Snack Series: The Chocolate Raspberry Mickey Tart at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

OK, I’ve got a special treat for you today!!!

I first saw this little guy at The Mara at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge on a trip to the World in February, and I couldn’t wait to try it!

This counter service spot is a great place to grab really interesting and healthier-for-you quick options, like the Chicken Pita or African Stew.

But they offer some pretty amazing sweet treats as well! The legendary Zebra Domes are well documented, but I’m pretty sure this one will catch some serious fans as well. I thought it was my beloved Mickey Ganache Tart, but I was in for a surprise…

The Chocolate Raspberry Mickey Tart

I was seriously over the moon about the Mickey Ganache Tart the first time I had it while visiting Jolly Holiday Bakery in Disneyland. It quickly became one of my all time favorite Disney sweet treats!

So I was super excited when I started seeing similar tarts pop up in Disney World bakery cases as well — including here at The Mara.

Cute Mickey Tarts at The Mara!

This seemed to be a slight variation on the original. To begin, there was no adorable little white chocolate Mickey face, but that wasn’t a deal breaker. And the star-shaped sprinkles provided a whimsical touch.

Chocolate Raspberry Mickey Tart

The most striking difference at first glance, however, is the crust. While Jolly Holiday’s version is made with a “blond” shortbread crust, the one here is chocolate.

Chocolate Raspberry Mickey Tart -- Side View

The ganache was slightly different as well. While it’s still the same thick, rich texture — this was a much darker chocolate filling than the earlier version featured. As you can see, it’s so dense that it holds its shape when broken apart. It’s like you’re eating a truffle!

But upon taking a bite, I got a serious surprise…

Chocolate Raspberry Mickey Tart -- Up Close

I not only tasted the super sweet chocolate, but also a tart, fruity flavor! Looking inside, I found that there was an entire layer of raspberry jam hidden beneath the ganache! Who knew?

Jam Layer Inside the Chocolate Raspberry Mickey Tart

Since I am a big fan of fruit and chocolate, I was very happy with this version. It was a fun surprise, and made for an even more complex dessert. But beware if you’re not a fruit-and-chocolate supporter; this might not be what you were hoping. ;-)

What about you — will you be rushing over to The Mara to sample the Chocolate Raspberry Mickey Tart? Let us know below in comments!


  1. Cheryl D says

    You had me except for the raspberry part. I love chocolate and lemon, chocolate and orange, chocolate covered strawberries, but for some reason I like my chocolate and my raspberries separate. I think it’s because the raspberry filling is usually too sweet for my taste. It looks nice, though!

  2. SharonCW says

    We plan to spend a morning at AKL just to look around and have planned on having lunch at The Mara. Now I know what I want for dessert!

  3. Lisa says

    Oooh, I hope they still have them in September. Fingers crossed. I did have this at the Holly Jolly Cafe at DL last year and it was wonderful. I like how Disney puts twists on the goodies so they aren’t exactly the same..

  4. Emma says

    Mmm mmm this looks good. We are staying at AKL in November so gonna try this. Does the raspberry bit have seeds in it? Hate seeds lol!!

  5. Jacky says

    I stayed there in December and never saw this tart. Maybe it’s brand new for this year. Guess I’ll have to look for it on my June trip. Do they have this anywhere else?

  6. Essie says

    It looks and sounds wonderful. I’m glad that I’ll never have to declare a Favorite Disney Sweet or Treat. There’s just no way I could ever single it down to just one thing.

  7. melody says

    I have an off topic question. Does anyone know of anyplace at WDW where you can buy a souvenir glass? In 1988 we bought mugs at king Stephans at it was then called. I treasure the glass mugs. Is everything plastic these days?
    Please let me know what you think.

  8. Ginny Doherty says

    Now this is just one more must do for my unexpected visit to the AK area. I have a one-night stay at Kidani for the beginning of my trip. I was going to go and explore the AKL and now this just makes that mandatory. Chocolate and raspberry…perfect!

  9. Maryann says

    @Melody – Also along with AJs mention of the Liberty Tree you can find a special Disney Railroad glass mug at the Art of Disney Store in Epcot, and probably also at the one in Downtown Disney, though I haven’t specifically looked at the store there.

  10. Jeff says

    Very disappointed. I read this post and was excited to get these as I have always been a fan of the chocolate version. I stayed at Jambo House this past weekend, and I never saw them on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. On Saturday night I had dinner at Boma, also no such luck. Zebra Domes back to back days ::sigh::

  11. Professional Dreamer says

    Starbucks used to buy from a vendor a chocolate raspberry brownie that was much like this but they no longer have it. Maybe this tart could replace it at the Disney Starbucks.

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