Fun Find: Food Erasers in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

There is always some other-things-dressed-up-as-food fun going on at Mitsukoshi Department Store!

This expansive retail space, which takes up much of the Japan Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase, is a great place for exploration. We love to pop into the store for fun souvenirs like this monorail plate (okay, it might be a bullet train, but we’re going to keep pretending).

Mitsukoshi Department Store

It’s a great place for snacks like Pocky as well. You can also browse other fun finds to satisfy cravings, like Japanese candy, or, you know, dried crabs.

And don’t forget to pick up a beverage — Ramune or sake, depending on your taste!

There is also an incredible array of “cute” in the store — and that carries straight through to the back part of the store where you’ll find all the food stuff. In addition to snacks, tea sets, and tableware, there’s some adorable food-shaped merch, like erasers.

Food Erasers!

Yep! We were exploring with Erin when we found these awesome souvenirs. The erasers were SO detailed, and many of them were packaged in themed sets. I’ve pretty much never had occasion to use an eraser in the past few years, but still… how can you just pass these by?

We found beverage cartons that look like little servings of milk and juice! (Is that corn juice on the left?)

Beverage Carton Erasers

The bakery items are tiny, but look good enough to eat — especially that fruit tart!

Breads and Pastries

The burger shop collection includes everything that you might find at your favorite fast food joint — or a backyard barbecue. Including electric vegetables, it seems!

Buger Shop Erasers

It took me a minute to figure out the theme of this package, but I’m pretty sure they’re just entrees and meal items. I LOVE the bowl of noodles with shrimp at the bottom! And I’m pretty sure that’s some octopus at the top. :-)

Fun Entree Erasers

And you can’t skip the sweets! Ice cream, to be exact. There’s also a little fruit bowl thrown in for good measure.

Ice Cream and Desserts Erasers

If you’d rather buy individual erasers, there’s a great selection of those, too. I think these make completely awesome souvenirs — especially considering how inexpensive they are!

Various Individual Erasers

You wouldn’t think there would be that many kinds of food that you could shape into erasers, would you? But that’s what is so cool about exploring Mitsukoshi in particular, and World Showcase in general. It is such a fun place to browse and discover new things.

Will you be taking home some fun food erasers on your next trip through the Japan Pavilion? Let us know below in the comments!


  1. catherine says

    I’ve got sushi ones from World Market. bet they were about 1/4 the price.

  2. Shinygirl says

    I used to have an eraser collection as a kid! I had all kinds of shapes and these would have fit right in. (Since my mother made me throw them all away when I was 30 & they were still in her basement… I think enough time has passed to start a new collection. :) )

  3. Katie says

    You can also get these sometimes at target for like $1, without all the Japanese that you can’t read

  4. Essie says

    They are adorable! I like the strawberry tart and the ice cream and burger sets. You’re right; these would make really cute souvenirs; especially for school kids (or artists like me who always have use for erasers). Japan is one of my favorite pavilions and I was disappointed that we didn’t get to give it the attention it deserves on our last trip. I’ll have to make up for that on the next trip. Thanks for a most enjoyable article, AJ.

  5. says

    Fantastic, I can’t begin to imagine how many kids end up in Japanese hospitals full of erasers lol.
    They look so good, I want to sharpen a pencil and try one out!
    I’ve only been lucky enough to visit Japan once, but detail is everything over there, which is obvious I guess when you see the amount of detail that goes into a bento box or store wrapped gift.
    Mitsukoshi is without doubt the ultimate in theme park stores for me…

    Any thoughts on what Disney food would make a great eraser collection?

    Mickey Premium?
    Pretzel Ears?
    Funnel Cake?
    Frozen Banana?

    If Disney do this, the disneyfoodblog needs to claim rights hahaha!

  6. Amy says

    @Essie, I was thinking the same thing about souvenirs for classmates. After our last trip, we brought back a big bag of Mickey Pretzels to share with my daughter’s preschool class for a special snack, but now that she’s a bit older, I can the erasers being a big hit!

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