Review: Rita’s Baja Blenders at California Adventure in Disneyland Resort

Ah, frozen beverages, how I love thee. Today, we’re headed in to Disney California Adventure in the Disneyland Resort for some sweet-tart frozen deliciousness! Ready to hit up Rita’s Baja Blenders in Pacific Wharf? Let’s go!

Rita's Baja Blenders at Disney California Adventure

Here at Rita’s you can get drinks or drinks. And some chips maybe.

Choose from regular Lemon-Lime or Strawberry Margaritas, or opt for the Grand, which comes with a “splash of liqueur” and a slightly higher price tag.

There’s also a non-alcoholic version available called the Tropicool.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

If you absolutely must have something to soak up that tequila, there are a few varieties of chips available.

Chips Available at Rita's Baja Blenders

My friend chose the classic Lemon-Lime Margarita with Salt. Now, maybe I’m just a sucker for a pretty garnish — but I thought this looked pretty tasty for a pre-made frozen margarita.

She said that it was perfectly balanced between sweet and tart, and the salt provided a nice contrast to the other flavors. Note that mandatory bright yellow “this is alcoholic!” cup that’s a requirement at DCA…

Rita's Lemon-Lime Margarita with Salt

I decided to sample the Tropicooler, but, because I love being able to try as much as possible, I asked for a combo of two flavors.

According to the sign, you can always get Lemon-Lime or Strawberry in these as well, but there’s also a featured flavor. Ooh! I love featured flavors!

It turned out to be Cherry, which made for a very happy AJ! So I combined cherry and lemon-lime in my Tropicooler. Sweet and tart call my name every time! And this was really smooth and refreshing.

Tropicool Non-Alcoholic Blender -- Lemon-Lime and Cherry

This is a great place to stop on  your way through DCA for a refreshing beverage.

And don’t forget that you’re right next to the Lucky Fortune Cookery, Pacific Wharf Cafe, and Cocina Cucamonga if you’d like to combine your drink with some yummo eats!

Have you tried Rita’s Baja Blenders? What’s your favorite flavor?

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