You Might Be a Disney Food Fan If…

We here at DFB we welcome and embrace our fellow Disney Food Lovers!

But sometimes you might not necessarily know when you’ve joined our ranks! So we’ve created this simple list of ways to recognize when you’ve crossed over to the dark side. ;-)

Do you fit any of these criteria? I can’t wait to hear from you about what your Disney Food Fan qualifications might be!

Let us know in the comments below what makes YOU a TRUE Disney Food Fan!

Here are a few of our favorites…

1. “No Be Our Guest reservation available? Time to change our flights.”

Yes. It happens. And don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it.

Be Our Guest Restaurant!

2. Your favorite t-shirt says “I ❤ School Bread“.

Yes. Yes it does.

3. Your “friends” who don’t know what a Citrus Swirl is have now been downgraded to acquaintances.


Citrus Swirl

4. You have been known to enjoy both the Grand Marnier Slush and the Grey Goose Slush…at the same time.

Who hasn’t?

Grand Marnier and Grey Goose Slushes in Epcot's France Pavilion.

5. Rides? What rides?

So much food, so little time.

Who's got the time?

6. You choose your hotel based on what restaurants you can walk to.

How is this not a critical part of the planning process?

Sign Leading Down to the BoardWalk

7. “Toy Story Mania fastpass or Carrot Cake Cookie…Toy Story Mania fastpass or Carrot Cake Cookie… . CARROT CAKE COOKIE!”


Carrot Cake Cookie

8. It’s never too early for a Mickey Bar.

Breakfast, anyone?

A classic Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar!

9. Your idea of geocaching is finding all the Dole Whip stops in America.

A reward around every corner.

Dole Whip Float! A Must-Eat snack for every Disney guest.

10. You make your favorite Disney dishes at home…every day.

Why not?

Mickey loves Lava Cake

Time to fess up, fellow addicts! How many of these describe YOU?!

Let us know in the comments below the characteristics that make you a Disney Food Fan! :-)


  1. Joni says

    That’s me!!!!!
    My Disney Vacations are totally based around where I am going to eat. I have 180 days circled on the calendar every year so I can be the first one on the phone that am to start making my ressies. Although It is getting harder and harder to get what I want each year. :(
    I can see a picture of a food item or dessert and most times tell you what restaurant/shop it came from. When friends or family say they went to Disney, my first response is.. Where did you eat? Man I thought it was just me.. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone in this lol. We should start up a Disney Food Fan Club and meet at a fav. Restaurant once a year !!! While wearing your “I Heart _______” (insert your favorite Disney Food, Snack etc.)

  2. Sarah Cameron says

    Haha!!! Lol! Me too. I can safely say I relate to every one of these, except for the school bread, not a bigfan. ;(. Am I gonna get kicked off the site?! Lol!
    Definitely plan our trips around the food. We can’t get enough. On our last trip I kept track of all the goodies from your blog I wanted to try, and dare I say it was the best “foodie” trip we have had to date. I need a dole whip soon!! ;)

  3. Kris says

    Well….. We definitely booked the Boardwalk Inn so we could walk in and waddle out of the F and W festival in October!

  4. says

    As AJ knows, I planned my last Disney trip around food. I scheduled every food stop we were going to make on our four day trip using a spreadsheet broken down into 15 minute increments. Then I gave my wife the spreadsheet and said “here, if you want to do any rides, try to find places to squeeze them in.” This covers item # 5 from this list.

    Item #1: I am within driving distance of Disney, and while I wouldn’t change my trip due to not getting a reservation, I do plan my trips around certain food related situations. This year I planned my trip around the Flower & Garden Festival.

    #7: Food always wins over rides. Missing a ride means missing a moment of entertainment. Missing a snack or meal could mean death by starvation. Those carrot cake cookies are especially important since they are considered a vegetable and contain many important nutrients that promote good vision and help prevent cardiovascular disease…

    #8: 8:15 a.m. too early for dessert? I think not.

  5. says

    Planning which restaurants I want to eat at has definitely become of the most fan aspects of my vacation planning (have I managed to secure an ADR for Be My Guest for my November trip? Sadly, no!). I’ve just started building a new website for my Disney photos and what’s the most complete page so far? Food and drink!

  6. Ann Thompson says

    I knew I was in trouble last week when a lady at work said she was going in December but wanted to know where I thought she should stay. Sweat broke out on my brow and I yelled, “Just pick somewhere! You need to make your ressies.” I can’t imagine not making them 180 days ahead. And by the way if you don’t get what you want that day, keep trying. It is true that sometimes you can get in places later.

  7. MeLissa says

    I’m a #6 all day long. I was torn between the Beach Club and the Poly. The Poly won out based solely on the ease of getting to the Cali Grill (hopefully)

  8. Andrea says

    I am for sure in this club! So comforting to know there are so many others just like me :)

  9. Noerdax says

    I have to work on my Disney food addiction I’m only doing half those things.

    On a good note I found out I’m at a driving distance from WDW … it’s 1500 miles but I can get there for about the same price in gas as 2 round trip plane tickets.

  10. says

    Loved this! I immediately sent it to my sister (she and I are both big Disney fans, and have gone together a few times), and she wrote back that she’d already read it. :)

    Numbers 7 and 9 were my favorites. My sister and I plan out when to share a Carrot Cake Cookie, and I found one place in college that had Dole Whips – up in Saratoga Springs, NY – but not sure if they still carry them. Love what you do, AJ!

  11. Tracy says

    I admit that I allow Mickey Bars for breakfast on MK days. There, I said it in public. That felt good.

  12. amy says

    Love number 8, that is my mantra! I have definately had some of those for breakfast!

  13. Tricia says

    Hmmm Missing my ” I’m on vacation at Disney – Calories are not counted, cause then I would have to count exercise and then my feet hurt and I am TIRED. “

  14. Karen says

    That’s so funny… and true!! My husband and I were just talking last night about how the ongoing Disney “To Do” list that I consistently add to throughout the year has more food to try on it than actual things to do!!! lol

  15. Anna says

    Yes! Here is another sign: you feel totally frustrated when others in your party don’t share your enthusiasm for Disney food and your sense of urgency to not miss an opportunity to enjoy it. For example, there’s nothing worse than the inability to convince family members (um, mother-in-law) to agree on booking ADRs, because they insist you can always grab last-minute counter service at the parks. Ugh!

  16. Kathy says

    OMG..can I relate…I also have the 180 days circled as that is so very important to me as I’m a planner. And I just love Ann Tompson replay….just pick somewhere! Need to make your ressies. Boy am I there where you. When people tell me they are going to Disney my eyes glaze over and my first words out of my mouth is ‘where are you eating?’ Followed by dont’ forget to make your ressies 180 days out! I know sick but I can’t help it.

  17. Michael R says

    You know your family are Disney Food Fans when asking your children (4yrs, 7yrs, 11yrs) what are we going to do the next time we visit WDW and they all answer Dole Whips, the really good popcorn and lobster rolls at Columbia Harbor House. Not the rides, not to see Mickey but what to eat.

  18. Janet Sala says

    Right now, I am like a freakin’ junkie waiting for a fix. I am waiting to plan my next Disney trip around the idea that there will be an Italian White Truffle Lunch offered as a Signature Event at Food and Wine Festival this year. Meanwhile, I realize that I might have to go twice if I can’t get to both a 3D Dessert Party AND the White Truffle Lunch, and what if there is something really special offered at Monseiur Paul! AGHHHHHH!!

  19. Michele says

    I love that I’m not the only one! I just sent this article to my husband to prove to him that I’m not crazy. He does not share my “plan ahead one year for what I want to eat at Disney” mantra! We’re hoping to go to WDW in January, and it will be my third time and his first… I currently have a list of 46 things I want to try… within about 5 days. I realize this is very unrealistic, but I keep the list anyway! I will not leave this time without trying a No Way Jose!!

  20. Liana says

    # 8 We judge what fastpasses to get based on what food items they are adjacent to…

    Fastpass Holloywood tower of terror – get carrot cake cookie while waiting (off season it’s closer to that corner of the park)… Use Beauty and the Beast show delay as an excuse to share another….

    Fastpass Toystory Mania – get Mickey Mouse bar while waiting (which btw only one of these really lived up to the hype we had heard about it – MICKEY BAR, hands down). :-) \

    I even fastpassed Pirates of the Caribbean just to get my husband that much closer to a Dolewhip.

  21. Jacky says

    How about you make multiple reservations for lunch and dinner because you can’t make up your mind as to which awesome restaurant to eat at?!!! That’s my problem always!

    Love #5…can’t remember the last time my husband and I rode more than 2-3 rides a day!

  22. Cindi says

    Mmmmmm, guilty. I don’t know when it happened, because I’ve only been 4 times but yeah I am planning my next resort stay based on restaurants and the proximity of others! And California Grill made me decide to delay my next trip until it’s open again because I have to share this experience with my husband. And Dole Whip floats – I introduced those to Mom and she was in food heaven. WDW is a place where you can get one of a kind experiences and foods. That makes them even more special.

  23. Donna says

    I really get the “Be our Guest” thing. I was on the phone at the crack of dawn on the 180 day mark and still couldn’t get a ressie!!! So now the plan is to get to MK early and stand in line for lunch! My husband thought I was crazy the first trip, but now he’s totally on board. He was just as excited as I was when we landed a ressie for Le Cellier this trip. 17 days!

  24. Scott from Solon, OH says

    I changed my reservation and my flights to accommodate a Lunch With an Imagineer. As a Passholder, solo traveler, and Tables in Wonderland holder, boats and buses and monorails and trains count as rides on the way to restaurants around the World property! There’s never a shortage of amazing culinary delights as well as amazing cast members and fellow guests to make for great memories. If you haven’t done the Lunch With…. Put it on you list–amazing. Josh, the Disney World archivist/librarian was most interesting and a heckuva lot of fun..lunch at the Brown Derby in a private room is kinda cool, too!

  25. Scott from Solon, OH says

    The lunch menu is delicious as well…I went during Spring Break–teacher, and queued up about twenty minutes before opening. I got right in, wandered about to pick my own table after using the terminal to order, and thoroughly enjoyed the meal…..

  26. Joni says

    Anna, I know ! don’t you hate that. I’m like lets make a ressie for.. Or it is only a 45 min. wait to get in at… And the rest of the party is like .. Let’s just grab a turkey leg. WHAT? We are at Disney folks come on. Makes me just want to pout the rest of the trip. :)

  27. says

    The WDWarrior Teens scored 6 out of 10 and 8 out of 10, respectively.
    Really…it should only be out of 9 for them. So I think they qualify for Disney Food crazies.

  28. Nicole Moore says

    So glad to know I am not alone. I plan the meals before I even book the trip!! We have a long (and still growing)list of our favorite places to eat, plus we try to always book someplace new each time we go!! And absolutely no trip is complete without my Dole Whip!! :-)

  29. Courtney says

    You know you’re a Disney Food Fan when… you come back from WDW with a ton of photos of food and drinks you enjoyed on your trip!

  30. Sue says

    You might be a Disney food fan if . . . You keep a running list of things you plan to eat on your next WDW trip on your iPhone, whether or not you have a trip planned and/or if you have a Pinterest board dedicated to Disney food/recipes.

  31. Carol says

    You could be a Disney food fan……. when the person on the end of the phone at Disney Dining tells you, that for your 9 day trip it looks like you won’t have any time to be in the parks as it seems like you’ll be too busy eating in restaurants!

  32. Essie says

    Oh my, #5, I used to want to do nothing but the rides, but thanks to the DDP FOOD is now a huge adventure to me in WDW. I hold meals just as important and snacks and treats (when there and to take home) extremely important.
    Also, #8, why not have a Mickey bar (good dairy) or a krispie treat for breakfast. I’ve eaten many krispie treats for my breakfast. Isn’t it grand to be an adult? You can have whatever you want for meals. :)

  33. Connie says

    Maybe a Disney Food Fan…. if you have the direct phone line programmed into your cell phone to the podium on the 2nd floor of the Contemporary to see if there are any seats available at the California Grille bar. Yes I have called to see if I could get any info on getting ressies for my fall trip and no, no info other than what we have all heard.

  34. Frankie says

    When you plan summer get a ways around places that sell Dole Whip, eagerly awaiting 180 day marked on the calendar and have several spreadsheets for all of your meals and snacks!

  35. Lynne S says

    I got a reservation for Be Our Guest for both my August & October trip. Tip, try to get it for the last day of your trip. I always do this with the hard to get reservations, and I always get it. I am doing the ultimate foodie experience, yes Victoria & Albert’s. I am knocking something off of my bucket list. I am looking forward to trying the carrot cake cookie sandwich. This April, on the last night of our Disney cruise, we got mickey bars from room service at 2 in the morning!!! I think I qualify. Though I have not tried school bread yet. I think I might in 2 weeks.

  36. Karen says

    Just got back July 14, and I have almost as many pictures of the food as I do of my family.

  37. Kristi says

    How about “You bought a soft serve ice cream machine and dole whip mix straight from the factory in HI to make them just like in the park! Now you force feed guests dole whips when they visit.”? Am I in?

  38. JoAnn says

    Every time I go into Sweet Frog, I look to see if they have Pineapple yogurt so I can try it to see how close it tastes to Dole Whip.

    I took a vacation day the day I could my ADRs so I could get BoG. It took me three tries to find an open slot but I did it.

  39. Cheryl D says

    Wow! And I thought I was hard-core. I’m a mere amateur. I bow to your superior fan-ishness.

  40. Kimelle says

    Ahem…my fiancé and I score some of that list but…hum…how to put it.

    We are kinda..sorta….planning our wedding on september 7th so we could go on honeymoon by the end of september…so we are in the Festival, and the Snack Attack, and the Not so Scary Halloween…

    I swear we are not =that= crazy! I swear! I’m going to hide now.

    (But gosh I’d do a LOT to get a darn reservation at BoG.)

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