Introducing: The Mickey Marshmallow Cone at Trolley Treats

Today, we’re headed to Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure to sample some seriously adorable eats!

Located on the recently re-imagined Buena Vista Street, Trolley Treats is a candy store featuring a show kitchen on the premises — a first for California Adventure. And the shop captures that nostalgic sweets shop vibe perfectly.

Trolley Treats Candy Sign

No matter how old you are, you’ll want a treat from Trolley Treats, complete with its custom Trolley Treats packaging!

I Heart the Vintage-Inspired Trolley Treats Logo!

And now, in addition to the delicious handmade marshmallows in a variety of amazing flavors, I’ve found another must have: Mickey Marshmallow Cones!

Mickey Marshmallow Cones

I just love finding treats that uniquely represent Disney, you know? And when I spied what looked like Mickey Mouse ice cream cones in the display case, I knew I had to take a closer look. And taste, actually!

The sweets masquerading as hand-dipped frozen treats turned out to be made of marshmallow!

Marshmallow Cones in the Case

I saw these on an initial visit to Trolley Treats on my last Disneyland vacation, and HAD to go back to actually try one!

As we’ve mentioned here before, one of Trolley Treats’ signature sweets are gourmet marshmallows, made right in the shop’s show kitchen. So I’m thinking these are made from scratch here, too — which makes them one of a dying breed at Disney these days! It was too good to pass up trying so that I could share it with you!

Marshmallow Cone at Trolley Treats

And it was, of course, delicious. Like a Mallo Cup, but waaaaayyyyy better. A hard dark chocolate shell covers the pillowy marshmallow and provides just a little bit of a bittersweet counterpoint to the fluff’s sugar overload.

The crispy cone adds another layer of texture, and the crunchy red sanding sugar and jelly bean buttons are just plain fun.

Marshmallow Cone -- Inside

Even if you’re not a huge marshmallow fan (which I’m not), this wasn’t your typical Kraft pillow puff. Homemade, gourmet marshmallow has a different type of feel and flavor, so it might be worth giving it a try. And, of course, if  you ARE a marshmallow fan, you need to immediately buy yourself about 10 of these. ;-)

Trolley Treats has really added something wonderful to California Adventure since it opened — an immediate sense of tradition and nostalgia. And with treats like these uber cute Mickey Marshmallow cones, they’re cementing their place as a destination for unique treats. This is the only spot where I spied the cones in either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure!

Would you try the Mickey Marshmallow Cone? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. Essie says

    Absolutely I’d try one! I hope they get them in WDW. Like you said, “They are uber cute.” And, I agree with you that homemade marshmallows (like just about everything else) are so much better than the processed packaged kind. Thanks for the fun article.

  2. Prof. Brainard says

    Hurray for unique, handmade-in-the-parks confections! Hurray for marshmallows! Hurray for Mickey Mouse! Hurray for red-sugar pants with big yellow jelly bean buttons!

  3. Kelly M says

    We used to have these in bakeries here in England when I was a kid! (Not with the Mickey theme sadly). Sometimes chocolate covered, sometimes sprinkles but always delicious :-)

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