Review: Starbucks Brownie at Main Street Bakery in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

As you know, the Main Street Bakery recently re-opened as the first Starbucks location in a Walt Disney World theme park.

Starbucks fans are sure to be lining up for their daily dose of brew. But we’ve had requests for more reviews of the actual baked goods that can now be found at the Bakery.

While some options have remained from the previous Bakery menu, most of the eats and treats now found here are of the official Starbucks variety.

On our recent visit, we picked up a brownie to see if it passed muster… . Read on to see!


The Main Street Bakery has been expanded and updated for a new look and feel. However, the turn-of-the-century charm still remains in the decor elements.

Bakery Sign.

In the window!

Notice a few of the “hidden mermaids” in the new look! These are a fun Starbucks-ified play on hidden Mickeys!

Bakery decor and hidden mermaids

Cast members are busy handling the crowds at the new Starbucks location!

And guests will find their standard Starbucks add-ins neatly set up on an island in the middle of the store.

Condiment Bar.


Here’s an updated menu for the Main Street Bakery Starbucks location. Note all of the Disney Dining Plan snack credit options! Thanks to TheBeeMommy for the pic!

starbucks menu

Looking around the bakery we didn’t spot many bakery items unique to Disney’s former Bakery except for the cupcakes.

Pastry case.

Red Velvet and Peanut Butter Cup were the flavors when we were there!

Cupcakes in case.

The scones and breads looked very good; but I already know that I’m a huge fan of Starbucks’ lemon pound cake, so I’m biased. ;-)

Scones in bakery case.

Then we came to the brownies and cookies! I’ve been asked many times if the brownies and cookies are authentic to Disney’s original bakery, and while I think there may be some Disney-esque quality to those cookies, the brownies are primarily from Starbucks.

Cookies and brownies in case.

We chose a brownie with nuts, which was fantastic, actually! Very chocolatey and moist, and big enough to share. And after spotting this same brownie at a Starbucks outside Walt Disney World, we’re fairly certain that it’s not an original Disney creation. Still, it’s a good pick if you’re looking for something sweet on a walk down Main Street, U.S.A.!

Starbucks Brownie at Main Street Bakery.

Paired with an ice cold green tea, it was an ideal snack to build up some immediate park touring energy.

Ice Green Tea with Brownie.


So, I think I’m taking the standpoint of acceptance on this one. The new baked goods aren’t necessarily Disney, but they’re not bad. I’m just hoping they eventually bring one of those Starbucks toffee brownie things to the park. I lurve those!!

Share your thoughts on the current bakery offerings! Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below!


  1. Cheryl D says

    As pretty as the decor is, I don’t go on vacation to have the same things I can get at home. I’ll be looking for Disney baked good, and passing Starbucks by. (I felt the same way about the McDonald’s in the market place. Never felt the urge to go in there.

  2. Gaylin says

    Woohoo! Passion Tea Lemonade!!! I crave that in the Florida heat and now I will be able to get it.

    I can’t eat any of their treats anyways (food allergies) so I am not concerned with those offerings. But a real hot chocolate on a November night, awesome.

  3. Cheryl D says

    As pretty as the decor is, I don’t go on vacation to have the same things I can get at home. I’ll be looking for Disney baked goods, and passing Starbucks by. (I felt the same way about the McDonald’s in the market place. Never felt the urge to go in there.)

  4. Lisa B says

    I agree with Cheryl. I get Starbucks coffee and treats all the time. I want Disney treats that I can look forward to on vacation. I used to love enjoying a MK Bakery specialty with a creamy, iced cappuccino on my last morning of vacation. I will skip that spot now and look for something else that I can enjoy as a specialty of WDW. I would rather WDW be a special place…not filled with chain foods we can get anywhere and everywhere else.

  5. William Wells says

    I have to agree with Cheryl D,the Bakery had Fresh Baked goods not what you can get back home. So I also pass on Starbucks not Freash products.
    I miss my Stickey Buns. I will be found at the other New Place where they have them and Boycott the bakery.

  6. Kristina says

    Same here, I just don’t want to eat something from Starbucks when I can walk a bit more and get something else that’s more ‘Disney’. Then if the Starbucks pastry is good, I’ll get it at home or at the airport even.

  7. Tommy says

    I suppose I am mirroring the posts above but I also find this post odd.

    It’s Starbucks.

    There is a Starbucks on every street corner. And chances are if you’re going to Starbucks at the Magic Kingdom then you’ve probably been to Starbucks many, many times before. Doing a review of Starbucks food seems unnecessary on DFB. It would be like doing a review on McDonalds food and posting it on DFB. Everyone’s had McDonalds. It tastes the same all over the world.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of Starbucks and I’m sad to see it invading the parks.

  8. Janice Smith says

    Rarely go to Starbucks at home. They have a Roasting factory close by here in PA and a few stores. I buy the coffee to brew at home sometimes. Never cared for the baked goods when I did try them. We have a lot of good local coffee shops.

  9. Essie says

    I won’t be stopping there. It’s so disappointing to lose that wonderful bakery. I just had my first cinnamon roll last year and I’ll gladly walk to Gaston’s Tavern for more. Two Disney style cupcakes isn’t a good replacement for a place that oozed Disney deliciousness and charm. :(

  10. Mike says

    This is no where nearly as bad as the horrible Coke sponsored “Club Cool” that has ruined the theming of Future World over at Epcot. J/K. I think the addition of Starbucks adds to the park and this is the not the first corporate tie in a Disney Park. Starbucks Coffee is better than Nescafe and most of the baked goods formerly found at Main Street Bakery are found somewhere else.

  11. Panagiota says

    The old bakery was overrated. Apple turnovers and giant cin rolls? Who cares. Give me a frapuccino on a hot day and I’m happy. Change is good.

  12. says

    Thank you for the review! I appreciate that you are giving the new bakery a chance even though it isn’t “Disney” branded.

  13. Shannon says

    All these pastries are great for someone who needs their Starbucks pastry fix, or people who don’t have the luxury of having a location near them, but what about everyone else? Wonder what happened to the promise they’d have Disney baked goods in the afternoon? Two cupcakes is a paltry selection. It would be nice to see more variety in their offerings, but I’m sure there’s something in their agreement that prevents Disney from taking up too much of the display case with their items. Too bad.

  14. Niki M says

    I need to pick AJ’s and everyone else’s brains. Does anyone know if the warm banana bread pudding that used to be served at the MS Bakery is available anywhere else on Disney property? I have a sad husband – it was his traditional after Wishes treat. lists it as a recipe at Boma, Crystal Palace, and Chef Mickey’s but I’ve never seen it at at any of these places. Of course they’re all buffets and their menus rotate. Would it be weird for me to call Disney and ask? It’s seriously his favorite food item each vacation.

  15. Melissa says

    I’m not the hugest fan of Starbucks, but thank goodness the Nescafe monopoly is over!!

  16. Evelyn says

    Just to weigh in, boy was it nice to be able to get a decent size latte at 1 am in the Magic Kingdom last weekend! (I used to have to buy at least two because they were so small; it was ridiculous.)

  17. Beth in MI says

    Not a huge coffee drinker so whether it is Nescafe or Starbucks coffee being served it doesn’t matter to me, but no giant cinnamon rolls and yummy breakfast sandwiches being served is a major bummer. Used to be a great quick stop for an early breakfast treat. Progress?

  18. John says

    By far one of the worst Starbucks experiences I have ever had. I rarely complain, but from being a daily Starbucks customer and myself having ran a Starbucks there are many things this store is not excelling at. I ordered a Trenta black tea not sweetened. The cup was written correctly but it was still made with classic syrup twice. Finally the third try it was correct but after the first appearance I already knew it wasn’t going to be a good drink. The tea was extremely watered down and over compensated with scoop fils of ice ( clearly not made to the drink recipe Starbucks has) how hard is it to fill up a shaker that has lines that tell you the instructions on how to make the drink. I should of just took the one with sweetener because it would of been better than the water I received. The manager was present during the whole ordeal and never uttered a word. Only the handoff lady made the situation less miserable. I can only imagine how other drinks are made there if you are messing up on a black tea. It’s tea add water and ice. That’s all. From how much staff you have I. That line you’d think one of them would of caught the obvious issues. Was excited to see the new store, but without the service and the product it’s just not Starbucks. Hopefully they work out these kinks or I’m sure their Starbucks district manager is goin to have a long list of complaints similar to this one.

  19. Jane says

    I work at Main Street Bakery. The brownies, cookies, and cupcakes are all made every morning from scratch by Disney. They are NOT Starbucks items. We do take Starbucks gift cards and you can gain Starbucks rewards, but you can not redeem them. The cinnamon rolls and crescents moved to Gaston’s in Fantasyland.

    And John I’m sorry about your experience. We had only been open a month and people were still training. I can tell you it runs much smoother now. I hope you give us another shot next time.

  20. Tara says

    I had both the cupcakes this past weekend and they are both excellent! My son and I give the red velvet with cream cheese frosting the slight edge over the chocolate with peanut butter frosting, but they were both delicious!

  21. Michael says

    I have visited Main Street bakery many times in my visits and always enjoyed the food until Starbucks was offered, the food is not the same quality and I am personally not happy that Starbucks is even there, Walt disney would have never allowed this to happen, I am very disappointed in this decision to allow an outside coffee vendor to have such an impact on the happiest place on earth!!!!!!! Walt disney said himself, I want people to forget the world they came from when they visit disney world, what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could the disney executives allow this, for no other reason than to make money , what’s next Burger King or Dairy Queen. This to me is totally disgusting and has upset many, many people, and changed disney world forever,

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