FIRST LOOK! Main Street Bakery Starbucks Offers Soft Opening!

Main Street Bakery fans and Starbucks coffee aficionados — this news is for you! After a long refurbishment, the Main Street Bakery — Now with STARBUCKS! — in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is in “soft opening”. During soft opening, guests are receiving dining vouchers for admittance. This allows Disney to test out a newly updated venue and keep control of the crowd.

Main Street Bakery -- Now with Starbucks!

As we announced earlier, the renovation made way for the FIRST Starbucks location inside a Disney World theme park. And not long ago, we showed the Starbucks signage!

Here are the magical passes that allowed guests into the bakery this morning.

Dining Voucher for Main Street Bakery's Soft Opening.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks Atmosphere

Inside, the refurbished Main Street Bakery we don’t spot any glaring Starbucks presence. However, DFB reporter Shawn B. tells us “It’s all Starbucks here. All Starbucks cups, many of the pastries in the pastry display are all from Starbucks. I recognized the coffee cakes and pound cakes immediately.”


Main Street Bakery Cases.

Here are a few of the eats that were available for today’s breakfast! We see a cinnamon roll listed, but were told at the Bakery that we’d have to go to Gaston’s Tavern for a cinnamon roll today. We’ll keep an eye on that situation for you!

Starbucks at Disney World -- Eats

Drinks are standard Starbucks drinks. Note the Disney Dining Plan symbol to show that these are a snack credit.

Starbucks at Main Street Bakery -- Drinks!

The drinks are marked like Starbucks trains their baristas to do. The first Cast Member actually takes your drink order, calls it over the headset, and writes it down. If you don’t order your drink there, they will take it just as Starbucks does at the counter and mark the cup appropriately. They also take names to call out.

Main Street Bakery Taking Orders!

Main Street Bakery.

The condiment bar is the same as a Starbucks. It has

cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate powder for those who use them in their lattes.

Condiment Bar!


All the machines are from Starbucks. The blenders, the coffee brewers and the espresso machines are all the same. No NesCafe here!

Inside the Main Street Bakery!

DFB reporter Shawn sampled one of the breakfast sandwiches!

Bakery Items.

Sandwich Cross-Section.

We’ll have a full review for you soon with more photos and more FOOD! Can’t wait to share with you. We’re excited that the Peanut Butter Cupcake is back as well as a red velvet cupcake! Stay tuned!

UPDATE! Thanks to a Bakery cast member, we have the following information:

*Yes, we are all Disney Cast Members and have spent the last few weeks training to learn how to make Starbucks drinks. Many of us have been with the company for years (including myself) and are all very excited to share this renovation with Walt Disney World guests.
*We will not be selling the cinnamon rolls anymore, they will ONLY be found at Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland.
*All indoor seating has been removed to make the bakery larger. We are anticipating to be very busy so by making the bakery bigger we have more room and opportunity to make your drinks faster and eliminate longer wait times.

Also, here’s an update from a Main Street Bakery trainer/cast member:

I am a trainer at this location and wanted to point out that we do in fact accept Starbucks gift cards, including the application where you can pay by phone. We just do not accept the rewards you earn by using your Starbucks gift card (free drinks and such). You earn points by using your card at our location, but you can not redeem rewards. We can not reload SB gift cards, and we will not sell SB gift cards. We will only accept them as a form of payment.

Let us know what you think of the refurbishment in the comments below!

Thanks to DFB reporter Shawn Baker for many of these photos and to Dave Manning for others! More to come!


  1. Jan says

    Such a disappointment. 1st – not a Starbucks coffee fan. Waaay too strong & very pricey. If Disney felt the need to add ‘better’ coffee, why not someone like Green Mountain or Seattles Best. (No i don’t work for them) both companies would discreetly advertise, I’m sure. Starbucks name is so prominently displayed. (I’ve seen more photos than these) 2nd – very little Disney treats/food is a heartbreaker. Loved their baked goods. Better than Starbucks! 3rd – I can go to any mall in the US for Starbucks not-so-impressive treats. Yes, Main Street USA is now nothing more than a mall with Starbucks. 4th – what happened to the Disney cups, plates, napkins. Guests are now Starbucks advertisers? 5th – although there may be some of the original bakery furniture/decor, it looks a lot like the local Starbucks IN THE MALL. (Have I said mall enough yet? Get the gist?) There are more signs, window treatments glaring at you letting guests know that Starbucks is MORE than just a corporate sponsor. 6th – Main Street USA is no longer a turn of the 20th century Main Street. It is now a 21st century street depicting what our neighborhoods are now – a place for “mall rats.” (I didn’t come up with the phrase so don’t blame me) 7th – Walt is hanging his head with disappointment. His vision for WDW has been insulted. Rather than discreet sponsorship, we now have 2by4 hit-you-in-the-head advertising. Walt would tell these “Imagineers” that they fell far short of that special hometown atmosphere. Yes, WDW bakers may mass-produce their baked goods like Starbucks, but the WDW treats have a much more down-home neighborhood bakery feel to them. Just what Walt would’ve wanted. Well – guess you can tell I’m not happy about this change. Very very disappointed in this Starbucks move. My vote is – nay. Nada. Boo. No way. No thanks. Pass. Shame. Shame. Shame. Sometimes change really isn’t good.

  2. Sue B says

    Hate the idea of Starbucks in disney—
    we can get that anywhere
    The charm of the Main street bakery was a reminder of times gone bye — good times.
    The bakery should sell the famous Disney Cinnamon roll — IT’S THE BAKERY NOT A TAVERN.

  3. Janice Smith says

    Not loving the pictures of the “New” Main Street Bakery. Starbucks coffee is okay. They mostly have milk or cream at the condiment counter no lactose free dairy there. I hope that Starbucks offers baked goods other than what you can get at any store in the US. They do offer different products at their stores in Europe. Might be nice to have a WDW featured item. The no seating policy is the final reason that I will probably skip this place. I will miss the old Bakery that didn’t really bake.

  4. Snarky says

    From the pictures it’s kind of cold looking, nothing there to draw me in. No cinnamon rolls, no French toast loaf, just Starbucks lousy food, I’ll be passing by now. It’s sad because I’ve always enjoyed strolling along main street, this design is not a good change.
    I strongly agree that they needed better coffee, I’m just not happy with the end result.

  5. Jay says

    I’m super happy and excited for Starbucks!! I do e-rewards and get free gift cards for Starbucks all the time. Now I’ll be able to use them at Disney which was one of my questions can we use a Starbucks giftcard there but after reading this, I’m happy to know I will be able to. Free Starbucks coffee and pastries at WDW! I’m a happy gal! :)

  6. Tigger says

    No more setting area. That’s the last straw for me. No more bakery at magic kingdom. When will the starbucks contract end?

  7. tara says

    this is a terrible idea….do not like starbucks coffee or anything else they sell and will not patronize any starbucks inside or outside of disney…bad decision disney…now where am i going to get my favorite disney chocolate chip cookies?

  8. TG says

    Buddy Valstro (Carlos Bakery) might need to add this to his new “Main Street Bakery Saving” show. No Starbucks.

  9. Galloping Gourmand says

    I’m exactly in line with Prof. Brainard. Color me deeply disappointed. I’m almost angry about this. Not because we have lost some site-specific food. I’m angry because it appears that Starbucks didn’t even try to do anything special with the place. Sure it’s a nice looking Starbucks but that place feels like someone simply dumped a local Starbucks down in WDW. Same menu, same cases, laid out the same way right down to what goes next to what, with the same food and the same machines. They didn’t even bother to put some kind of cheap faux Victorian detail on the cases! The fixtures are about the only thing that says Victorian. Beyond that there is no effort here at all. At least when McDonalds was in Dinoland they made an effort to not look exactly like a Mcdonalds.

  10. Ann Arnold says

    Walt would have hated this. DW knew everyone loved the cinnamon rolls from The Bakery, they changed it anyhow. Also they have no regard for us since they have taken away a place to sit down and eat. It’s all about the almighty dollar now, not the people. Of course they know how crowded Main St. can be and didn’t care that with no place to eat inside, people will be trying to balance a sandwich and a hot coffee coming out those bakery doors running into everyone else that is walking up the sidewalk, 9 times out of 10, hot coffee running into a child or a stroller for sure. But atleast we have Starbucks right? These people at Disney now just don’t get it! PEOPLE GO THERE TO GET AWAY FROM THE EVERYDAY LOOK OF EVERY TOWN AND CITY, A PLACE OF MAKE BELIEVE. With this coming into our mystical Main St. USA, it’s a lot less mystical and does pop that bubble little by little.

  11. says

    We may have “2X4 hit-you-in-the-head advertising”, but it happened LONG before Starbucks ever reached a Disney campus.

    I love the, “yes, Disney also mass-produced their pastries, but it’s TOTALLY NOT THE SAME!!!!” sentiment.

    In terms of the on-site theming, just on these photos alone (not anticipating my next trip until 2014 or ’15), I would point to the shop lettering, the light fixtures, the CM costumes, the back wall decor, the railing design.

    Things like the signage match EVERY OTHER EATERY IN WALT DISNEY WORLD!

    P.S.-If you wanted Seattle’s Best Coffee, you succeeded! SBC is owned by Starbucks!

  12. JWJ says

    Am deeply saddened by this.
    We used to stop in the bakery on MK mornings, get a cinnamon roll and milk, and sit and watch the crowds rush by.
    No more. No cinnamon roll, and nowhere to sit.
    And cannot stand Starbucks.

  13. says

    I was one of the many who cringed upon hearing the news of the refurbishment of the bakery. It’s not as bad as we all made it out to be. It looks nice.

    That’s just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to theirs, but we should be careful not to presume what Walt would have thought of this. If he were alive today, he would have lived to see many more years of change and who knows how that may have influenced his thinking.

    I am interested to see how it looks in person.

  14. Joyce says

    I am also disappointed. It would be great to have a decent cup of coffee at Disney, but Starbucks is not the one. I think that the reason I don’t like it is that it tastes as if it starts with an expresso base. I grew up with coffee always on the back burner of the stove so it was strong but so good. And Tazo tea is just nasty. Give me Harney & Sons Earl Grey and I am a very happy person.

  15. Janel says

    I really hate they no longer have seating indoors, otherwise I love the transformation.

  16. Prof. Brainard says

    An interesting comparison can be made by looking at the interior of the bakery on Main Street at Disneyland Paris. This is the sort of theming that I expected of the refurbished WDW venue:

    The more I look at the photos of the new Main Street Starbucks (which is what we might as well start calling it), the more I think it looks like something you’d find in an upscale shopping mall.

  17. Lisa Peck says

    Finally some non-Nescafé coffee!!! My husband is a huge fan of good coffee & has complained for years about the terrible coffee on Disney properties! He even travels with the Starbucks individual packets. Too bad the resorts won’t carry it with his refillable mug. Guess he’ll have to fill up in MK for his coffee fixes.

  18. Doug says

    Looks great to me!

    I am a Starbucks fan and look forward to having this option while on a Disney vacation. Finding decent coffee at Walt Disney World has been a huge disappointment (with a few exceptions). I think the bakery looks great, fits in with the theme and will be a great addition to Main Street, USA. Time will tell as patrons vote with their spending.

  19. Tacey Atkinson says

    I love the idea even though I am not a coffee drinker per say, they have many other drinks I like. I actually can’t wait to go the Christmas party and have a caramel apple cider while I watch the fireworks ( and no I don’t work for them either)

    and on a side note, to the others that wished it was Seattle’s Best….Starbucks owns them, it’s the same coffee. I know that because I did work for them for a year on campus.

    I think it’s a modernization that was needed except I am disappointed that we have to go elsewhere for the cinnamon buns, but I’ll take my drink and head to Gaston’s I guess….lol

  20. Jill D says

    I am happy to not complain about this. I am very happy to see that the inside of the main street bakery looks just like it did. Nothing too drastic there. Also I hated coffee at WDW. This will be such better coffee and it is a SNACK! they are not charging us a ton here just because it is Starbucks!

    I don’t think anyone has the ability to speculate what Walt Disney would have felt about this. Everything in Disneyland has been corporate sponsored since day one. If making money wasn’t a goal, then admission would be free. Lets take a collective deep breathe and relax for a minute perhaps over a nice cup of coffee.

  21. Lynn says

    I think the new Starbucks is a miss for MK. It appears as if this idea has been in the works for a while and now that it has become a reality, it’s too late to make the impact hoped for. I live in a college town and the local Starbucks has closed…in a college town! Right across the street from the main campus! Yes, I know college kids are on a budget, but a good cup of coffee is worth a little extra $. They’re also in a hurry, and this Starbucks had the perfect location to succeed…and it didn’t. Notice I said “a good cup of coffee”…a GOOD cup of coffee! Starbucks’ coffee tastes burnt, is too strong and wrenches on your gut (we call it “smoker’s coffee). NOT GOOD. About the theming…wallpaper, railings and costumes (that incidentally, now look out of place w/ their surroundings) is substandard theming! Main Street is reminiscent of a time when things were simpler, more wholesome and people took the time to stop and smell the coffee! That means sitting down for 15 min. while you eat a breakfast sandwich and sip your coffee. The Bakery is supposed to be the alternative to a sit-down meal, not a grab and go on a marathon course! NOT family friendly. Also, Starbucks is a 20th century icon of consumerism; more appropriate at the Pop Century than on Main St. A more appropriate way to do this would have been to keep the original theming of the Bakery, but “feature” Starbucks coffee, not turn the Bakery into a Starbucks. And loosing the cinnamon rolls?!! Looks like WDW got strong-armed. I agree that Walt is turning in his grave…brand integrity meant everything to him, EVERYTHING! and this doesn’t cut it. A coffee vendor’s brand integrity should never win out against Disney brand integrity. Sad, sad, sad.

  22. Jill says

    I’m just wondering where we can go to get ice cream at MK now? Not the ice cream they serve at the carts, but real ice cream in a cup or cone or even a root beer float. Any ideas?

  23. Diz Dreaming says

    Perfect addition to the Magic Kingdom! Walt would be proud for the forward-thinking! He never stood still in time, always finding new ways to make life happier for his guests. Today, my life is!

  24. sigh says

    Complaining about a Starbucks seems so petty. It’s coffee and if you don’t want it, don’t buy it! Simple as that. I think it’s great that Starbucks drinks are part of the dining plan.

  25. Prof. Brainard says

    Except for a few who dislike Starbucks coffee, I think most of those who are disappointed in this interior space, would agree that the coffee itself will be an improvement. That is not the issue, and those who use it to argue the positives of the space are missing the point.

    As to the old question, “What would Walt do?”, it is a perfectly appropriate question, though also not really the point. We do, in fact, have the ability to speculate on what Walt Disney might have thought. We obviously cannot know how he might react to every detail of the parks, but he did set a standard for quality that is thoroughly documented, and he was famous for his obsession with detail and with perfection in all aspects of the parks. He rarely settled for anything that was not the best. This always was, until very recently, the guiding principle of all things Disney.

    As to the argument that Disney is a corporation whose goal is to make money, of that there can be no doubt. But, this also is not the point. The point is HOW to make the money, by presenting something that is of the highest possible quality (see comparison to Disneyland Paris Bakery above) or presenting something that is adequate, that is simply “pretty good.” Look at the pictures of the Disneyland Paris Bakery. Few could argue that it’s not great. Look at the pictures we have, so far, of the WDW Starbucks Bakery. Few could argue that it’s anything but pretty good (if that).

    I’m reminded of Charles Osgood’s poem, “Pretty Good,” whose last lines are . . .

    And he soon had a sneaking suspicion

    Pretty good might not be good enough.

    The pretty good town in our story

    Was part of a pretty good state

    Which had pretty good aspirations

    And prayed for a pretty good fate.

    There once was a pretty good nation
Pretty proud of the greatness it had,

    Which learned much too late,
If you want to be great,
Pretty good is, in fact, pretty bad.

    Almost no one is questioning the coffee and no one is questioning that this is a profit-seeking business. The criticism is that this looks very much like a suburban Starbucks in which someone has added a thin veneer of period detail. This is exactly what many of us feared, even those who have nothing against the selling of the coffee itself. So, let’s all NOT just sit back, relax, shut off our critical thinking skills, and settle for “pretty good.”

  26. Jan says

    Yes, Disney has advertising of their sponsors discreetly placed above the doorways of most eateries BUT the sponsors’ name is not painted on the outside window, a large sign hammered to the outside wall. The cups & all other utensils read Starbucks NOT Disney like other venues. (Let’s walk thru the park with that cup) It makes it a Starbucks & nothing else. It is NOT a Disney service area with a sponsor. It’s Starbucks. It is blatant advertising. No subtleties to it. Sorry about the Seattles Best – maybe their execs should have thought this thru but boy, have they gotten some free advertising – at the guest expense. Why not just improve the coffee WDW had? Why bring us the mall with coffee & treats we can get anywhere? Where is that warm WDW feeling? The homey, comfort food treat guests have come to love? Is this the new direction WDW will be taking? All food venues bought & sold by their sponsors? Again – Walt would be disappointed….. even Roy, the bottom line Disney, would be shaking his head. It takes away from the magical experience they tried to create. It’s not the Disney way.

  27. Prof. Brainard says

    The Starbucks website has a PR article trumpeting Starbucks’s move into the theme parks. It is titled “The Starbucks Experience Comes to Disney Theme Parks.”

    That sums it up rather clearly. The title is not, “Starbucks Coffee Comes to Disney Theme Parks,” but rather the “Starbucks experience.” The Main Street Bakery is designed to support, in the very words of the Starbucks company itself, not the “Disney experience,” not the “Main Street, U.S.A. experience,” but the “Starbucks experience.”

  28. Lynne says

    I agree that the ambiance is lost in the bakery. All of the warmth and atmosphere is gone. As far as I’m concerned, this is the second casualty of this kind. The same thing has happened to the bakery in the France pavilion at Epcot. It was raped of its charm and cozy feel as well. They both look like a fancier version of school cafeteria or a gas station convenience store. At least the France bakery has a place to sit and eat.

    Just how far will a person have to carry hot drinks and food to find a place to sit and enjoy it??? I have let my mind wander up and down Main Street, and the closest I can think of is the small area outside the Plaza Restaurant.

  29. Lynn says

    Prof. Brainard, Yes, you are right on. The problem is, it’s the “Starbucks experience,” NOT the “Disney experience.” THAT is EXACTLY the point! (but I still don’t like the coffee!). I appreciate your succinct response…my first time blogging…I’ll work on it!!

  30. says

    I live in Chicago where I can walk to several Starbucks. I don’t drink coffee, but people are particular about their coffee and drinks. Hundreds of people making 6 figures in Chicago drink Starbucks all the time especially walk to it on the weekends as their treat. When these people go to FL, spend hundreds of dollars a night for hotel….on vacation…they want their Starbucks. Think of the movie The Devil Wear Prada and their affinity to Starbucks.
    Also, the prices aren’t much higher than they are here in Chicago. I only get the chocolate smoothie (4.25 in Chicago, 4.49 in FL).
    As someone who used to work at the MK, I think this is gonna be great. There is demand for good coffee. The location seems great and I am glad there is room for the crowds.

  31. Shelley says

    I have waited for so long to have a piece of home at DL/DCA. I don’t see what all the negative fuss is about. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. No one complained about the Nestle cookie kitchen when it was there. I am all for the change and have enjoyed Starbucks at Disney California Adventure & at home. I am looking forward to visiting this new spot in Disneyland and have a treat from home. Come on people get over it. It is a great way to add change and diversity. If everything stays the same all the time it will get stale & boring. Keep an open mind. From the pictures, it looks to be bright airy & not congested with displays, very good traffic flow. Rock on Disney, you did good!!!

  32. Tara says

    What about the nestle chocolate chip cookies? There is not one pastry I like from Starbucks, never tastes fresh and is more akin to vending machine foods…maybe too many preservatives? Can not stand their coffee, now if they carry Barry’s or Punjara tea I might have a cup of hot tea…but like others said, it feels like a walk up mall kiosk…the charm is gone..the things I like are the chandeliers and the cast members costumes…I better see those Toll House cookies!! I have waited 8 years to start my Main Street stroll with one…Starbuck’s cookies stink.

  33. Kristina says

    I love a good cup of coffee and the fact that Starbucks was coming in would be fine if it were understated and fit the theming but I feel that this is to big and the fact that there is no seating just boggles my mind!!
    I’m sure I’ll most likely get a coffee to go eventually when I’m desperate for it but part of the charm was being able to sit down and relax for a moment. Let’s face it my feet are killing me half the time so this just sucks basically.

  34. Emily says

    I am thrilled! My hubby is a big Starbucks coffee fan, and I really like the Refershers. Plus, I prefer Tazo tea the the Goldpeak by Coca Cola they have. You can’t please everyone, but we are FL Resident passholders who make about 2 trips a month and we are more than pleased!!

  35. Meredith says

    I am very disappointed in Disney. Starbucks just does not fit in. For all of you saying it is the 21st century, yes but is Main Street? No. Plus to get rid of all the Disney pastries and advertising, it’s just not as special. Also, whenever I’ve been at Starbucks there servers certainly don’t have the friendly disney attitude. Plus, getting a Rice Krispie treat before the parade at the bakery was the best..

  36. P says

    Shame on Disney…no cinnamon rolls at the bakery and no indoor seating. Very disappointing news.

  37. Meredith says

    Also, I think people should definitely boycott Starbucks. It’s just not disney and hopefully if they don’t get as many customers as the bakery did, disney will reevaluate the Starbucks. If people need there coffee, just get it at your hotel, it’s just as good, and definitely not as long of a line that Starbucks will have from not true disney fans “needing” their Starbucks. What they need is to try one of the old cinnamon rolls and realize what they’re missing!

  38. Jenn says

    I was not an anti-Starbucks person going into this. I thought MSB needed some change, but they definitely changed the things that were not needed- THE MENU! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it Disney!! No more cinnamon buns that were loved by many! The no seating alone will keep me from going there… It is way too busy in that area not to have some sort of seating for guests.

    Starbucks is not even that great… definitely not $4.29 good for small coffee! My local Wawa coffee is WAY better for only $1.55 for a 20oz cup.

    Disney Giveth, Disney Taketh!!! That sums it up right there! Everything we love, eventually goes away for “something better” in their eyes… it is all about the money.

  39. Tami says

    My family & I abhor Starbucks. They are monopolizing the coffee industry & their coffee is just plain disgusting. It is a disappointment that Disney would allow Starbucks in their parks. I really don’t think Walt would be impressed with tis decision. Finding an up & coming coffee company would have been more his style.

  40. Jan says

    Prof. Brainard – agree wholeheartedly that this should be a ‘Disney experience’ & not a ‘Starbucks experience.’ You write quite eloquently & have summed up exactly what some of us may not be able to put in words. Also – yeah, we might all be drinking coca-cola, but its out of a Disney cup. Advertising is subtle, mildly suggestive… not so in-your-face. The lack of indoor seating is really upsetting. My family has always stopped & sat together at the end of our night sampling Disney treats & sharing the days stories. Guess we’ll have to do that somewhere else now. My brother will die without the toll house cookies! No exaggeration. We would walk down Main Street together…. he’d disappear & the next thing we knew…. he’d reappear with his cookies! We would even buy them to bring them home. (Miss the old toll house cookie pie!) Starbucks as ‘smokers-coffee!’ I like that. We call it IBM coffee – ‘instant b….’…. well you can guess the rest. I know my family will be passing the Starbucks (I can’t even call it Main St Bakery) & will be purchasing nothing. Cinnamon buns at Gaston’s, ooey gooey cake at Liberty Tree, Mickey Bars & Dole Whips await elsewhere. Sorry Imagineers.

  41. Jan says

    Oh…. & my comment about the 21st century was to point out exactly what you stated. Main Street USA is supposed to be turn-of-the-20th century NOT the 21st century. The Starbucks in the MK only depicts MALL St USA.

  42. Kristina says

    This feels very Universal Studios to me although I don’t doubt they’ll make a very good profit and that matters to the execs obviously. Me I only care about my expierience and without seating it’s been downgraded for sure.

  43. says

    Jill — Just as always, you can find hard-scooped ice cream at the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor next door to Main Street Bakery. They’ve always had floats, sundaes, etc, and now they’ve added the homemade ice cream sandwiches. You can also find floats and homemade ice cream sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square.

  44. Tiffany says

    I’m glad to see they take Starbucks cards here…that was my main concern as I was reading.

  45. Karen says

    I was super anti-Starbucks on Main Street when it was first announced but felt a little better about it after seeing photos of the DCA location and hearing that it was really going to be more of a change to “Main Street Bakery Serving Starbucks” rather than “Starbucks on Main Street!”

    However, after seeing what the end result actually is, I am back to being bummed about it. I am not a fan of Starbucks coffee to begin with but I am even less of a fan of their baked goods. I see a decided lack of Disney baked goods in those cases, it looks like all Starbucks which I was not expecting. Also taking away the indoor seating was a mistake. Where are folks supposed to go to eat those breakfast sandwiches?

    I will stick to eating breakfast at my resort and will skip the Bakery from now on.

  46. says

    To be honest, I also doubted the Starbucks Main Street Bakery deal, but, in hindsight, when emotion is set to one side, the quality was ‘OK’ the popular items regularly ran out throughout the day and the atmosphere definitely lacked.

    The new look has a nice organised feel (something that MSB never had) and the presentation is much much better. Starbucks Quality? Never in doubt, but their prices in the high street always were for me. Thankfully, the new MSB looks priced well and in fact, look a lot less than I’d expected.

    Quite happy with the new set up, provided the prices don’t go crazy after they’ve acclimatised us all!

  47. melissa creel says

    I just have one question. Do they still serve the chocolate croissant in the bakery or will I need to go to the Boardwalk Bakery to get one?

  48. Shauna says

    Hmm…venti cinnamon dulce latte with a snack credit? That’s a good deal, I’ll take it!

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