Review: Main Street Bakery Starbucks in Walt Disney World

We shared a few inaugural images of the newly opened Disney World Starbucks in the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom with you on Saturday. But I always LOVE seeing as many pics as I can of new Disney World spots, so I wanted to share a few more today!! (Don’t worry — we’ll have another great non-Starbucks food review this afternoon!)

Disney World Starbucks Window Display

Upon walking up to the shop, you’ll see both the familiar and the new. Starbucks coffee bean bags have joined the standard window display now, and Starbucks signage is prominent outside of the bakery.

Starbucks Signage is Prominent

Starbucks Window Signage Features the Older Starbucks Logo

But this newly refurbished facade still indicates the turn-of-the-century charm that we expect to see on Main Street USA.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks facade


Inside the bakery, you’ll find that the dark woods and Victorian decor continues — reminiscent of the former incarnation of Main Street Bakery.

Cast members are still clad in Victorian costume, and chandeliers remain turn-of-the-century true.


Main Street Bakery Starbucks ledge for coffee and new decor

Of course, there have been some changes. Example #1: the dishware has gotten a makeover!

Disney Parks Starbucks Cups

And the set-up has changed to offer better flow for a typical coffee shop…minus the indoor seating.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

The menu features Starbucks coffees and drinks…note the Disney Dining Plan snack credit options!

Main Street Bakery Starbucks Menu -- click for larger image

When you get to the front of the line and are ready to make your selections, Cast Members dressed in Victorian costumes are ready and willing to take your order.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

Baked goods here are now primarily Starbucks “brand,” but you will find a few Disney-made options, too.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

Once you choose your eats and coffee, you’ll have the option to pick up some fresh fruit, grab-and-go items, or drinks from a refrigerated section.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

Since the cinnamon rolls were not available, we chose another favorite classic Main Street Bakery treat — the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake!

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

Since seating is all outdoors now (and there’s not too much of it to go around, so plan accordingly), we took a seat outside to watch the goings-on of Main Street.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

The cupcake hit the spot and we’re hoping it will continue to stick around! It really is one of my favorite Main Street Bakery treats!

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

I’m eagerly awaiting the official opening of the Bakery on June 18th! I’m sure there will be some changes in the first few weeks and months, so please drop us a line with your perceptions and experiences!

Will you frequent Main Street Bakery for coffee on your way to grab fastpasses? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks Dave Manning for photos!


  1. Juanita says

    I pretty much agree with the Prof. I like Starbucks – in fact, I had a drink at a local store today, and it was delicious. However, I am disappointed with the theming (and lack of seating) as it really doesn’t look as good as the pics I’ve seen of the Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe in Disney’s California Adventure.

  2. Jill D says

    So i see they are selling pounds of coffee. Wouldn’t it be cool if Starbucks made a Walt Disney World Blend that you could only get at WDW and buy a pound to bring home! I would like that.

    I know that everyone is upset about the changes that have been made to the MSB, but Disney will always change things and some things we will all get behind and others we will complain about. It is the way the mouse world goes round.

  3. Marion Durham says

    I’ve only purchased one bakery item at MSB in the 25+ visits I’ve made to MK, so I won’t miss the MSB items. However, there have been many cold days at MK that I have wanted a decent cup of coffee while waiting for a parade. So, I may be in the minority here, but bring on the venti lattes!

  4. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    this is really going to make my snack credits go quicker.. a venti caramel frap on a hot orlando day… for a snack credit.. this is just not fair.. i need at least double the creds i get.

  5. Galloping Gourmand says

    Well, I’ll just come on again to say I’m terribly disappointed with how lazy the execution of the place is. It’s a Starbucks dropped into WDW with lazy themeing that just covers the walls and the clothes. They even brought in standard coolers that they didn’t even try to dress up. I’ve posted pictures, given my personal feelings before. Not much else for me to say.

  6. Victoria says

    This is…. so disappointing :( Whhyyyyy?!?!?!?!??! Main street bakery is RUINED. *sob*

  7. ametaldiva says

    I am more upset about this than any change WDW has ever made.

    No more ham, egg, and cheese croissant sandwiches; no more banana bread pudding; no more cinnamon rolls (the original ones – and yes, Gaston’s are different!); etc, etc?!?

    The MSB was our favorite place to eat in Magic Kingdom! I guess it’s not anymore!

    I will definitely be voting with my pocketbook on this one! :-(

  8. Lynne B says

    All I have to say is I will have a tall Blonde with room for cream(real cream) not gross non dairy creamer. I will carry my yummy coffee over to Gastons to get a cinnamon roll and share it with my son. Sounds great to me!! Plus if you are DD fan you might want to try the Blonde, it is what DD used to taste like when they were good. Plus when is Joffrey’s coming? Hopefully before my August 14th trip.

  9. Lynne B says

    Oh yeah, and for everyone that is avoiding this place, shorter lines for me. Plus we still miss the McDonald fries you used to be able to get at Animal Kingdom. That used to be a lunch for my son and I. We would split a large with a diet coke. OMG, more franchises and branding!!

  10. michael stapf says

    i’d love to have one of their sausage, egg, and cheddar muffins for breakfast one day :)

  11. JWJ says

    Okay, everyone, it’s time to stop calling it the Main Street Bakery and start calling it what it now is – Starbucks on Main Street.

    From now on, when walking down Main Street, you won’t smell the wonderful baked goods from the old bakery, you’ll now smell that putrid Starbucks odor.

  12. Kristina says

    I’d love a cupcake but I’m will not be buying one then eating it while walking down Main Street. Horribly weak theming and no seating, this is like the early DCA of bakery refurbs. Disapointed!!

  13. Adrienne says

    Wow…it just amazes me how people who are probably spending $1000+ on a vacation that has hundreds of places to eat and attractions, get so bent out-of-shape over one restaurant! If you don’t like it, don’t go there! It’s not like it’s the only place in all of WDW to get coffee and a pastry. If your Disney “immersion”/”experience”/whatever is ruined by one restaurant among hundreds turning into a Starbucks…then, by all means, go vacation elsewhere. Less crowds for the rest of us whose WDW enjoyment doesn’t hinge on trivial non-issues like this. Truly a “first world problem” if I ever saw one.

  14. Kristina says

    Adrienne I wish you could drop me a line whenever you happen to be displeased with something so I can tell you how silly you are, except for the fact that I’d rather show you a bit more respect than that. These are just opinions, you like the new bakery or you don’t. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion for goodness sake.

  15. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    about corperate branding… has anyone been to epcot… the WHOLE place is corperate branded….

  16. JoAnn says

    Adrienne, Where would you go in MK? That WAS part of the fun we had. Get out of the resort and go to the parks for breakfast. Not interested in Caramel Rolls, CP or CRT and Sleepy Hollow is pretty weak but at least they have seating.

  17. Jess says

    This makes me so sad. I have many, many memories of breakfasts at the MSB. It just isn’t the same.

  18. says

    Meghan — You can get ice cream cookie sandwiches next door at the Ice Cream Parlor and at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square (as always).

  19. says

    Mary…and for anyone else wondering about the “secret” menu options…

    I am also a former barista and I too worked in a licensed store (which from the sounds of how things are being run here, the Main Street Bakery is what is considered as a licensed store…which is different and has some different rules than a corporate, usually freestanding store.)

    I can tell you, that personally, I had heard of the secret menu, and had people order off of it all the time. Of course, most of the time when people ordered something that was “secret” if we didn’t know how to make it, we did ask them how to make the drink. I would suggest that you know how the drink is made prior to when you order it, just in case the Cast Member is unfamiliar with said drink.

    I can tell you that some “secret” drinks are very well known, like the Captain Crunch Frappucino (made with strawberry and hazelnut) or the Marble Mocha Macchiato. (made like a caramel macchiato, but with white chocolate on the bottom and chocolate drizzled on top. I actually ordered this drink when I was in DCA and I DID have to explain to them how to make it.) One drink that is on the “secret” menu that is SO well known is the Dirty Chai, which is chai with an add shot. Part of the problem with the “secret” menu is that there are so many different versions out there online that many include multiple different drinks, some not on every list.

    The main point is that yes, as long as you know or can show the barista how to make a drink, we can make it. Plain and simple. It may cost a small fortune, but we can make it. :)

  20. Adrienne says

    Kristina – Exactly…which means that I’m entitled to the opinion that I think the whole “issue” is ridiculous. Lovely how that works, isn’t it? :) l

    JoAnn – I’d go where there was breakfast food. Even though our family does have a tendency to plan our vacations around food, in a place like WDW, it’s not as though there aren’t plenty of options. You wouldn’t starve if MSB suddenly didn’t exist anymore, would you? You’d just adjust and find someplace else to go.

    My fondest WDW memories are of riding Space Mountain with my dad back in the 80s when I was in high school. The first thing I wanted to do when I get to MK this September was to ride Space Mountain and relive those memories now that my dad’s gone. However, it turns out it’s going to be closed during our entire trip. Am I disappointed? You bet! Is it going to ruin my vacation? Nope. I don’t think people are wrong for being disappointed or upset about the change (and this is just the first week it’s open….so I don’t doubt they’ll be tweaking things for some time to come)? Not at all. I just think (again…my opinion which I am entitled to) that it’s not something that should ruin one’s vacation or Disney experience because it really is a small thing in the whole scheme of things.

  21. Jeff C says

    Can’t wait to check it out in a few months! Thanks for the update and more pics, AJ!

  22. Mary says

    Are all the Vendi drinks on the dining plan? I am not a coffee drinking so the only time I have visited Starbucks is to get the Vanilla Bean Frap and I am happy to see it is on the menu.

  23. Tom says

    Someone please tell me the apple turnovers are still there. They have been a vacation staple for my family for well over 15 years. We always grab one for the stroll down Main St. at rope drop. Why does Disney always insist on fixing what is NOT broken?

  24. Cindy says

    I don’t like it. The original Main Street Bakery was such a wonderful tradition for so many- myself and my family included. I can get Starbucks on any street corner in the country. I loved the Main Street Bakery because it was an original. I will really the charm it brought to the Magic Kingdom.

  25. Jennifer says

    I don’t want to go to the mall. I want to go to Disney World.
    I don’t want a frappacino. I want magic. :(
    Depressing. If WDW continues in this way, mcdonalds and starbucks, I’ll have to find somewhere else to capture my imagination.

  26. Meredith Whitleigh says

    I could cry…
    Their cinnamon rolls were the best and its just sad to see it go. I’m sure Disney had their reasons but still… So disappointing.

  27. Dana says

    I’m so excited to fly 1,000 miles to Disney World to eat the same awful breakfast sandwiches and drink the same bitter coffee I can get at the Starbucks on my street!

  28. says

    Jennifer, McDonalds came to the parks (in full force at Dinoland in DAK) in 1998 and left several years ago.

    Meredith, Cinnamon Rolls are still available in Gaston’s Tavern.

    Tom, I did not see them yesterday. I saw the two styles cupcakes as well standard Starbucks pastries. I also saw a lot of fruit as well as other healthy options.

    I did check at the Confectionary and I could not find any of these old items located there. (I did find a very unfriendly & slow moving line.)

    Again, If you feel strongly about the subject then I implore you to physically write Guest Relations at:

    Walt Disney World Guest Communications
    PO Box 10040
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

  29. Ray Green says

    One of my families favorite traditions was to arrive when the Magic Kingdom opened, make a beeline to the Main Street Bakery to grab a our breakfast of egg&cheese croissants and giant gooey cinnamon roll. We would usually grab an outdoor table near main street or down to the right near the water. We would then relax and take in the scene as the guests pour in and street performers make their way by while the kids ran to Space Mountain to grab fast passes.
    Now Starbucks’ coffee is a welcome improvement, but their baked goods are nothing special. I can live with moving the croissants over to what we still call the “Noodle Station” as it’s just around the corner, but Gaston’s is past the castle on the far side of the park. That’s a road too far for assembling our traditional Disney main street breakfast.
    sigh…. maybe I can bribe the kids into running to Gastons after grabbing the Space mountain passes.

  30. Jenna says

    Slightly off-topic, re: the secret menu. When I was writing my novel, I spent every day in my local Starbucks. I became a favorite of the baristas, and they would always make me ‘special’ variations of my drinks: a mocha that tasted like a peppermint patty, the almond joy drink, and several other tasty things I thought they just made up. My assumption was it was down to the individual barista, since I never quite got the same drink twice…

  31. Kristina says

    I’m wondering if the DFB can visit after 11am to see if there are more Disney pastries offered then as I’ve read, or have you done that already? Not that there will be anyplace to sit and enjoy one but still I’m curious. Thanks!

  32. Lo says

    The execution of this makes zero sense. Given that from the time this was announced, there were A LOT of people very unhappy about SB coming in WDW at all. And maybe an equal number looking forward to SB coffee (me included). Ok, fine. Given the fear and vitriol, why didn’t WDW just drop in the SB coffee and nothing else? Why not leave everything the same? B/c as someone looking forward to SB coffee, I can tell you I would not miss their food in the least.
    I suspect SB was unwilling to agree to this. Ok, so get some other chain coffee place in there, such as Caribou. Or even a small one, such as Coffee Beanery. I am pretty sure they can approximate my SB mocha and would have probably been more willing to leave everything else as is.
    This again smacks of strictly bottom line to Disney (Iger). SB came in with the most money, and Disney capitulated into making the MSB into basically just another SB. I think this could have been so much smoother had they just added in the SB coffee products and left all the food as is. Then pretty much everyone is, at least, satisfied. Now, there are a lot of very unhappy people.

  33. Brian says

    I am angry over Disney turning an excellent MSB into a Starbucks. Our family enjoyed having breakfast at MSB, inside seating, with mouth watering cinnamon rolls and ham, egg, cheese croissants. MSB WAS one of the highest rated eating places in WDW. I think I will take the advice of another contributor and take my family elsewhere for vacation next year.

  34. Shameless says

    Does anyone know if they take tneStarbucks Rewards card as payment? If so, do they have the ability to scan the card through the Starbucks app on the iPhone?

  35. Cat98 says

    I too am disappointed by the changes to the Main Street Bakery. Since 1999, our family tradition was to stop in for a treat when we started the day and stop in for a treat when we were leaving for the day. It’s something our kids, who are now young adults still look forward too. I love Starbucks coffee and can’t tell you how many times we would hunt for it during our stay at WDW. However, I find their baked goods dry and bland and too expensive for the value you receive. This poor quality is consistent in every Starbucks I’ve visited, which is why I gave up purchasing their food items a long time ago and now just buy their coffee, which is excellent. Like others I don’t understand why Disney didn’t stick with their bakery items and add Starbucks. Did they not know how many family traditions have been built around a visit to MSB? Or did they know, but just didn’t care? If so, it’s too bad they chose to put $$$ over guests’ experiences. We’ll get over it and go on to create a new tradition because we love Disney World. But it’s a bit sad to know that at the end of the day, our opinions don’t count all that much to Disney decision makers.

  36. says

    Normally, I’m not a fan of Starbucks… but I’ll have to check this version out the next time I’m in California Adventure. Thanks for the review and photos!

  37. Rachel says

    Does anyone know if there will be collector Starbucks Disney World cups available? I was in the Harvard Square Starbucks recently and noticed they had special mugs for the area if so I definitely will be needing one!

  38. Paul says

    Can anyone tell me what MK bakery items the new Starbucks did keep besides the peanut butter cupcake? It’s too bad they removed the seating, too. Trying to find a place to sit down outside during the hot weather should be fun. :(

    Regarding the cookie ice cream sandwich, if I recall correctly, Sleepy Hollow does have one, but I believe they use soft serve ice cream, unlike the old MS Bakery. Can anyone confirm?

  39. says

    Paul — The ice cream parlor has several different kinds of hard scooped ice cream for the sandwiches. :)

  40. Rachael says

    I understand why some people are frustrated with Starbucks in MSB, but like others have mentioned it’s not something that should ‘ruin’ your Disney experience. I don’t see a problem with serving Starbucks coffee, but they should have kept all the original MSB baked goods. I also agree that we need to voice our opinion with our wallets. If the Starbucks goods don’t sell well, we might get the MSB stuff back.

  41. Paul says

    Thank you, AJ! I will have to try one of those ice cream sandwiches on my next trip. It seems I always fall for the hot fudge sundae instead. :)

  42. Sonya McMahon says

    I am not alone in my feelings about the MSB. I can only hope the majority opinions on the many sites I have reviewed are getting to the people who have authority to consider them.

  43. Mike says

    MSB is ruined forever. This was a huge mistake. It’s one thing to offer and sell Terrible Starbucks coffee, its another to take away all the authentic awesome baked goods. Once again, Corporate Disney pulls another DUMB move. Main Street USA should never become as commercial as this. Authentic baked goods is what made MSB so special. Why, Why, Why???? Disney got this one wrong……….

  44. Jean M. says

    I’m not a coffee drinker and since there isn’t any Disney made food to be had, I will not be spending time at Starbucks. As Florida resident annual passholders who frequent the parks 2-3 days a week, we always stopped at MSB when the park closed to sit, chat and enjoy the baked goods while the exiting crowds died down. I don’t understand why WDW didn’t just use Starbucks coffee in its eateries. I am concerned that this will not be the last corporate takeover in WDW. We love WDW, but if they put anymore chain eateries here, I’m not so sure I’ll renew my pass. :(

  45. Stephen says

    It’s less of a Disney bakery and more of a hum-drum coffee shop that I could see anywhere. Walt’s touch and spirit were overtaken here by mediocre Starbucks pre-baked “treats” and a bad decision. Remove things that work to bring in a brand? Why?

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