Review: The Friar’s Nook in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland

Ohmigosh!! The Friar’s Nook in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland is actually open!!

OK, I know it’s open often during the busy tourist seasons, but it’s rarely open when I’m there; so it was exciting for me to actually be able to head over and get a snack! And, in fact, it’s a snack that’s more like a mealTeriyaki Chicken Nuggets.

The Friar's Nook Sign

This spot, tucked into the main bank of buildings within Fantasyland (Old Fantasyland), is easy to overlook. And with all the delicious dining options — both counter service and table service — in the park, you might not even know it’s there.

But that’s why WE’RE here! To tell you about all of this great stuff! Let’s head on over…


You’ll find The Friar’s Nook nestled between The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and the former location of Snow White’s Scary Adventures. (This area is currently being re-imagined to house Princess Fairytale Hall, a princess meet and greet experience.)

This quick service snack stop actually has a primo location! Although it’s part of the original Fantasyland, it’s situated right across from the gateway that ushers you into New Fantasyland.

Outside The Friar's Nook in Fantasyland

The ordering area is old school Disney. Lines separated by lanes lead up to cashier bays, where you can make your selections and order.

Ordering Area

Time to see what’s still around on the menu, and what’s changed up a bit.


I classify Friar’s Nook as a snack stop. It’s not really a full meal in the sense of a plate of food. Still, you can certainly find substantial enough eats here to fill up hungry park-goers if you don’t want to mess with a sit down option. (Note that seating is all outdoors…when you can find seating at all; so be prepared.)

This is one of the best places to grab a lemonade slush if you’re in need of icy refreshment! The house-made potato chips have long since been a specialty here as well.

In the past, they came with an outrageous assortment of toppings, like plastic cheese, bacon, and ranch dressing. They reminded lots of people of the (sob) extinct Figaro Fries at Pinocchio Village Haus.

But these days, they only seem to be available plain, or as a side dish.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

But that’s okay, because we were here for the chicken nuggets!

Now, you know I much I lurve Disney chicken nuggets. So crunchy, juicy, and flavorful. But add a sauce, and my heart swoons just a little. So it was a no brainer: I was going for the Teriyaki Chicken Nuggets.

They say that they’re served with freshly made potato chips. But mine were served on freshly made potato chips. I was completely fine with this, but be forewarned if you’re not a big fan of your food touching. (I know you non-food-touching people are out there. It’s OK. You can own it.)

Teriyaki Chicken Nuggets, Served on a Bed of Freshly Made Chips

These really hit the spot. I know, I know — they’re frozen-fried and doused in a likely preservative ridden sauce, but…they hit the spot. The sweet sauce is such a great accompaniment to the crunchy chicken breading.

Teriyaki Chicken Nuggets and Chips -- Up Close

Don’t they look good? Come on, now.


Next time you fancy a bite to eat and you are without an advance dining reservation, I heartily recommend you give The Friar’s Nook a try.

In addition to chicken nuggets and hot dogs, they also offer hummus with chips and veggies, apples and caramel, and a good mix of snacks and desserts. Fountain drinks and a selection of bottled soft drinks are also available, as are coffee, milk, soy milk, and juices. And don’t forget about that lemonade slush!

For such a small space, they have a surprisingly interesting menu. And because they’re open so rarely, it’s like a little gem of excitement when you do find the windows open for business.

What’s your favorite menu item at Friar’s Nook? Leave a comment and share!


  1. James Spiers says

    I wish there was more of the ‘unhealthy’ food options like this at WDW. Every menu seems to be changing to a boring healthy option instead.

  2. Alan says

    I’ve walked past this place dozens and dozens of times and don’t ever recall seeing it open. This is a part of the park we are usually in when we are coming from Pecos Bill’s or heading towards Columbia Harbor House or Cosmic Rays, so for us it’s in a bad spot. Between the photos and AJ’s description, I feel like I’ve had a virtual teriyaki snack this morning. Next time there, it will be an actual one.

  3. says

    Oh, oh, you didn’t see any additional signage about corn chowder, did you? A long time ago I got a bowl of tasty corn chowder in the world’s most adorable collectible mug for like $5 and I would love to repeat that experience! Holding out hope for winter…

  4. says

    This revielw just made our lunch decision so much harder! Those nuggets look great and big enough for our whole family to share as a midday snack! Hopefully they’ll be open when were there.

  5. Chris T. says

    I spoke with one of the workers on my last trip in April, and this location is now open every day from 11 – 5. It was closed for so long due to the New Fantasyland construction! Although, I see your nuggets did not have those spicy green peas on top like mine did!

  6. Michael says

    These are pretty good. They’re even better with the wasabi peas on tip, however. If I had one compliant, it’s that the sauce is very sweet. VERY. Also, there is a good amount of ginger in here, so if you’re not a fan of ginger (I am), you may want to look elsewhere.

  7. says

    “food-touching people”? I had to think about that one for a moment to figure about what you meant. But really? An issue with various food items touching each other on a plate? It ends up in the same place for pete’s sake! This really had me laughing this morning. Thanks for the giggles!

  8. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    so on a side note.. i noticed they had iced coffee.. i wonder how long counterservice spots will continue to sell this now that starbucks in open and has a far superior product…

  9. Aaron Newton says

    I still think a place called the Friar’s Nook outta have elephant ears or funnel cakes.

  10. Essie says

    I would definitely try that sweet chicken, but I’d want my chips separate. I’m not a person who can’t stand my food touching LOL ;-D, food on my plate touches all the time, but I love house made chips and I love them nice and crispy, not soft from sauce getting on them! Crispy house made chips are like gourmet food to me and I’m so glad that they’ve turned up at WDW.

  11. Brenda says

    Dania, I am a non-food touching person as is my father him being in his 70’s and me being a good bit younger, LOL! So yes many of us exist! Even though it does end up in the same place, to start food must remain completely separate till I mix it together!

  12. thg says

    I was sure this place are serving ice creams and brownies, arent they?

    I ate the most incredible brownie with vanilla ice cream at someplace really close to it.

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