Dining in Disneyland: New Menu Items at Carthay Circle Lounge & 1901

We’ve got new eats over at Disney California Adventure!  Two new dishes have arrived at Carthay Circle Lounge & 1901, and we’re very excited to share them with you here on the blog.

Carthay Circle Lounge can be found at the entrance to Carthay Circle Restaurant in Disney California Adventure

Although the shared menu at Carthay Circle Lounge/1901 is limited, the items available are pretty amazing.

1901 Lounge Menu Cover

Carthay Circle Lounge is open to all Disney guests, and can be found at the entrance to Carthay Circle restaurant. You don’t need a reservation to dine here! However, 1901 Lounge is an exclusive lounge open only to Club 33 Members and their guests.

Carthay Circle Lounge

Updates to the Carthay Circle Lounge/1901 Lounge Menu

Sharing a menu, these two fabulous lounges serve up Bites & Snacks, Rolls, Small Plates, and Carthay Signature Desserts. The menu has barely changed from its opening almost exactly one year ago, but  now we’ve got some updates!

Since opening, they’ve ditched the Hot Shrimp, Roasted Moroccan Lamb Meatballs, Warm Spanish Pimentos, Warm Barbeque Pork Roll, Jumbo Asparagus, and Market Soup (you can still order soup; tomato soup is always on the kids’ menu and it is great!).

I have to say the item I will miss most is the Warm Barbeque Pork Roll, it was SO good.  RIP tasty little roll… . But here’s what you can find on the NEW menu!

New Carthay Circle Lounge/1901 Menu

Queso Fundido

New to the family are the Queso Fundido in the Bites & Snacks category, and the “Cala” -Rita Flat Bread in the Small Plates section. With 8 people in our group, we basically ordered the whole menu, but knowing there were lots of cheese lovers in the group, we made it 2 Queso Fundidos!

Queso Fundido

Spanish for “melted cheese,” this Queso Fundido is so amazing that we ignored all other dishes until these were gone.

Served up in a glass pot with a side of tortilla chips for dipping, the menu item is described as “Melted Monterey Jack Cheese, Ranchero Sauce and Crisp Tortillas.”  The Ranchero Sauce was a mix of bell peppers, grilled onions and salsa — so amazing.  The consistency of the cheese was perfect for dipping, and the Ranchero Sauce mixed with the cheese made for a great flavor.

The only complaint at our table was that the chips were just your typical “Tostitos” type chip.  Not that there is anything wrong with this, but we all agreed that a more traditional Mexican Restaurant-esque, thick, traditional type tortilla chip would push this dish over the top and make it even more awesome.

Action Shot!

Cala-Rita Flat Bread

In addition to the Queso Fundido, there is also the new “Cala” -Rita Flat Bread.

"Cala" -Rita Flat Bread

The first flat bread to be offered in the lounges, it makes a great addition as it’s perfect for sharing!

Topped with Summer Tomatoes, Smoked Bacon, Basil & Redwood Farms Cheddar, the flat bread’s toppings are fresh and flavorful.  The smokiness of the bacon along with the basil were my favorite flavor combination, and the tomatoes were sweet and juicy. Although not listed on the menu, there were chunks of garlic on the flat bread as well.

And that crust! Soft with a crisp edge; baked to perfection.  The flat bread is a great option for vegetarians, as it can be ordered without bacon or even plain with just cheese.

"Cala" -Rita Flat Bread Close Up

On my next visit, I plan to ask why the dish is named “Cala” -Rita; I’m mad at myself for forgetting to ask. I guess I was just too excited about new food!  Will keep you posted on that one…


I will definitely miss some of the older menu items, but both of these new additions are crowd pleasers; the Queso Fundido especially.  I can’t wait to go back for more cheesy goodness. I MIGHT just pack my own tortilla chips next time!

Have you ever dined at the Carthay Circle Lounge or 1901? Which new lounge menu item would you most like to try? Let us know in the comments below!

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. J. S. says

    I’m just guessing, but maybe “Cala”-rita is a play on the traditional Margherita pizza, but the “California” version?

  2. Christie says

    Awesome review Heather. One day I will make my way to Disneyland. I have a guess why it’s called a Cala Rita, I think it’s because it’s a California version of a margarita pizza but again only guess :)

  3. Heather S. says

    @J.S. & @Christie – Smart thinking, I bet you are right!

    @Natalie – It’s so great!

  4. says

    Just left CC, it’s been our new DCA home lately. Ashleyanne and James are our favorite bartenders, but they are all so nice. I’m dieting so have been sticking with Ebi Roll and Spicy Chicken Rolls. As soon as I lose another 10 that Fundito is on my list. I can’t wait. We’re having dinner at CC on Monday too. Going to search your posts now.

  5. Matt says

    Spent a lovely afternoon at the Carthay Lounge this past Saturday (it’s a favorite haunt of ours after Cove Bar). Tried the fundito and flatbread. The dip was “ok”. We weren’t pleased that after a little while the cheese congealed and wasn’t really dip anymore, but hard cheese. The flatbread on the other hand was wonderful! We’d get that again in a heartbeat!

  6. Heather Sievers says

    @Matt – Bummer on your Fundido, I’ve had it twice now and both times it was great. Glad you liked the flat bread!

  7. says

    Heather – we love Shane too. Spent alot of time with Chantelle and she was great. Today we had the flatbread pizza. Omgosh, it was so much better than I dreamed. I can’t wait to have it again. I met James’ wife today, she is lovely and will be at D23 next weekend with an art piece she did (micechat booth). I really like the whole staff at CC lounge. The only downside is that they don’t serve Truffled Mac n Cheese there. If they did I’m afraid I would never leave.

  8. Heather Sievers says

    @Jennie – Beth is SO great too!!! She just had a baby girl. Love both of them!

  9. April G says

    Just popped into the Carthay Lounge last week (first time at Cal Adventure actually! Disneyland Park first time will come this week!). We went with the Duck Confit Sliders and the Trio of Cake Pops. Wow, both were awesome choices! The sliders were literally itty bitty sliders (2 of them), but I was still able to savor it. Such yummy flavors. The cake pops, also delish! My favorite was the cheesecake one, which was actually a raspberry one when we were there.

  10. East Coast Mermaid USA says

    yes, the Carthay Circle Theatre is a lovely spot for a snack and a drink. The small salami &
    cheese plate is just OK but that new cheesy dip with the crunchy chips should really hit the spot. Nothing wrong in taking your own or MORE chips. Great Job Heather! How about some history on the CCT? Was it torn down, when? Was something else built there? Where exactly in LA was it located? Thanks!

    love all you Disney Gals and Guys,

    East Coast Mermaid USA

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