Shave Ice + T-Shirt at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawai’i!

Ah… couldn’t you use a trip to Hawai’i right about now?? Yeah. Me, too.

Well, today we’re gonna come pretty close by venturing virtually to Hawai’i courtesy of my awesome friend Eric! It’s time to talk shave ice at Disney’s Aulani Resort!

Eric recently spent a vacation at Aulani on Oahu, and indulged in this yummo shaved ice with condensed milk and ice cream! The syrups are pineapple and cherry flavored…

Shaved ice.

He also sent over a pic of a fun Disney food-themed shirt found at Aulani! This one showcases their Hawaiian shaved ice store.

Shave Ice Shirt!

I still haven’t been to Aulani, yet, but I love hearing about it and seeing the awesome finds!

Don’t forget to check out this great guest review of the beachside restaurant, Ama Ama, while you’re in the tropical mood! And here’s more shave ice for dessert!

Let us know in the comments below if a trip to Aulani is on your bucket list!


  1. Lo says

    No offense, but if I am in Hawaii, I am most likely not going to get shave ice at Aulani. There are so many legendary places to get it just on Oahu alone.

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