Review: Fairfax Fare Breakfast at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Editor’s Note: With the opening of Trolley Car Cafe, Fairfax Fare is no longer serving breakfast.

Breakfast time!!! Today we are at Fairfax Fare in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a quick nosh.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m in Disney World is combine exercise with research, so while I was on a morning walk on the BoardWalk during a recent trip, I headed in to the Studios to scrounge up some breakfast.

Since Fairfax Fare is one of the only quick service locations for a hot breakfast in the Studios — and it’s fairly close to the front of the park — it seemed like a good choice! Let’s see how it goes…


Fairfax Fare is located in the Sunset Ranch Market area of Hollywood Studios. This super convenient spot is at a crossroads of sorts between Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster. It’s the perfect place to await your fastpass time!

The counter service location, like all of the Sunset Ranch Market stops, is a tiny walk up counter, and features a small menu.

Fairfax Fare -- Outside

Seating for Fairfax Fare is shared with other Sunset Ranch Market locations, and is made up of outdoor pavilions and tables with umbrellas. I prefer the pavilions, since they’re fitted with fans overhead.

Seating Pavilion for Fairfax Fare

Much of the seating is covered, although the early morning sun does tend to spill in anyway. It’s perfectly fine though for a quick stop.


We’ve stopped by Fairfax Fare recently for a review of some seriously good gourmet hot dogs. But this time, we were visiting a bit earlier in the day.

If you’d like to sample their breakfast menu though, you’d better get here early. Like most of the park breakfast spots, they only serve the meal until 10:30am! (Yup; I was rushing to get here on time!)

Breakfast Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Among other options, you can choose from fresh Fruit and Cereal. An assortment of Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereals are available in small boxes or those handy bowls. (The chips are for later, I’m guessing. :-))

Display of Cereals and Fruit

You can also choose Yogurt. The standard Dannon Light & Fit in a variety of flavors is available in 6-ounce portions.


But the real star of the menu is the Egg and Cheese English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich. You can choose your meat here — either bacon or sausage.

Now, the price may seem a little high when compared to your standard fast food breakfast. But consider this: the sandwich is a double decker version, with the twice the meat and egg of your normal Egg McMuffin. At least it was on MY visit! Personally, I think that makes a difference. A sandwich this substantial will keep you going all morning long!

Breakfast Sandwich

They also offer a few pastries, including a danish and this enormous Cinnamon Roll, which we sampled.

And you know, it was fine. But you know me — I’m all about the frosting on a cinnamon roll. And this little drizzle on top didn’t really cut it.

Cinnamon Roll

Add to it that there really wasn’t much of that ooey gooey cinnamony wonderfulness in the middle of the twists of dough, and you have a somewhat disappointed AJ. That said, the taste was good, and I was surprised by the moistness of the roll.

Cinnamon Roll -- Inside

No way is this standing in for other superior cinnamon rolls, like the maple-flavored one at Gaston’s, or the (may it rest in peace) Main Street Bakery’s version. But it’ll do in a pinch! Plus, it’s definitely big enough to share or save some for later.


When you don’t want procuring the day’s first meal to interfere with getting your Toy Story Mania FastPass, then Fairfax Fare is a great option. While the breakfast menu isn’t extensive, they certainly offer something for just about everyone. Cereal or pastries, fruit or yogurt, even a breakfast sandwich — you’ll find them all here. And these are eats that you can down quickly, or even in many cases consume while en route to your next stop.

So even though you won’t find anything amazing for breakfast at Fairfax Fare, the choices are solid. And really, it’s just nice to know that a hot breakfast is indeed there if you need it. That said, we might still head over to Starring Rolls for a cupcake on those not-so-hot-breakfast days. ;-)

Have you grabbed breakfast at Fairfax Fare? Let us know what you thought of their menu in comments!


  1. Jenny says

    Hi AJ thank you for the review. I was wondering are you able to ask for just one egg and one sausage on the egg and sausage English muffin? It looked really good to me but to much food.

  2. says

    Geez, if you folks really think that is a lot of food, I WISH I could go to Disney and have your food budget. I was going to comment on how the limited menu and small amount of food didn’t seem worth stopping there, but I guess others feel differently. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I don’t think I’d be happy having only one hot item to choose from. I’ll stick with the other parks for my breakfast needs.

  3. Chrissy O says

    If you’re like me and think 2 sausage patties might be overkill on this sandwich, here’s a tip: grab a large, buttery croissant from Starring Rolls for the extra egg and sausage patty (and someone to share it with). If you’re sharing, though, a word of caution: there’s only 1 slice of cheese so you’ll have to fight for it.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s as good when they used to put the egg and sausage on a bagel, but it sure does hit the spot. Wish I was there!

  4. Sandy says

    My fiancé and I got the egg sandwich on our last trip. I asked for my meat on the side and he added it to his sandwich to make a crazy meat monstrosity! The sandwiches were not double decker in September. I wonder if all the disney restaurants have your photo taped to the back wall so they give you special goodies when you go ;)

  5. Essie says

    Just one sausage patty on the muffin would be fine for me. It does look like a very convenient spot to grab a quick breakfast to start your morning. However, I’m starting to get really upset over the cinnamon rolls. I had my first one from Main St. last Nov. and instantly fell in love with it. Now you can only get it at Gaston’s and I don’t like maple flavoring! I do eat maple syrup on pancakes, but I’ve never liked the maple candy from Vermont or maple creams in boxes of chocolates. Is the maple flavor at Gaston’s very strong? One thing I was looking forward to for every future trip was a gooey, extra icing, cinnamon roll and now it looks like last years may be not just be my first, but also my last. :(

  6. Troy says

    Essie, I don’t remember the maple flavoring so I must have not noticed it, but while the cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s are good, they still aren’t as awesome as the ones from Main Street Bakery. I’m still bummed about that change.

  7. says

    I’ve never gotten a double decker here and I’ve had breakfast here a few times. I don’t think it’s the norm, unless they changed it recently. In fact, they have always been pretty skimpy on the bacon. For me. But maybe not anymore? Hm.

  8. Chris T. says

    The glaze on the cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s is exactly the same product as the Main St Bakery’s version. From October until the bakery closed, the cinnamon buns sold at Gaston’s were baked and glazed at Main Street. Same exact stuff.

  9. Lori says

    I really wish places at Disney would offer the option of plain yogurt or ever regular sweetened yogurt instead of the vile “lite” stuff. I love yogurt but can’t and won’t eat aspartame.

  10. Ann G says

    I agree about the light yogurt. I am another person who will not eat the artificial sweeteners. I have the same issue with the lemonade they sell. It would be nice to have regular lemonade for a non soda option.

  11. Sandra says

    Maybe they’ll get with the Greek yogurt trend, which is low fat but feels and tastes like “regular” yogurt.

  12. Kristina says

    With all the calories, salt and fat I’m going to eat later in the day and every day on my vacation, for breakfast I’d want a banana and yogurt. Good to know I can grab them here!

  13. Alan says

    I make these at home as I don’t care for overcooked eggs. The eggs in the picture remind me of McDonald’s – way too done. But the double meat – great.

  14. Dave says

    Ancient thread, I know, but I wanted t mention that the breakfast muffin was doubled just like the picture when I had one last Saturday.

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