News! 2014 Disney Dining Plan Changes

Just a few days ago we shared with you the update that the Disney Dining Plans have undergone a price increase; and now details for 2014 Disney Dining Plans are starting to emerge!

We’re not seeing TOO many changes so far in the 2014 plans, but a few updates may affect your plans. Take a look!

2014 Quick-Service Disney Dining Plan Changes

Disney has added a few new restaurants to the plan for 2014, and some meals at select locations are no longer available for a DDP credit:

New Disney Dining Plan Restaurants
Beaches Pool Bar and Grill, Grand Floridian (lunch) — this location has a brand new menu this year!
Fountainview, Epcot (breakfast) — this will be re-opening as a Starbucks location later in 2013.

Fountain View is under renovation until later this year!

Meal Changes
Note that these changes may be due to tweaks to a restaurant’s menu and/or operating hours:

  • Main Street Bakery (breakfast only, no longer allows lunch or dinner)
  • Backstretch Pool Bar, Saratoga Springs (lunch only, no longer allows dinner)
  • On the Rocks, Saratoga Springs (lunch only, no longer allows dinner)
  • The Paddock Grill, Saratoga Springs (breakfast and lunch only, no longer allows dinner)

See more info about these changes on our Disney Quick Service Dining Plan page.

Main Street Bakery is now open as a Starbucks Location

2014 Platinum Disney Dining Plan Changes

Here’s what’s been updated in the Platinum Dining Plan for 2014:

  • Reserved seating at Fantasmic! is no longer included.
  • Bike rentals have been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
  • Guests can now choose any massage and facial of their choice for the included spa treatments.
  • Richard Petty Experience now includes a Junior Ride-Along opportunity for kids 6-13 years old!
  • Characters in Flight is now offered.
  • Epcot Segway Tour is no longer offered.

Read more about the Platinum Dining Plan here!

Jump on board the Characters in Flight Balloon with the Platinum Disney Dining Plan!

Updates to Cancellation Dates

Note that for 2014, the package cancellation policy has changed. If a guest cancels one day prior to arrival, the total cost is non-refundable!

2014 Disney Dining Plan Restaurants

See an in-progress list of the 2014 Disney Dining Plan Restaurants here.

More Updates to Come

“Why isn’t Restaurant X listed on the plan?!???!?!?” While some restaurants are already listed on the plans, it’ll take some time before all eateries are finalized. (Usually restaurants not owned by Disney wait until the last minute to re-up their status in the Dining Plan). For instance, you’ll notice the absence of many Downtown Disney restaurants. These (and others) will likely be added throughout the remaining 2013 months.

Our recommendation is to book your Advance Dining Reservations for 2014 based on the 2013 Disney Dining Plan Restaurant list. If, for some reason, a restaurant that you’ve booked does not continue on the Dining Plan in 2014, you can then make other plans.

Stay tuned for more Disney Dining Plan information as it is released. Please understand that this is all subject to change.

Thanks to Sue at Small World Vacations for the heads up!


  1. Kelly says

    In regards to the cancellation policy, do you mean one day before arrival to the resort for the start of the stay, or day before arrival to the restaurant/dining reservation?

  2. says

    Kelly — One day before arrival to the resort. You’ll need to cancel 48 hours before check-in.

  3. Amy Ross says

    Hi AJ,
    Just wondering where the cancellation policy information came from. On the updated 2014 Disney Dining Plan PDF it still says dining for almost all locations require a cancel the day before the reservation. Not before your trip. “RESERVATIONS: Advance reservations are strongly recommended. Our Table-Service Restaurants , Character Dining , Signature Restaurants and Dinner Shows book quickly and the restaurant and seating of your choice may be limited or may not be available during your visit. Please make reservations online at or by calling 407-WDW-DINE up to 180 days prior to your visit for the best options. Advance reservations are required for Dinner Shows. An accepted major credit card guarantee is required for reservations at certain locations. Reservations must be cancelled by 10:00pm EST on the day prior to the date of your reservation, or a per person cancellation charge may be incurred (charge varies by location). Guests should notate any special dietary requests at the time of booking their dining reservation. Guests may also speak with a chef or manager upon arrival at the dining location.”

    There is a new RESORT cancel policy though for your room stay…..

  4. says

    Amy — Yes, the new policy is for resort reservation cancellations, not dining reservations. My apologies if that wasn’t clear. :-)

  5. Sue says

    *sniff* If Fountain View is already in the process of becoming a Starbucks I won’t be able to ever try their chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. It’s been on my Disney “to do/eat” list and now I’ll have to drown my sorrows in a Doofenslurper. Sigh.

  6. says

    Sue — Don’t forget that you can get the homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches at hand-scooped ice cream locations at ALL of the parks, and you can get them at several resort food courts.

  7. says

    We’re booked in Coronado 2014 with dining plan, but Coronado is missing from the 2014 dining plan brochure, is there any chance this wont appear on an updated list as it would ruin it for us if we can hit the pepper market for breakfast each morning….
    Any good news answers greatly appreciated…:-)

  8. says

    We’re booked in Coronado 2014 with dining plan, but Coronado is missing from the 2014 dining plan brochure, is there any chance this wont appear on an updated list as it would ruin it for us if we can hit the pepper market for breakfast each morning….
    Any good news answers greatly appreciated…:-)

  9. says

    Caroline uk — Most likely Coronado will be added to the list toward the end of 2013. Because the restaurants there are run by a third party and not Disney, they aren’t finalized as early.

  10. AP says

    With regards to the Package Cancellation Policy for 2014, what is the difference between the 2013 and 2014 policies? I think Disney has the most stringent cancellation policies for it’s packages and while the prices are good (usually better than if you tried to separate everything especially with the FREE DINING) the cancellation policy for Disney Packages are (I think) harsh and unyeilding. I think that’s why a lot of folks just opt for the “Room Only” Reservaitons with less restrictions.

  11. Farrah says

    I am thinking the same as Caroline uk as we have booked at Coronado for next year! Not only that, but pretty much all the restaurants that we like yak and yeti, Wolfgang puck express, the QS place at Japan have all been removed. Is it likely they may appear nearer to 2014? If not I’m and considering not having the dining package, as all locations left are your ‘typical’ theme park food. Thanks…

  12. Kim says

    Every year the restaurants that are not owned by Disney (Downtown Disney restaurants such as Wolfgang Puck Express, Yak and Yeti owned by Landry, some Epcot pavilion restaurants, etc.) take longer to finalize their contractual arrangement with Disney’s Dining Plan. Thus, they are not listed in the first release of the brochure.

    Instead of restaurants being removed from the plan, we’ve seen more and more restaurants added each year. While there’s no guarantees, from our experience with past DDP brochures, the restaurants will end up being added before the end of 2013. Of course, if we hear of any restaurants not returning to the DDP, we’ll update our DFB readers! :-)

  13. Farrah says

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for your reply. I must stop planning so far in advance ;) panic over! Love read your blogs, however they quite often make me hungry ;)

  14. Kim says

    Farrah – LOL! I’m an obsessive planner myself. Thanks for reading DFB. The posts make me hungry too!! ;-)

  15. Jon says

    We are planning a trip for DEC 2014. Have the free dining dates been announced for 2014. If we book now can I cancel and rebook under the free dining plan promotion or will they just adjust the price ?

  16. Randy says

    Thank You for all of the info. Are you saying that if you have the free dining plan – they no longer offer reserved seating for Fantasmic if you Dine at one of the select Restaurants as in previous years.

  17. markiemay says

    I have dining plans for everyone in our room for xmas. Today, I find one person can.t make it. When is the latest I can cancel just the one person.

  18. skyler says

    Its terrible that you have decreased snack options on the counter service meal plan, again. Walt Disney wanted a place where common people could afford to bring their families and enjoy his dream. We are those common people. If Disney continues to constantly increase prices and reduce services, we’re afraid our family happy place my come to past. Please help us enjoy our dreams, and Walt’s, return to the plan with 3 snacks per day,…or at least two. I don’t think the Disney corp. will go broke. Thank you.

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