Dining in Disneyland: Fancy New Peppermills at Steakhouse 55

So this is a bit random, but on my last visit to Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel, I noticed that they had some awesome new custom peppermills.

After inquiring about them through our server, the manager actually came out to tell us all about them. Yep, the peppermills have a story… .

Customized Steakhouse 55 Peppermill

Manufactured by Fletcher’s Mill in Newport, Maine, these peppermills aren’t the only thing to come off of the line.  The factory actually makes more drumsticks than anything else!  In fact, they produce 55%  of the world’s market.

The Newport Mill

Owned by famous percussionist Vic Firth, Fletcher’s Mill provides drumsticks for some of the most famous musicians in the industry.  Over 50 years ago, Firth began designing his own drumsticks because he was not happy with the ones on the market.  He later sought out to manufacture his own.  Firth purchased Fletcher’s Mill with intentions of shutting down all manufacturing and making solely drumsticks. Upon touring it, he decided to keep the gourmet division open.  In addition to his drumsticks, he’s now known for peppermills, too!  The mill used at Steakhouse 55 is the 17″ Newport Peppermill.

Described as “tall and sleek” the Newport Peppermill is available in three different finishes: black, mahogany and maple. Steakhouse 55 had theirs customized with their logo in silver on black. In my perfect world I’d be able to buy the Steakhouse 55 one for myself! I was able to find one on Amazon, but the logo thing unfortunately won’t be happening… .

The new peppermills are so special to Steakhouse 55 that they actually lock them up at night! They get tucked away in the wine cellar and locked up for safety.  Wondering why?  Well, let’s just say that a little birdie told me there were originally 4 peppermills on site and now there are only three. Don’t look at me though. I was told it was probably an inside job!

AND in case you are wondering… That delicious salad pictured is the Steakhouse 55 Caesar. It’s fabulous.

Have you been to Steakhouse 55 recently? Did the new peppermills catch your eye? Or am I just a big Peppermill nerd? Wait, don’t answer that last one!

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  1. Amy L. says

    I believe I just heard a story about Mr. Ferth on the podcast/radio show, “The Splendid Table”! You can give it a listen by googling Vic Ferth Splendid Table. It’s so interesting to hear how he started his business, the differences in drum sticks, his rolling pins and pepper mills.

  2. LizC says

    Very interesting! Will certainly have to check this out when I finally make it to DL.

    How was the Caesar Salad?

  3. says

    I have been a percussionist for 30 years and have used Vic Ferth sticks the whole time. I too was recently surprised that they also make pepper mills. I bought a small mill last year. It is the best mill that I have ever had. They even included a little funnel to make filling the mill easier.

  4. Janet Sala says

    We love Vic Firth’s pepper mills! We also have a Vic Firth rolling pin. Oh, and my husband (the drummer) plays with the Vic Firth 5B. Maybe this will get him to go to Disneyland. ;-) Also, thank you, Amy, for the heads up on “The Splendid Table.” We time shift that and listen to it as a podcast when we’re both in the car. I’ll make sure that episode jumps to the top of the play list for this weekend’s drive to NYC. Lynne Rossetto Kasper should have AJ on her show so they can talk Disney food!!!!!!!

  5. Heather Sievers says

    @Amy L. – That sounds really interesting! Going to have to take a listen!

    @LizC – It was delicious!

    @Jesse – Love that! I need to order a mill, asap!

    @Janet – HAHAHA! Any way to get him there, right?

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