Guest Review: Minnie Mouse Cupcake at Captain Cook’s Snack Company

Welcome DFB guest author Emily with a review of a new cupcake! The adorable Minnie Mouse Cupcake is found at Captain Cook’s Snack Company in the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World.

I recently came across the wonderful Minnie Mousse Cupcake at Captain Cook’s in Disney’s Polynesian Resort — home of many unique cupcakes, including the Peanut Butter & Jelly Cupcake and the Chocolate Beer Cupcake!

Minnie Mouse Cupcake.

The bottom is a very light chocolate cake. In fact, I couldn’t decide if there was a bit of mocha flavoring. The cake was good, but a little dry.

However, when the cake was paired with the mousse frosting, my mouth sung! The mousse was not dense in any way, or overly rich. It almost had a cool whip consistency and flavoring — definitely chocolaty but not too sweet.

Cross-Section of Minnie Mouse Cupcake.

The cake and mousse paired together was extremely enjoyable. Plus, this cupcake is too cute for words! Who doesn’t love the extra treat of the Oreo Ears? The bow was fondant, so I didn’t eat it.

Captain Cook’s also had the same cupcake that has red chocolate shavings instead of the chocolate ones around the base of the cupcake. It doesn’t have a bow, presumably to look the Big Cheese himself instead of his girlfriend! I assume that the cupcake is the same, as there wasn’t a separate label for it in the case. This cupcake definitely needs to be on your must-try list!!

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Have you taste-tested this adorable new cupcake? Or spotted other new sweets? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Jacky says

    I am going to eat at Kona Cafe on the 27th. Instead of having dessert at Kona, I think I might be stopping by Captain Cooks!

  2. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    So cute, and looks delicious, too. Anything with chocolate mousse is okay in my book!

  3. Lynnilou says

    My son and I had both, Minnie and Mickey cupcakes a few weeks ago – they were delicious!!! We miss them already!

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