Disney Food Blog Challenge: The Disney World Milkshake Crawl

Sweet, dreamy, creamy milkshakes. When you are craving one, nothing else will quite do. In honor of National Ice Cream month, it’s time to do another Disney Food Blog food crawl: MILKSHAKES!

Not surprisingly, some of my favorite milkshakes can be found right in Walt Disney World. If milkshakes are a favorite of yours, too, allow me to tempt you with a brand new food challenge — the Disney Food Blog Milkshake Crawl!

This one is a doozy! So if you break it up over a couple of days, we totally understand.

And be sure to let us know in the comments which milkshake is your favorite and which ones you highly recommend!

Cookies and Cream Milkshake at Plaza Restaurant

The Plaza Restaurant is one of my favorite table service spots in Magic Kingdom. It’s rarely super busy, and the prices are reasonable. As a bonus, there are some pretty amazing ice cream dessert options on the menu, thanks to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor right next door.

My favorite beverage-meets-dessert options here are the Hand-Dipped Milkshakes.

Milkshake at Magic Kingdom

Served in old-fashioned glasses, and topped with whipped cream and a cherry, these are just like the shakes I remember from when I was a kid. I recommend the Cookies and Cream. So good!

Bottomless Milkshakes at Whispering Canyon Cafe

Guests love Whispering Canyon Cafe for the amazing all-you-care-to-enjoy skillets at breakfast or supper time, as well as the crazy antics of the staff. (Don’t be surprised if you witness — or participate in — a stick horse race around the restaurant.) But another beloved menu item at Whispering Canyon are the Bottomless Milkshakes.

Served in a jelly jar (another fun throwback to childhood!), they come in your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.

Bottomless Vanilla Milkshake at Whispering Canyon Cafe

They’re garnished with sprinkles and a thick cap of whipped cream. And they’re truly, no-joke, all-you-can-drink! Get as many refills as you want!

Want to know something fun? They’re on the menu at breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

PB&J Milkshake at 50s Prime Time Cafe and the Tune-In Lounge

When it’s time for some good comfort food and I’m in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, no one does it better than 50s Prime Time Cafe!

With a slightly bossy staff (keep your elbows off that table!) and awesomely kitschy decor, this is one of my favorite spots to dine in all of Disney World. But they are also well known for their delicious Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake.

Made with a heaping helping peanut butter and grape jelly, it’s a fun new way to enjoy these classic favorites.

PB and J Milkshake at 50s Prime Time

And this one comes to your table in the metal blender cup — also a fun touch! Get it to go at Tune-In Lounge next door!

If you can’t make it to 50s Prime Time today for your PB&J Milkshake, you can always make it yourself with our handy recipe!

Lots of Choices at Sci-Fi Dine-In

Head to Sci-Fi Dine-In for Disney Imagineering at its best.

You’ll dine under the “stars” as you watch clips of hilarious mid-century B movies. Seating will be at a picnic table, or maybe even a vintage convertible! All-American fare like the Picnic Burger make for fun meal options. But some of the best surprises at Sci-Fi are the milkshakes!

And the cool thing here is that you can choose from traditional shakes, like the Oreo Milkshake. Or if you’d like to take it up a notch, you can order a grown up version with alcohol.

Oreo Milkshake Sci-Fi Dine-In

Fun choices include Marsha’s Martian — a chocolate or vanilla shake mixed with Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua. Or try a Space Monkey, a chocolate shake that includes Malibu Rum and Banana Liqueur.

If you’d like to stick with the awesome Oreo milkshake, have an Orbiting Oreo with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur!

Frozen Sunshine or Classic Milkshakes at Beaches and Cream

Another excellent spot for creamy, old-fashioned milkshake goodness is Beaches and Cream Soda Shop.

Beaches and Cream is an awesome spot for Burgers, and I absolutely love their Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup! But when it comes to milkshake time, I recommend their Malted Milkshakes. I’ll have chocolate, please!

Beaches and Cream Milkshake

If you’re looking for something lighter, try the refreshingly wonderful Frozen Sunshine. This one’s a favorite of DFB columnist Heather Sievers!

Frozen Sunshine at Beaches and Cream

This bright orange frozen drink is made with orange sherbet and seltzer water for a frothy beverage with a hint of bubbles. It’s a great alternative to other milk-heavy options.

PB&J Part Two at The Fountain

Head over to Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort for the next entry in our food challenge: PB&J Milkshake, Part Two at The Fountain!

I love this spot for old-fashioned soda shop goodness and comforting food. Their chili cheese fries are not to be believed!

And while the PB&J Milkshake at 50s Prime looks sorta vanilla-y, this one is a complete showstopper!

PB and J Milkshake at The Fountain

It’s served with a bright red drizzle of strawberry sauce that turns it delightfully pink. And topped with Reese’s Pieces, the peanut butter flavor is fabulous, too.

If you’re looking to try something a little off-the-beaten path, order their amazing Vanilla Milkshake — with a side of Hot Fudge! We’re big fans of customization around here. ;-)

Fountain Vanilla Milkshake PLUS Hot Fudge

Unbelievably thick and rich, this is just as fantastic as it looks.

Frozen Hot Chocolate at Hilton Bonnet Creek

Finally, when you’re ready to lounge by the pool and enjoy an icy drink, head over to Hilton Bonnet Creek and stop by the resort’s pool bar, Beech. Enjoy the views of the beautiful pool and lazy river, and order the Frozen Hot Chocolate!

Frozen Hot Chocolate at Hilton Bonnet Creek

Made with ice cream, milk, and real hot chocolate, the flavor is deeper than a normal chocolate shake. You have to try this one!

And there you have it! This is the most fun you will ever have getting your daily dose of calcium. We recommend you buddy up for this dairy-rich challenge. You’ll still have more than enough to enjoy!

Will you be taking the Milkshake Crawl Challenge? Leave us a comment below and tell us your favorites!


  1. Tim says

    During Christmas time, the Plaza sales a candy cane milkshake but I haven’t seen it on the menu or advertised or even mentioned by the waiter/waitress as a special at all in the last 3 years. (Don’t know if that is true or just my memory/experience)…But yeah, you have to ask for it, like its a secret now but it is the milkshake I look forward to the most all year round at Disney World

  2. Dan K. says

    Oh, without a doubt, I have to pick the PB&J as my favorite. Love that you don’t have to eat at the Café, you can just pick one up at the Tune-In Lounge.

    You’ve now made it my mission to go to The Fountain for one of theirs. A daunting task, but I will accept the challenge:)

  3. Doug G. says

    Great post! Best milkshakes I’ve enjoyed were at All-Star Sports Resort. They are made with great care and pride as I like it. Tough to walk by when there is no line.

    I recently spent 4 days at Dolphin and could not believe the lines for the Fountain so I missed out. Best part is knowing I will be back down again next year!

  4. Frank Stefanec says

    When I want to blow a bunch of calories in an “I don’t care” moment, I’ll belly up to the bar so to speak at Beaches & Cream for a milkshake and fries!!! Oh Yeah!!!

  5. Tracey says

    Whispering Canyon Cafe has a Caramel Bottomless Milkshake that is awesome. It is one of the additional flavors they offer that is not listed on the menu.

  6. William Wells says

    Wilderness Lodge. Any flavor will do for the moment. Mybe chocolate.
    Second choise, The Plaza Resturant for me. But not the Cookies and Cream. But anyone will do for me. Vanilla.

  7. Wendy says

    Wow! Now I’m seriously considering trying out The Fountain in December instead of a visit back to Beaches & Cream. I enjoy Beaches & Cream, but the waits can be a killer. Sounds like The Fountain (after reading more about it in the linked post) might be a perfect alternative.

  8. says

    I like to think that I invented the No Way Jose milkshake at Beaches & Cream (chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup and peanut butter fudge), so everybody go order it and make it be a thing!

    However, an even better version of this can be made at Ghirardelli by ordering a shake with their (Ghirardelli!) chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup and peanut butter sauce. They’ll make it nice and thick if you ask, too!

  9. says

    We stopped by The Fountain before a couples massage at Mandara Spa last trip. I has the PB&J milkshake which was rich and peanut buttery. The strawberry gives it more color than flavor. It was quite good if you enjoy peanut butter (whcih I do).

    My wife got an apple pie sundae which was baiscally a sundae built atop a giant slab of apple pie with carmel drizzled everywhere. The pie itself was nothing to write home about. But topped with ice cream and carmel, it was delish.

    Definitely worth stopping by.

  10. CarolB says

    They also make great milkshakes (while you wait/watch) at the Pop Century Food Court…..good sundaes, too, but that would be a different crawl. Have never had a shake at the Fountain and I have never visited Bonnet Creek….but I can say I have had milkshakes at all the other locations mentioned! Not quite sure what that means! lol

  11. Galloping Gourmand says

    Have you ever thought of hosting a crawl? Maybe not something death-defying like an afternoon of milkshakes, more like a favorite snacks of World Showcase or something. Cost free, just get together people and go.

  12. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    Yummmmm! My semi lactose intolerance would hate me for doing this crawl, but how can I possibly say no to that?!

  13. Essie says

    Oh, milkshakes are food from Heaven. I love chocolate malteds. But, so many of these that you featured look and sound so wonderful, that a crawl has to be on a future trip list; I just won’t bother with any meals.

  14. says

    Milkshakes and fries crawl sounds Devine to me. Maybe the DH and I will make our own after the Dopey race in Jan. thanks for the great tips. Can’t wait for the next trip…..well except the 50 miles of running. :)

  15. says

    We love the milkshakes at Port Orleans French Quarter, too… available flavors are basically traditional, but WOW are they well made :)!

  16. says

    I plan on going to Disney the first week of December. Responding to Galloping Gourmand’s post, if anyone wants to join me for a milkshake crawl, I’m game! I’ll definitely be doing this crawl on one of my days there, and I’ll post a full review of each when I return. I’ll do my best to compare them to each other, but it’s always tough when you’re not eating them side by side. Thank you AJ for these great crawl ideas, I love them!

  17. Claire says

    Sorry but there is a huge miscarriage of justice…where is the Ghirardelli ????? It is my favourite milkshake on the planet!! And I have sampled MANY chocolate milkshakes in my years and theirs are the very best. Chocolatey, but not too sweet, thick and creamy. I have several shakes every trip.

  18. Nicole says

    Have to agree with Claire, although I suppose they’re not “Disney” milkshakes in the strictest sense since they’re available elsewhere. We NEVER go to WDW or California Adventure (or San Francisco or San Diego) without getting a Nob Hill Chill. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. We’ve been known to get several per trip. Can’t walk past Ghirardelli in DTD without going in. It’s impossible!

  19. Cara Varela says

    I had a great milkshake at Planet Hollywood. It was mint chocolate, and the portion was huge! My husband and I shared it before our meal.

  20. says

    I love EVERYTHING about beaches and cream, but my dad esp. loved the frozen sunshine. One of his favorite things there.

  21. Alan says

    The Nob Hill chocolate milk shake at Ghirardelli DTD is the best on property. IMO LOL

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