Snack Series: Peanut Butter Heaven in Disneyland

EAT ALL THE PEANUT BUTTER! We just shared some of our FAVORITE Disney peanut butter treats a while back…and today we’ve  got a close-up of one of the must-eat goodies on the list. (Apparently this is a de facto Peanut Butter week on DFB!)

You guys know me, and if Disney wants to sell me on a snack or treat (or hamburger) all they need to do is put some of that golden goodness in it. E.G., I dream of No Way Joses when I’m not in the parks.

But on trips to Disneyland, while I’m purchasing my Peanut Butter Sandwich, I’ve always been tempted by another PB treat beckoning to me from beside it.

Peanut Butter Heaven in the Case at

On my recent trip, I decided to finally try out the Peanut Butter Heaven. Could it possibly be more “heavenly” than the sandwich?!? We shall see…

Peanut Butter Heaven

So first, this thing is enormous. For scale, look at the pic above of the case, and note that those colorful things above the peanut butter heaven and the peanut butter sandwiches are Disney caramel apples. Which we all know are as big as your head.

So with that said, the steep pricetag for a bonbon — a huge bonbon — isn’t all that shocking.

Break into it, and at first glance, it looks like a normal chocolate-covered peanut butter candy, with that rich, sweet peanut butter filling that reminds you of a crumbly, slightly salty, melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter fudge. You know, the kind you need to chase with a giant glass of ice cold milk.

Peanut Butter Heaven -- Up Close

But look a little closer, and you see that there are also whole peanuts here, which gives this some texture that you might not be expecting.

But there’s more…

Peanut Butter Heaven -- Inside

Once you take your first nibble, you see that what you actually have is a peanut butter bonbon built on top of a peanut turtle, made of peanuts and gooey caramel! It’s like getting two candies in one!

Seriously, what is UP!? This just keeps getting better and better!

Peanut Butter Heaven -- Cross Section

And…it’s awesome. It’s fantastic. No, amazing. Fanmazing? Whatever. The bottom line is that it will be very hard to choose which peanut butter indulgence I’ll go with in Disneyland from now on. (Ha ha! Gotcha. It won’t be hard. I’ll just get both.)

Find Peanut Butter Heaven throughout Disneyland in all kinds of places. I’ve spotted them at Trolley Treats, Candy Palace, and Pooh Corner, to name a few.

What’s your favorite Disney peanut butter treat? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    OMG – wow that looks incredible! I need to fly myself to California!

  2. Prof. Brainard says

    Peanut Butter Heaven! I would eat this even if I had a peanut allergy! I would just go ahead and eat this and then die! (and then people would say, “It’s not called Peanut Butter Heaven for nothing!)

  3. says

    So, I normally prefer food and snacks to be park specific (i.e. not so excited about the handwiches reappearing at WDW, though still curious), THAT I would be happy to see at WDW! Looks amazing.

  4. Jan says

    Nothing against the peanut butter candy, which I’m sure is quite yummy. And I certainly don’t mean to criticize this or any other article, all of which are well-written and informative. But skimming the blog’s home page, I noticed articles about sweets outnumber articles on non-sweets at roughly a 3 to 1 ratio. For those of us who aren’t really into sweets, this is turning into something of a snore-fest. This is the Disney FOOD blog, not the Disney DESSERT blog, yes? May I politely ask for a little more balance? I’d settle for 50-50, even though most of us eat a lot more non-sweets than sweets, even when we’re on vacation at a Disney park.

  5. Jolene C says

    SO EXCITED. going to Disneyland in August. I am going to make a list of the things I need to get haha. I would eat PB with EVERYTHING.

  6. Adam says

    I might be biased because I am partial to the sweets, but could the uneven sweet:non-sweet ratio be because there is just a greater variety of sweet treats available at Disney Parks vs non-sweet?

    Particularly when it comes to snacks and special events, they always have specialty drinks, cupcakes, candy apples, etc. Then if you go into most stores you have ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, caramel corn, etc. Where as the variety of non-sweet treats is a lot lower.

    And of course, it’s much easier (and more affordable) to review a snack than to review an entire meal at a restaurant, so the snack reviews wills will outnumber the meal reviews.

  7. says

    Amanda — Ha ha! You’re welcome. :-)

    Sandy — It’s awesome! Let me know when you get over there and try it.

    Prof. Brainard — Oy vey. ;-)

    Dana — YES!

    Adam — Nope; it’s a Disneyland exclusive.

    Jenn — It’s truly incredible.

    Jan — Ha ha! I love that you called it a snore-fest! (I mean, that’s a bummer that you feel that way, but it’s a funny term. :-D) Unfortunately the front page isn’t always a good indication of the thousands of posts that are on the blog. We’ve been writing twice daily for five years, and we strive to offer a balance and cover all of the latest and new fantastic eats in Disney parks and resorts. Here are some great Disney salty snacks that you might enjoy!

    Jolene C — YAY! I’m thrilled that you’ll be able to try this awesome treat.

    Adam — Thanks! And, yes, there seem to be many many more sweet treats in Disney parks than there are savory ones. We also tend to do reviews of the more unique eats when possible, and many of these are sweet items in the bakeries and candy shops.

  8. Pamela says

    Yum, yum, yum! Thank you for sharing AJ, I need to get one of these when I go on Sunday. :)

  9. Jan says

    AJ, thanks very much. No offense intended on the “snore-fest” comment, but I do tend to click right by when I see another dessert or sweet snack article. But I’ll keep coming back every day for those pieces on the more savory offerings at the Disney parks.

  10. Jan says

    Should’ve added, popcorn is my all-time favorite snack, but I understand there’s only so much you can say about it.

  11. Essie says

    Well, although I love savory too, I also LOVE sweet, chocolate and PB! I only get to WDW. :( It’s just too good looking for the DLR not to share with us. For those of you with a peanut allergy: Buy a PB Heaven (or two) and eat it in the ER parking lot of your neighborhood hospital and then have your friend wheel you right inside. That should take care of the problem for you. IJK of course, as I have a cousin with a very serious peanut allergy, but they just look so good…..

  12. says

    Pamela — I’m SO jealous!

    Jan — I completely understand, and no offense taken! It’s tough to write a blog like this where you want to cover EVERYTHING and you only have so much bandwidth. I’ll take your comment very seriously and try to get in a better balance of savory goodies! :-)

    Essie — DLR is definitely hoarding some of the best snacks! :-)

  13. Mouskalollie says

    I just had one of these today…… oh my my my! Now I am not a huge chocolate fan (gasp!). Give me caramel, peanut butter, nuts and I am happy. However, the chocolate on this is just enough. Not too much (which made me happy) but just enough for my chocolate loving husband! I will say that it was even better after it came to room temperature :)

    Run, do not walk, to get one of these!! They are also available in Downtown Disney at Marceline’s Confectionery.

  14. Jen says

    An article about artist point’s Copper River Salmon would be timely, savory, and delicious!

  15. Shelly says

    I love this treat so much. Unfortunately WDW has discontiuned it. I haven’t been able to find it the past 3 times we have gone this year. :( When we would all get our treats for later in the night like back at the hotel this treat was the go to treat for me. Very disappointed :(

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