap.disney can survive without sponsorship period.true disney people like me dont want corporation stamped on windows of wdw. read the comments 98% of the TRUE fanatics and loyal disney people like me are completey against it. you can sit there with your legs crossed, sipping on starbucks , and staring at everyone thinking your better than everyone else.I will NEVER buy anything corporate that takes away the image of traditional family disney. and yes remember 1971 is all over disney which is the same time starbucks was started . you and starbucks can go pound salt . i cherish memories,traditions, and the value of pure disney .

  30. Brenda says

    There is a Starbucks on every corner in America. Does there need to be one on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom?? We come to Disney World for the Disney atmosphere and especially the Disney cupcakes and other special bakery items. There is nothing special about having another coffee or tea at Starbucks when they are located everywhere.

  31. Donald says

    Carlos, I don’t even plan on going to the Starbucks once it opens on Main Street. It’s not going to benefit me personally. I’m just being objective in pointing out that a notable sponsorship is nothing new for Disney parks. You (and several other people) sound enraged about this, and that’s fine. But here’s another question – how does MK’s Main Street (as we know it) in any way represent small town America? Half of the street is one giant mall shoving the same generic Disney character merchandise. Nothing is more corporate than that. (Did you know Disney is one of the biggest and greediest corporations around? Sorry to shatter the delusions you may have.) The decline of Main Street started with the removal of everything unique on it – penny arcade, unique stores and merchandise, etc. A Starbucks serving decent coffee and Starbucks-branded pastries is hardly the biggest problem Main Street has.

    And get your facts straight. Walt had very little to do with the WDW that you and everyone here has enjoyed. Do you like Epcot, the theme park? Well guess what – Epcot was supposed to be E.P.C.O.T. (aka an actual city). Do you like moderate and value resorts? Well they weren’t part of Walt’s vision – they were conceived decades later to get more of the masses on property. You don’t have the right to tell me what Walt would think, since you clearly know nothing about him – not even when he died. Get your facts straight before you pick a fight with someone.

  32. Galloping Gourmand says

    If we are going to be discussing sinage and corperate sponsorship history here at the Food Blog I think it might be fun to look at some of the history of food signs and sponsorship on Main Street USA at Disneyland. Namely, what did it look like when Disneyland first opened in 1955?

    It’s well know that when Walt was building his park bankers were not exactly knocking down the door to give him money. He and Roy turned to corperate sponsors to help fund the park. Once they got some companies to sign on, banks were much more willing to help. Among the day one sponsors were Coca-Cola, Maxwell House and Carnation Dairy. All three set up shop on Main Street.

    Maxwell House sponsored a coffee shop on Main Street USA for about two years. Here is an image from the Maxwell House sinage from 1955 (GREAT website of historic Disneyland photos). There is a great photo of walt posing in front of a wonderful coffee pot in the store that I can’t give a good link for. It’s one of my favorite photos of him. After Maxwell House dropped it’s sponsorship it was picked up by Hills Brothers. They ran the coffee stand until it closed in 1976.

    Also opening in 1955 is the famous and much loved Carnation Cafe, so named for the Carnation milk and ice cream company. Carnation sponsored the Cafe and the milk truck that was part of the Main Street vehicles. It’s name and logo could be seen driving up and down Main Street. Disney smartly put the Carnation Cafe around the garden district of Main Street so that the name would have a clever double meaning. When Nestle bought the Carnation name they phased it out but Disnelyand was allowed to keep the Carnation name. It then The Carnation Cafe sponsored by Nestle. It retains the Carnation Cafe name to this day. Here is more info about it at Yesterland. (another GREAT disney history website).

    The final food sponsorship remains to this day. It’s the Coca Cola Refreshment Corner. Coke has been with Disney since day 1. It’s rumored that they give Disney the product free or at cost because sponsoring the drinks at the park is such great publicity. I can’t verify that. Again, here are some images from Daveland.

    I really love exploring the history of Disney and how the parks look in old photos. I encourage you all to look through those web sites. Also, search Youtube where you can find a ton of great historic footage from home movies that really capture the feel of parks at differant stages of their evolution. If I made any mistakes here please correct them, and I hope that at least you all got a chance to enjoy some pictures of Disneyland in a bygone time.

  33. Lo says

    I don’t understand all the rancor concerning Starbucks equaling WDW losing its “hometown feel” and immersive quality. Really? So Nescafe= Disney immersion and Starbucks = sell out? At least Starbucks is an American corporation.

  34. Jolene C says

    I personally think some people need to spend the energy they are putting into this into something more productive. But hey, that’s just me. I just choose to not let things like this make me mad. I am pretty sure Disney will still feel like Disney with or without a starbucks. But I do stick with what I said before – they should make Disney special drinks.

  35. Juanita says

    I don’t think it’s a huge deal either. Like many others have pointed out, corporate sponsorship has been around since the beginning. Starbucks has achieved its popularity for a reason – a lot of people like it. As long as they leave the fan-favorites alone at the Bakery, it should be able to happily coexist with Starbucks. I think the Disneyland version we’ve seen pics of (the name escapes me at the moment) looks well done, and I have faith the WDW versions will be too.

  36. Victoria says

    I want to know how many people complaining about corporate sponsorship in Disney parks took part in the McDonald’s fries carts. Just a question.

    Also, we can’t sit around saying, “Walt wouldn’t want this.” We don’t know what Walt would have wanted.

    If they theme it right, this shouldn’t be a problem. And seeing the way they themed FFP in CA, they’re gonna do just fine. I’m looking forward to seeing it. And I want to know which pastries make the cut! :-)

  37. Beth in MI says

    I am not opposed to the Starbucks being in Disney, I am more opposed to the loss of the items that were sold at the Main Street Bakery. I really hope that the usual baked goods return and it is not Starbuck’s baked goods being sold.

  38. Roz Vining says

    I am so excited about Starbucks opening at WDW–so is my husband!! We are Starbucks fans. Where else can you have two of you most favorite things in the same location? Mickey and Starbucks. I just hope the lines aren’t as long there as they are in the rest of the park. We will be back in September and can’t wait to visit Starbucks!! Been along time coming and now it’s finally here. Kudo’s to Disney for allowing this to happen. You have made Magic Kingdom just a little more magical for all the Starbuck’s lovers!!! See Ya In September!!!!

  39. Johnny says

    This is an abomination and I have been quite sick over this.
    You want to put one in DTD…? Fine…. Put one in Hollywood Studios…? Fine….
    But not in the MK….

  40. Paul in CT says

    I am surprised that they decided to put Starbucks in the MK at the same time they decided to replace Nescafe with Joffrey’s coffee. a local coffee roaster and supplier to all of the signature restaurants. Joffrey’s coffee is excellent and makes Starbucks unnecessary IMHO. My only concern now is whether the pastries will be as good at the MK Bakery.

  41. melissa says

    for the canadians out there
    if this goes well at MK…how about a tim horton’s kiosk at the canadian pavillion??

  42. Sherry says

    My family visits Walt Disney World at least once a year, and have since 1973. We are all very up set to see this change.
    We are not looking forward to having coffee stains on our clothing from other guest or, on the side walks, preventing guest from siting on main street waiting or watching a parade.
    The bakery WAS one of our favorite places for a quick breakfast or snack.
    We avoid Starbucks, especially in air ports and will do so in the future at Disney World– even though my husband is a coffee drinker.

  43. Jade says

    I totally agree with Victoria. If one of your main concerns is how the theme will fit in, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. If it will be set up anything like the Fiddler, Fifer, & Practical Cafe in DCA (and let’s be honest, it probably will) the addition will be seamless. For anyone who hasn’t been there, it looks like your standard Disney counter service bakery with all of the perfect little Disney details that one would expect. Literally the only difference is that there is a Starbucks menu and they have a nice selection of both Starbucks and Disney baked goods. They also have specialized Starbucks cups with a Disney Parks logo on them.

    Really there is nothing to freak out over. I mean, I was a little on the fence when I first heard that they were bringing Starbucks into the parks too, but after I saw it, I was like, “oh, wow, they actually interpolated this really well!”. I have no doubt in my mind that Disney will do everything they can to satisfy, not only the general public, but us loyal Disney fans as well.

  44. todd says

    Starbucks is a great addition to the parks. They even put a back window in for cast members to get Starbucks back stage. These 4 locations will be ran be Starbucks corporate and I hope they take the rewards card. looking forward to the opening projected June 18th.

  45. Johnny says

    Yes, but if they took away my Cinnamon Bun then they will have one Very unhappy Guest on their hands.
    I’ve just GOTTA have my Cinnamon Bun!

  46. Rhonda says

    I am SO EXCITED about Starbucks coming to Disney. I have been bringing in a cup of Starbucks tea
    When guests spot my cup they run up to me asking me where I got it. Starbucks will be a huge hit!

  47. Lo says

    “We are not looking forward to having coffee stains on our clothing from other guest or, on the side walks, preventing guest from siting on main street waiting or watching a parade.”


    This statement does not make sense. So drinking Starbucks causes people to lose motor function? How is drinking SB going to be different from drinking the Nescafe, other than people will actually be drinking it?
    Or different from the Cokes, floats, frozen drinks and treats, cotton candy, sticky candy, and the myriad of other items that stain? How is it there will be more SB spilled on the streets? Do you go ahead and sit in the puddles of Coke or melted ice cream but refuse to do so when SB is involved?

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