FIRST LOOK! Main Street Bakery Starbucks Offers Soft Opening!

Main Street Bakery fans and Starbucks coffee aficionados — this news is for you! After a long refurbishment, the Main Street Bakery — Now with STARBUCKS! — in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is in “soft opening”. During soft opening, guests are receiving dining vouchers for admittance. This allows Disney to test out a newly updated venue and keep control of the crowd.

Main Street Bakery -- Now with Starbucks!

As we announced earlier, the renovation made way for the FIRST Starbucks location inside a Disney World theme park. And not long ago, we showed the Starbucks signage!

Here are the magical passes that allowed guests into the bakery this morning.

Dining Voucher for Main Street Bakery's Soft Opening.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks Atmosphere

Inside, the refurbished Main Street Bakery we don’t spot any glaring Starbucks presence. However, DFB reporter Shawn B. tells us “It’s all Starbucks here. All Starbucks cups, many of the pastries in the pastry display are all from Starbucks. I recognized the coffee cakes and pound cakes immediately.”


Main Street Bakery Cases.

Here are a few of the eats that were available for today’s breakfast! We see a cinnamon roll listed, but were told at the Bakery that we’d have to go to Gaston’s Tavern for a cinnamon roll today. We’ll keep an eye on that situation for you!

Starbucks at Disney World -- Eats

Drinks are standard Starbucks drinks. Note the Disney Dining Plan symbol to show that these are a snack credit.

Starbucks at Main Street Bakery -- Drinks!

The drinks are marked like Starbucks trains their baristas to do. The first Cast Member actually takes your drink order, calls it over the headset, and writes it down. If you don’t order your drink there, they will take it just as Starbucks does at the counter and mark the cup appropriately. They also take names to call out.

Main Street Bakery Taking Orders!

Main Street Bakery.

The condiment bar is the same as a Starbucks. It has

cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate powder for those who use them in their lattes.

Condiment Bar!


All the machines are from Starbucks. The blenders, the coffee brewers and the espresso machines are all the same. No NesCafe here!

Inside the Main Street Bakery!

DFB reporter Shawn sampled one of the breakfast sandwiches!

Bakery Items.

Sandwich Cross-Section.

We’ll have a full review for you soon with more photos and more FOOD! Can’t wait to share with you. We’re excited that the Peanut Butter Cupcake is back as well as a red velvet cupcake! Stay tuned!

UPDATE! Thanks to a Bakery cast member, we have the following information:

*Yes, we are all Disney Cast Members and have spent the last few weeks training to learn how to make Starbucks drinks. Many of us have been with the company for years (including myself) and are all very excited to share this renovation with Walt Disney World guests.
*We will not be selling the cinnamon rolls anymore, they will ONLY be found at Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland.
*All indoor seating has been removed to make the bakery larger. We are anticipating to be very busy so by making the bakery bigger we have more room and opportunity to make your drinks faster and eliminate longer wait times.

Also, here’s an update from a Main Street Bakery trainer/cast member:

I am a trainer at this location and wanted to point out that we do in fact accept Starbucks gift cards, including the application where you can pay by phone. We just do not accept the rewards you earn by using your Starbucks gift card (free drinks and such). You earn points by using your card at our location, but you can not redeem rewards. We can not reload SB gift cards, and we will not sell SB gift cards. We will only accept them as a form of payment.

Let us know what you think of the refurbishment in the comments below!

Thanks to DFB reporter Shawn Baker for many of these photos and to Dave Manning for others! More to come!


  1. Dina Horsman says

    For all of you that are disappointed that Walt wouldn’t want Starbucks on Main Street – did you personally know Walt ?? Did you work at Disney and learn Walt’s true inspirations ?? If not, learn some history . . . Walt was all about the future and learning how to make improvements – have you been to EPCOT ?? From what I have seen online and in promotions, EVERYTHING that was sold at the Main Street Bakery is still available in different locations – so, if you don’t like Starbucks, just walk on by to something you do like. WDW is 46 square miles of dreams !!!

  2. Stacey says

    I am over the moon excited that there is finally going to be a decent cup of coffee. I have been waiting and waiting for years for either Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts to get the opportunity to serve in the parks. I think the decor looks in line with the Main Street feel, the costumes look the same as they were before also.
    I love that they will accept Starbucks giftcards and that we can earn rewards by buying items there, kind of sad we can’t use them there but that’s okay.
    For those that find their coffee too strong, I recommend trying a few of the different types that they brew. I hated their coffee for a very long time and only drank their espresso/cappacinno drinks. However they have come out with a few different brew coffees that don’t have that strong acid taste, you can also add water to the coffee (they call it an Americano) and that takes some of the strong brew taste down as well.

  3. LoriD says

    Well, visually I’d call it an okay attempt to make Starbucks ‘fit in’ but it isn’t as bad as I feared it would be, so that’s good. Anyone know if they still pipe the yummy baking smells out onto Main Street or is that history as well?

    I like Starbucks’ coffee and when I kick off a road trip I generally stop and grab an Americano and maybe a scone or slice of lemon loaf for the road. So I’m not anti Starbucks by any means.

    That said. I can get that experience at multiple locations within a couple of miles of my home, even if I want it while doing my grocery shopping.

    Will I be stopping in to ‘experience’ that while on Main Street? Not likely. Disney World is my magical place to experience things I can’t get at home, and if it’s just a ‘tweaked’ Starbucks, that’s not that magical IMO. I don’t need the added calories I’d get from those MSB treats anyway so for me this is probably a good thing. Those awesome cinnamon rolls and other treats will be just one more story of how The World ‘used to be’ that I tell our grand-daughter about when we take her to WDW in August.

    All that said, I do believe in the grand scheme of things they’ll do pretty well, and from these photos it looks like it blends in fairly well, other than the obvious logo/branding thing. Not everyone is as emotionally invested as many of us are so I’m sure they’ll be busy enough to make the change work out.

  4. Ash says

    Jan, seattles best coffee is owned by Starbucks. So many cry babies here lol. America loves Starbucks…. So get used to it haha.

  5. Prof. Brainard says

    Main Street, U.S.A. is in many ways the most sacred ground in any Disney Park. Even though the WDW version is meant to represent a larger, more prosperous eastern town than the Midwestern Disneyland version, all Disney Main Streets are inspired by Walt Disney’s childhood in the place that was always most important to him, Marceline, Missouri, the place he idealized throughout his life and his work. Like, Walt Disney, I too was born in a small Midwestern town and lived my first years literally on Main Street. The nostalgia of Main Street is as an important to the American experience as Mark Twain, Mickey Mouse, and the Model T, and it is central to the experience we have in any Disney park. It informs our sense of who we are and what was best in our past. It is the conduit through which we pass into the other fantasy worlds.

    No real town, including the one where I was born, was ever quite like the perfection of Main Street. And yet, Main Street beautifully reflects the best of such towns. It’s an all-American experience that goes way beyond Disney. Main Street, U.S.A. is also Mayberry, North Carolina, and River City, Iowa. It is Willoughby in the old “Twilight Zone” and Green Town in Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine.” It is a recurring archetype of the American experience, and it deserves to be handled with care.

    I remember when WDW’s Main Street still had the Walt Disney Story, a truly moving and inspirational experience; when it had a real, working bank; when it had cinema that showed a variety of silent films in a Victorian-style theater; when it had a magic shop that was as entertaining as many attractions; when it had an old-time clock shop; when it had a tobacconist shop with the sweet smell of pipe tobacco; when it had a card and book shop; when it had a true Penny Arcade right out of the 1890s; when it had a flower market on West Center Street that always seemed to catch you unawares as you strolled the street and always took your breath away.

    And what is Main Street. U.S.A. now, and what is it becoming?

  6. Leslie says

    I am in full agreement with Prof. Brainard, but I really just want to say that resorting to name calling isn’t helpful here. People have some real emotional ties to WDW, and whether the changes being made are good or bad, dismissing those who love WDW for the nostalgia as “crybabies” is just unnecessary.

  7. Jan says

    Thank you for commenting, Leslie. Yes, no matter the feeling on the subject – name calling isn’t called for. We are all Disney fans & should respect one another’s interest. Ash – keep reading down the line. I did correct the Starbucks/Seattles Best comment. Sorry but… I rather doubt you speak for America. We all have a right to our opinions, thoughts, words – that IS America. Mine is that I would prefer not to see the Starbucks mall ‘experience’ in the most magical place. Let Starbucks serve their coffee in the realm of the ‘Disney experience’ with Disney fare.

  8. Jan says

    Forgot – oh, Prof. Brainard – I can remember all those places you wrote about! Used to love the bookstore, the old cartoon movies, used the bank for travelers cheques (which I’m told are obsolete), the WD story & the collectible shop. We always had our pictures taken by the flower vendors. You really took me back.

  9. Galloping Gourmand says

    The argument that Walt would not have done that to me just doesn’t hold any weight. Walt wouldn’t have done it is an opinion and not a fact. We can’t ask him what hi would’ve done and we can only guess based on history. Let’s discuss things based on the themeing and, as befitting the food blog, the food.

    From a theme standpoint I posted in the last blog about Starbucks that WDW and Main Street especially has always had tons and tons of corporate sponsors. However the theme was much better at those. This is just a Starbucks.

    From a food standpoint I’m not a big Starbucks fan. I still think it’s better than Nescafé. The food at Starbucks, which is frozen and packaged thousands of miles away in either PA or Texas, is a definite step down from what you would get the Mainstreet Bakery.

    Finally I hope everyone here understands that we have different opinions on things. Opinions can’t be wrong. They can simply be disagreed with.

  10. Sue says

    I will definitely miss sitting at the MSB in the mornings and taking in the atmosphere of Main Street. The quick service options for breakfast in the parks are already so limited. I know we can still get a couple of the same items at Gaston’s pub but that menu has very few choices and it’s all the way in the back of the park.

    I don’t think the problem is that Disney brought in Starbucks coffee, it’s the fact that Starbucks took over the bakery. What’s next? Is Dairy Queen going to be on the corner instead of the ice cream parlor? A big superstore instead of the Emporium? Of course we don’t KNOW what Walt would think of all this but we do know that there is a theme to Main Street and it is not current franchises taking over…It’s one thing to have a corporate sponsor (i.e. Main Street Ice Cream Parlor by Edy’s) and it’s another thing to put in a Starbucks. I agree with Jenn about the menu not being broken, so why fix it? Definitely fix the coffee but I thought the line out the bakery door was a good indicator that guests were happy with the food choices there.

  11. ashe says

    What is BAKERY about it? Cupcakes, brownies and sandwiches? You do not need any culinary experience to work at this location anymore. Put on your gloves and put it on a tray. Maybe if Starbucks brought in their own employees, at this location they would be happier than the current cast. Change is good.

  12. donna says

    I am so not happy I will not be going in here at all anymore.I dont go to starbucks at home and wont be doing it at disney

  13. Dani says

    I understand the drinks. Disney needed some decent coffee. But Starbucks breakfast sandwiches and pastries are complete CRAP. Not saying that some Disney food isn’t, but I really thought they were going to integrate the Main St Bakery and Starbucks, when really…all they did was add in a freaking coffee shop. $$$$$$$$$.

  14. Kristina says

    I was reading the site called ihatestarbucks and it’s scary what they do to customers who aren’t polite. Although I imagine that could be true of any fastfood place but still, be nice when your in there lol. Just in case!

  15. Pigletyyz says

    Personally I am so happy that Disney finally has good coffee on property! Too many years of Nescafe!! Being able to score yummy caffeine filled fuel to start the day just adds to the magic. Way to go Disney!!

  16. Junior says

    So pretty much destroying a MK staple just to appease the coffee fiends is justifiable? So disappointed in Disney but I guess it’s on par with some of their other decisions.

  17. Jan says

    Lets take this to another step. Does Casey’s become Nathan’s? Cosmic Rays a Burger King? Pesos Bills a McDonalds? Tony’s an Olive Garden? Liberty Tree an Applebee’s? Yes – maybe that seems a bit over dramatic but it’s what sponsorship at the bakery is becoming. Why not the other eateries? we all know its a Starbucks under the guise of Main Street Bakery. Let Starbucks sponsor the coffee – I don’t think anyone would really mind that…. BUT…. keep it Disney. Disney baked goods, sandwiches, cups, utensils, plates, decor. Why wasn’t that the plan?

  18. Sharon says

    I agree with Sue. Its sad to think in October I wont be sitting, eating my breakfast croissant ( No one has said, but have they traded these in too for the featured breakfast sandwiches listed above?) Far as I know, this was the only place to get one. Anyway, I hate Starbucks coffee so its doubtful I will be patronizing. It wasnt broke, why’d they fix it ?!? : (

  19. Beth in MI says

    Not a coffee addict, er, drinker so I could care one way or another if they serve Nescafe, Maxwell House or Starbucks. I do not like that the food is Starbucks and not the handmade yummies that were served before. I think the theming is weak and barely Victorian. In Michigan we have a local coffee franchise that kicks Starbucks butt so Starbucks doesn’t do so well here. When I go on vacation I don’t sit there and wish I could have something from home. What is the point of going on vacation? I want something different that I can’t get at home. I know I won’t be stopping in for anything in the future. Will have to make the trip over to the Boardwalk Bakery for the yummy stuff. I also have to agree with a previous poster about the new bakery in the France pavillion at Epcot as well. Don’t like the changes there either. I just hope this is not the wave of future things to come. Would be very disappointed.

  20. Karen says

    I think I am in agreement with Sue, and do share some of Jan’s sentiments. As a former cast member, many of us were not happy when McDonald’s was brought on board (Animal Kingdom – Restaurantosaurus and a few other places originally had modified McDonald’s menus). Whenever a “third party vendor” came on board, internally, we all thought that some of the pixie dust was missing. I am not a big fan of Starbucks (I actually prefer Dunkin Donuts), but since the Nescafe coffee isn’t that good, they obviously needed to do something. I think it would have made less of a ripple if Disney had just renovated the space by making it larger and introduced a different brand of coffee. Initially my stance was, they should have given this opportunity to a local coffee vendor instead of a big company like Starbucks, but in all honesty, the amount of foot traffic that goes through the bakery, they can’t take a chance on a business that may not have been able to handle the sheer volume. I know that Disney does quite a lot of research and analysis prior to making any big decisions (they are not known to react quickly to anything). So they have undoubtedly weighed the pros and cons of this move, along with the changing tastes of their core audience. American has shown that it loves Starbucks, or there wouldn’t be so many of them. So this will be a successful venture. How this differs from “what Walt would have done” is that he was never about doing what was “safe.” More so than that, I think it saddens me a bit that there is less of a Disney stamp on this location. I think Starbucks, with this theming, would have been an exceptional addition to Downtown Disney – right in the same general area as Ghirardelli or better yet, on Disney’s Boardwalk or as a part of the Value Resort food courts.

    In the end, it matters not, the change has been made. We will all adjust to it and lament the “Old Disney” and move on. As long as you can still get the pastries somewhere on property (or if they disappear, the recipe, thanks to Pam Brandon and her cookbooks) we will be fine. If the angst is bad enough, and the lines disappear from that location, Disney will rethink it and they will disappear from the location (just like McDonalds).

    C’est la vie.

  21. Lisa says

    The problem I see is…Starbucks is everywhere. Somewhere to go on the way to work, kids sports game etc… Whether you like Starbucks or not is not the point. Disney world is a magical place. A place to get away from the ordinary. Starbucks is everyday, ordinary and not magical. It’s just Starbucks.

  22. eliza says

    So let me get this straight.
    Starbucks coffee
    Starbucks pasteries
    Starbucks cm’s
    Starbucks counters, cups and napkins.

    Yet some how you want me to believe this is the Main street Bakery? LOL.

    What’s that old saying… If it looks like a duck, quack likes a duck and waddles like a duck einstien… It’s a duck.

    It’s not main street bakery….It’s starbucks.

  23. Penny from Vermont says

    Hey, I will be there with my gold card in hand!
    By the way, Starbucks is not everywhere (at least not yet). There are very few in the state of Vermont so I am glad I can have my coffee fix! I do agree that it would have been nice if Starbucks was a stand-alone store somewhere else on property so the old bakery would still be around but unfortunately that is progress whether we like it or not. (Hey, I am still bummed that Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is gone!!!!).
    I wonder if there was this much fuss when the Starbucks opened in Disneyland?

  24. Heidi from East Aurora says

    The reason this change makes me sad is because every trip to the World our family tradition has been to stop at the Main Street Bakery to enjoy very specific items at the end of our day at the Magic Kingdom. (I devote at least 2 pages in each year’s Disney Scrapbook to the Main Street Bakery!) Banana Bread Pudding was my absolute FAVORITE and my kids loved the carrot cake and the cheesecake. I don’t want some silly pre-packaged poundcake from Starbucks that I can get when I shop at my local Target. The bakery is part of the entire Disney “package” and this falls short of that mark. Sigh….

  25. Jennifer says

    Well, if I want to go to Starbucks there is one near my house and several on the way to work. Why would I pay to go to WDW only to eat at Starbucks. Or McDonalds. For that matter Six Flags is much cheaper. If they want to eliminate the commitment to theme and guest experience, I will find somewhere more interesting to go. I tolerated the Nescafe because the magic and theming and uniqueness of WDW made it worth it. I will certainly not go to WDW because there is a Starbucks. :( Really sad and dismayed.

  26. Nate says

    I’m glad Starbucks’ coffee is available, as long as it’s made according to Starbucks’ standard operating procedure for coffee production and not watered down. I was hoping the baked goods would still be Disney produced (excellent!) fare and not Starbucks’ which is good, but I can get that back in my home town.

    All in all I can’t wait to get my first vente of Starbucks’ Pike brew in the Magic Kingdom and then find a place to sit, relax, enjoy, and people watch for a while.

  27. Donald Padgett says

    I am at WDW now. Went into the new MSB this morning, and turned around and walked right out. It is no longer the MS B, it is a Starbucks just like the one at home except for the decor. I did go to Gaston’s as directed for a cinnamon bun. Unlike the buns they used to serve at the bakery: hot and fresh and carved from a large pan of buns, this bun was precut and fetched from a warmer under the counter. It was barely warm and dry at the edges (of course). I am terribly disappointed over Disney’s decision to in essence eliminate the Main St Bakery (only the name remind). My 2 cents worth as a DVC member, annual pass holder and admitted Disney “addict”.

  28. Greg Stanley says

    Just scanned your blog…you have to be kidding us! My family has been annual pass holders at Disney World for years and I assure you the hamburgers there in most all of their “restaurants” are tasteless…akin to dried wallpaper paste…look like dried-out, month-old patties left out in the sun in a back alley….and…are extraordinarily way-over priced. Somebody on their food staff needs to visit any fast-food joint…McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King…any of them, and get a feel for what at least a cheapo burger tastes like. Whoever their wholesale “burger” supplier is needs to be fired…that’s for sure!

  29. says

    Where is my Vanilla powder at the condiments bar!? Hehe, I can do without! I’m quite excited about this, and while I’ll miss the cinnamon roll my belly won’t miss the calories! (I don’t particularly like the version at Gaston’s, I know it is supposed to be the same…but I swear it isn’t).

    I also think it is important to note that Disneyland and Walt Disney World were built on corporate sponsorship and partnerships. This isn’t a new trend.

  30. eliza says

    Lin, there is a distinct difference between corporate partnership and corportate branding. Remember the uproar when that company, the name escapes me started flashing its name across the epcot ball at night after innovations? It was tacky and tasteless. Same with this starbucks. This is not a partnership. this is pretty much a starbucks opening up at WDW.
    As much as I think Tony’s town square serves lousy food, no I do not want it replace with the Olive Garden.

    The next problem I have is that Disney “USED” to be the masters of innovation and uniqueness. THAT was it’s reputation. going to disneyworld was supposed to be DIFFERENT than any other vacation spot. Disney has lost that. Please some one tell me what is unique or innovative about getting the same food, pasteries and coffee that I get inside a target?

    once again, yes I totally understand they needed good coffee at MK. for years people have complained about the nasty nescafee but this is the best they could come up with?

  31. Lo says

    “I was reading the site called ihatestarbucks and it’s scary what they do to customers who aren’t polite. Although I imagine that could be true of any fastfood place but still, be nice when your in there lol. Just in case!”

    This IS irrelevant. There are service people in ALL restaurants that get revenge on customers. Just take a look at stained apron. And don’t think that sort of thing doesn’t happen at the WDW food places either. It isn’t as if getting revenge on customers is some Starbucks corporate policy.

    Expensive! I guess they did “Disney-fy” the prices. A venti mocha is about a 1.50 more than I pay at home.

    Stinks about the cinnamon rolls. While I am all for the SB coffee here, I am not for their terrible food. Maybe if enough people complain (to WDW and SB) they will change this. But to be honest, it seems like a ploy to drive customers to Gaston’s.

  32. Dianne says

    Regardless of whether Walt would be disappointed, I sure am. Just saw the new Main Street Bakery and I’m filled with sadness at the elimination of one of our family traditions. We’d stay at the park until closing, get a treat from the bakery and sit down to enjoy it while the crowds filtered out – well, that’s no more. It’s hard enough to find a place to sit and eat around that end of Main Street as it is, now more so. Even harder to find an inside place to relax and now the bakery’s seating is gone.
    I guess we’ll have to come up with a new family tradition, but we aren’t Starbucks patrons so will have to find something else. It’s a bummer for us, so unhappy with the change.

  33. Kristyn says

    Does anyone know if they still sell their amazing BANANA BREAD PUDDING at the new Starbucks/Main Street Bakery? I”ll be there in a few weeks to celebrate my anniversary and I need to have it!

  34. Tina says

    I was just recently at The Magic Kingdom. On trips prior to this one, my family and I would always end our night sitting on the curb of Main Street, looking at the castle, eating a cinnamon roll from the bakery. It was a tradition we treasured. When I heard the cinnamon rolls were at Gaston’s, I was ok with it. We walked there and bought one. All down hill from there. The cast member just reached down under the counter and gave us a dried up no icing having cinnamon roll. Part if the awesomeness about the bakery was that they were right in front of you and when you bought one they scrapped up extra icing to make it oh so good! Gaston’s didn’t taste the same at all. Dry and a hint of a hard icing drizzle. It wasn’t just the lack of icing, it tasted old. Not freshly baked, like at the bakery. Not worth what we paid. :( Gone is our cinnamon roll tradition. Really wish they would make the extra effort to make them the same.

  35. Luis says

    My family and me always take WDW for vacations by the end of the year. It is good to hear SB has opened a service at the main street, every body talks people always sited old bakery at night and else. See, I wonder it is not enoguh all day long to watch all over the park. I think fun it is not to be sited, fun is to enjoy all the park, even to be stand up for fireworks and big lights. The idea to open a SB sounds great. Good choice.

  36. Roz Vining says

    We are coming to WDW in September for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party and can’t wait to visit Starbucks!!! `
    Love my frappacino’s!!!

  37. Rob says

    We always stop here on extra magic mornings so we are not wasting time with breakfast at the resort. Can you still get non-starbucks , Disney baked assorted goods like the cookies and brownies? I am considering planning another breakfast if it is only Starbucks food —not to mention there is no longer any seating here according to the article?

  38. MaryEtta says

    I truly enjoy Starbucks coffee…so I am looking forward to that on my next visit. However, I do think Disney made a mistake by removing the traditional offerings of the Main St. Bakery. Since the brand of coffee was the only issue, why not just serve Starbucks Coffee in the Main St. Bakery. Everyone knows how loyal and ritualistic Disney fans are…taking away one of their traditions is not a smart move.

  39. Nancy says

    This was a huge mistake on Disney to bring Starbucks in on Main Street and take away the beloved bakery. No seating, No special Disney deserts……. You have hurt.

  40. Alex says

    While I have no objection to the Main Street Bakery serving Starbucks coffee, to replace the bakery with a Starbucks is just beyond my comprehension. In protest of this ridiculous move, my family and I have cancelled our annual Disney trip this year. We’re all going to spend a week in San Francisco.

  41. Derek says

    My wife and I have two weeks at WDW every year in November (over 10 years now) and have established a tradition of having a cappuccino when we first arrive at MK and then a coffee after the fireworks. On each occasion it is lovely to relax in the Bakery and watch the world go by.

    No more it seems. This is really the last straw for us. Every year November gets busier and busier and now one of our fav locations has been sacrificed to the corporate Gods. The reasons for spending $6000 every year are decreasing to the point where I don’t think we’ll be coming again.

    Please Disney if you must refurbish something, refurbish Innovations or Carousel of P which take up a huge amount of space but which NEVER have a line even in the busiest periods!! Leave the beloved institutions of the parks alone.

    Somebody at Disney has blundered big time and I hope whoever it is gets full retribution in time.

  42. Dina says

    Seriulsy ?? Some of these comments are sooo sad . . . why can’t we just have new traditions and make new memories ?? I have been going to WDW since 1987 and no two trips have ever been the same. Yes, there are some things we repeat, but some of the best memories are trying things we have never done before and with the Magic of Disney – we have never once been disappointed. For years and years I LOVED going to the Comedy Wharehouse – well, now it’s gone and we just have to find something new. It makes each vacation unique.

  43. eliza says

    @ Dina. lol I’ve got two words for you actually 2 examples.

    1) STitches great escape
    2) Captain EO featuring Michael Jackson.
    3) the dining plan

    All fine examples of Disney dropping the ball. Disney is not infallible, they have laid eggs before. but you kind of hit the nail on the head.

    Exactly what is “new” about starbucks? I have 4 within a 3 mile radius of my house, not including the one in target. They serve the coffee the exact same way, the treats are the same, the building looks almost identical to the one in Center city Philly. So I would love, love, love if they had given us an opportunity to make new memories. But when you take a popular place where people like me had traditions and it was special and replace it with a lower quality item. Yeah, I’m disappointed.

  44. Dina says

    @ eliza – Perspective is a beautiful thing. What you see as failures – others see as a complete success. Captain EO was created in the 80’s and millions of people love it and it’s a cherished memory – and the Dining Plan has been enjoyed by millions, and people continue to use it year after year . . . Walt Disney World is 46 square miles and the Main Street Bakery is not the only place to get pastries and coffee – there are dozens and dozens of other options inside the MK. My post said nothing about “Starbucks” being new – I meant go some place else to enjoy special treats and make new memories.

  45. eliza says

    You are absolutely right Dina, and that’s all I was trying to do was explain why many of us are disappointed. I totally admit that I hold Disney to a higher standard. You mentioned magical and for many of us there isn’t any thing particularly “magical” about resurrecting a bad 80’s movie. LOL heck they didn’t even upgrade the quality of the recording. It’s like an old skippy 8 track film loop or sticking in a place that we see, 50 gazillon times in our real life.
    We have no choice but find some place new as you’re right for us the “magic” of that place has been lost. I’m totally capable of making new memories but that does not mean I have to give Disney management a free pass when I feel they’ve done some thing that does not enhance the park.

  46. Matt says

    Hmm, I agree with the sentiment that Main Street Bakery should absolutely have kept as it was and just changed the coffee. No cinnamon rolls ? No banana bread ? And replaced with pre-packed stuff you can buy anywhere ? Very disappointing. I don’t need to form new traditions in Starbucks, I was quite happy with my Disney traditions…

  47. Angie says

    I for one think Walt would have preferred Starbucks to Nestle (nescafe). Starbucks may be commercialized but Nestle has an atrocious record of ignoring child slavery in the collection of cocoa beans from its subcontractors…really, Google it. The list is long with Nestle….lots of other offenses such as running billboard campaigns in South America in the 90’s claiming their baby formula was healthier than breast milk…the list is long. I avoid anything made by Nestle…

  48. Cindy says

    My family was at Disney World for Christmas just last month (December 2013) and had no idea that Starbucks had joined the Disney family. As we walked through Epcot and came upon Starbucks, my 19 year old daughter and I almost fainted from excitement. We are very particular about our drinks (I have a mocha light frapp every day after work) and both my daughter and I were thrilled that we could get our daily Starbucks in either Epcot or the Magic Kingdom. Also…every single drink made over our vacation, at either location, was PERFECT! We have our specifics and even at home some Starbucks don’t get it just right. At Disney…like I said…every single one of our drinks (probably between 15 and 20 total drinks during our 5 day stay) was perfect…even with a different barista each time! We’re still trying to figure out how they did that!! Thank you Disney, for bringing Starbucks aboard!!

  49. Kayden says

    I was super excited to find Starbucks on Main Street on my recent visit! I almost knocked a couple kids over when I was trying to get in there, LOL! Inside it’s def a real Starbucks, but I did notice a LOT of people in there who had no idea what they were doing which was annoying. I leaned against the counter and pulled out my Gold Card, and got quite a few impressed glances…was pretty funny LOL!

    I ordered my Double Venti Iced Mocha with Vanilla (Dark with Two Shots, No Whip, No Frap) and then sipped it while watching some of the tourists try to order something. I chatted up a couple Baristas, then ordered a pound cake (No Whip) and headed out to main street.

    I have to admit it does feel pretty good to be able to walk around with a Starbucks cup at the Kingdom. I feel more relaxed and people were generally more respectful once they saw what I was holding. I was even able to raise my cup to a couple other Starbucks drinkers that I saw in Frontierland…we shared a knowing nod and went on our way.

    I think I probably had about 8 trips to the Starbucks during that one day!

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