Review: Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade and Orangeade

Call off the hunt. I have found the perfect snack for a hot, hot Florida day: Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade and Orangeade!

Frozen Orangeade with the Lid Still On

These have been around the parks for YEARS, but I couldn’t give up my addiction to that soft, gushy Frozen Lemonade to try these Minute Maid versions. Now it’s time to take a closer look!

Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade and Orangeade

The soft frozen lemonade is available in three different varieties — regular Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Orangeade.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

The soft frozen snacks come in 12-ounce portions, which are pretty large actually. While sampling these, I regularly wrapped the cup in  paper towels and stuck it into a cup holder on my camera bag to let it get a little more melty before digging in again.

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade with Lid

The ingredient list appears right on the cup. This is especially handy if you follow a special diet. That brings up another excellent point: these soft frozen lemonades are sealed, so they’re a great option if you are worried about cross contamination from other ingredients.

Ingredients of Orangeade -- Click to Enlarge

You can also see the nutritional information at a glance, and see that the orangeade contains 28% juice.

Nutritional Information for Orangeade -- Click to Enlarge

Once I popped the plastic lid off the paper cup, I could see that the cup was completely full to the top. The consistency is more similar to sorbet than to frozen lemonade. You aren’t sipping this through a straw; it will definitely require a spoon.

I tried the Orangeade first. And the taste? Awesome. Frozen orange juice is one of my favorite flavors, and this frozen orangeade captures that tangy-sweet, deep orange flavor perfectly.

Frozen Orangeade -- Up Close

We also tried the Strawberry Lemonade.

First of all, it’s absolutely gorgeous. But then you dig in — and it’s a winner! I love the tart flavor of lemonade, but the strawberry adds just a little sweetness, and the berry flavor gives it an extra flavor dimension.

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade -- Up Close

Definite thumbs up for both of these! They’re light and refreshing — no cream or super richness to leave you feeling blah in the Florida sun.

They’re icy cold, but the soft solid means that you won’t suck all of the flavor out and leave the ice behind. They’re a completely different animal than frozen lemonade drinks, and equally as delicious!

Will you be trying Minute Maid Soft Frozen Lemonade and Orangeade? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. says

    The one thing that I have noticed is that Disney Snack prices haven’t soared in line with ‘general theme park inflation’. If they had, snacks such as these would be up towards $8 a cup!
    While $4 isn’t exactly cheap, it’s nice to see that Disney are able to recognise that pockets aren’t limitless!

    Looking forward to trying one soon!!

  2. Lisa Z. says

    Had the straight lemonade cup at the Animal Kingdom two weeks ago as we waited for the afternoon parade. It was very refreshing. It melted at a decent enough rate to allow for easy spooning without becoming all liquid in the July heat. Meant to have a go at the strawberry lemonade version but that will have to wait for the next trip.

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    They used to sell these in a squeeze up triangular tube. I remember getting my hands all sticky while sucking down one as a pre-teen in the mid 80’s. I got them just because they were so messy. It was great!

    For a product such as this 28% juice isn’t bad.

  4. Jenn says

    If you want a cool treat on a hot day and you’re not at Disney, I’ve seen these (and the frozen cherry limeades) at Dollar Tree, too.

    Love the orangeade! It does take me back to being a little kid. =)

  5. Tara S says

    This looks so refreshing and I can’t wait to try it! Are they available at the carts in all the parks?

  6. Ann G says

    My kids get these as their snack every trip. They are yummy and you can put the lid back on them when going on a ride.

  7. Kellie says

    Yummmm! Where did you find these? The countdown is on for us, 25 days! We’ll definitely be seeking these out °o° :)

  8. Essie says

    Ooooh, they look very refreshing for a sunny, hot, Florida day. I’d like to try a strawberry lemonade, please.

  9. thg says

    I tried Orangeade and it is so sweet for me but very refreshing

    maybe Id try lemonade next time

  10. tinkymurph says

    Had the Orangeade in June in Magic Kingdom. It was so yummy and refreshing after our wait and ride on Big Thunder Mountain. I’m almost tempted to drive the 7 hours to get some!!!!! I so wish I could find some at home.

  11. Kristen says

    Sort but these certainly are not on my Disney must-have list. There are too many fresh, delicious treats made at the parks to have something I could get anywhere else.

  12. Meaghan says

    They were selling these in the line up for Radiator Springs Racers at Disney’s California Adventure. I had the strawberry lemonade one, and it was delicious!

  13. Jenny says

    They sound really good,:) I will most likely share one with someone. The calories don’t bother me as much as the sodium does.

  14. Joanne says

    Had the lemonade yesterday at AK. This is the PERFECT ice cream treat for a parent!

    I had a few spoonfuls, then mopped up my 3 year old who was covered in chocolate from his Mickey bar. Had a few more spoonfuls, then acted as runner to get Dinosaur fast passes. Had a few more spoonfuls, then reapplied sunscreen to my 9 year old. It was still frozen minutes later and I finally finished it waiting in a 15 minute line for the Triceratops ride in Dinoland.

  15. John Fitzgerald says

    Good lord what’s next a review of a can of Coke for the vending machine?

  16. says

    Kev — True!

    Lisa Z. — Let me know how you compare the strawberry version to the original!

    GG — Ha ha! I’d forgotten about those! I think I used to have those in my school lunches. ;-)

    Jess — I’ll bet!

    Jenn — Yummmmm frozen cherry limeade! I’ll have to look for that one!

    Tara S. — They’re not at EVERY cart in the parks, but you should be able to find a few carts in each park that carry them!

    Ann G — Exactly! I love that you can put the lid back on and store them. Can’t do that with a Mickey bar!

    Kellie — You’ll find them at several of the ice cream carts around the park. Some of the quick service locations will also have them in a refrigerated section.

    Essie — Let me know what you think when you try it! :-)

    thg — Yes! Lemonade should be a little less on the sweet side.

    tinkymurph — You may be able to find them locally at grocery stories and gas stations!

    Kristen — No problem at all! I hadn’t tried them yet after 20 years of visits and 4 years of writing a food blog, so I totally understand your priorities. :-) I’m glad I did try them, though; they really hit the spot in the summer when you’d rather not have something ice creamy.

    Meaghan — Ooh, good idea!

    Lynne — You know, I was really impressed that it was only 320 calories! There’s a LOT of stuff in that cup; it’s easily shareable. BUT, you can always opt for fresh fruit and veggies to get a lower-calorie snack (and they’re just as refreshing on a hot day!).

    Jenny — What’s up with sodium in something like this? So weird, right?

    Joanne — I agree 100%! Like I said, I carried this around in my camera bag for a lot of the day and could keep dipping in everytime I needed a chilly treat. It was perfect! :-)

    John Fitzgerald — Ha ha! Well, we’ve already kind of covered that one! Here, too! ;-) The thing you have to understand is that we always like to be comprehensive here on DFB. Plus, if there’s something I’ve always wondered about on my trips to WDW, I figure other people are wondering about it, too. As a result, I grab it, try it, and write about it. We cover TONS of unique and Disney-invented treats, meals, restaurants and more; but anything food-related that’s sold at Disney parks, resorts, and cruise ships is fair game for this blog. :-D

  17. Lynn Bory says

    I just returned from a trip to Disney for a few days in the begining of August. I met a friend and we spent the day in the Magic Kingdom, ( my favorite park!) we decided to get a minute maid frozen strawberry lemonade. OMG IT WAS THE BEST!! It was the best thing to eat on a hot summer day at Disney!!:)
    I live in Coral Springs, Fl now and I’m trying to find out where I can buy this product!! I do not belong to Sam’s club where is where they said I could buy it! Has anyone find it in a supermarket yet? Please let me know.

  18. Choc says

    This is my sister’s “go-to” snack when it’s a hot day at the Disney park. It’s the only time we ever get to eat them and we, meaning my family except me, never snack so it’s always a treat. (In fact, Disneyland was the first time we ever saw one). We always share it amongst each other, so for us it’s fair pricing when one caters to 2-4 people.

  19. tinkymurph says

    yeah!! I did finally find these at home. they come in small cups, 4 to the box! love Disney treats at home.

  20. Louise says

    Where did you find them for sale at home? We just got back from Disney World last week and couldn’t get enough of the soft frozen Orange!!!!
    Would love to know where to buy them!!!!

  21. Kathy Pittenger says

    Had the orange ones at Disney about 3 weeks ago. LOVED them and so did my granddaughters. I live in Michigan and have been craving them ever since. Where can I buy them? I have checked several stores in my area.

  22. Louise says

    I posted in August trying to find where to purchase the Minute Maid Soft Frozen Orangeaid as well…. And I still haven’t found it anywhere!!! I live in Texas and have searched all kinds of stores!!!! If anyone knows where to buy this amazing treat, my family would be very happy to find out!!!

  23. Jackie Jackson says

    Loved the strawberry frozen lemonade I had at Disney world. Is there anywhere or way I can purchase it without making another trip to Orlando?

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