Snack Series: Coconut Bar at Disney’s Beach Club Resort Marketplace

I love discovering new-to-me treats around the Disney resorts. It’s one of my favorite pastimes! This one I came across upon a late-night foraging session at the Beach Club one day… . Since finding it, it’s become one of my favorite unique resort eats!

Coconut Bar

The Beach Club Marketplace at Disney’s Beach Club serves a couple of different important functions for this deluxe resort.

Beach Club Marketplace Entrance

It’s your go-to spot for grabbing sundries and souvenirs. But it’s also one of the only places besides Hurricane Hanna’s Pool Bar that offers counter service eats within Beach Club. You can see our latest review of their made-to-order sandwiches here. And don’t forget — this is also your Oreo Bon Bon hook up spot!

But today, we’re focusing on the baked goods you can find here, and one in particular — the Coconut Bar.

Sweets and Baked Goods at Beach Club Marketplace

First off, let me say — this thing is enormous. You can’t really tell from the close up pics, but check it out by the other cookies in the case above. It’s easily shareable, or you can eat part of it, and save the rest for later. (That’s what I usually do.)

Coconut Bar at Disney's Beach Club Resort Marketplace

The bar cookie is built on a base of gooey graham cracker crust (yay!), with a thick layer of rich coconut and chocolate chip filling in the middle. Think Mounds bar with chocolate chips to get a good idea of what this is like.

The top is beautifully golden brown and drizzled with chocolate to make it look all pretty.

Coconut Bar -- Up Close

This is a truly decadent treat. I’m really surprised it hasn’t become a cult favorite for Disney fans, yet! (Or maybe it has, and I’ve just been out of the loop!)

Coconut Bar -- Inside

The coconut bar is rich and super-sweet, and reminds me a little of the magic cookie bar available at Roaring Fork and a few other spots in terms of flavor profile.

But here, that rich coconut filling is definitely the star of the show. This is a fantastic treat with an ice cold glass of milk, or maybe a cup of coffee or tea for an afternoon snack.

Have you tried the Beach Club Marketplace’s Coconut Bar? Tell us what you think of this treat in the comments!


  1. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    Y’all need to post the recipe for this… cause i love all things coconut…
    this would also be good under a scoop of ice cream…
    or just with a nice starbucks coffee…

  2. Sue says

    I’m with CanadiansLoveWDW — we need a recipe ASAP. I won’t be back to WDW until October and with F&W going on, I doubt I’ll be able to fit this treat in (pun intended). AJ, time to turn on the charm and get the recipe for the rest of us.

  3. amy says

    I have eaten this and made this recipe at home. I think I got the recipe off of either allears or the wdwmagic forums.

  4. Sara S says

    Oh my goodness, that looks soooo good! I agree with the others, it would be great with ice cream AND starbucks. It’s a shame no one else in my family likes coconut, I’d have to eat it all myself!

  5. Frankie says

    My favorite BC snack,I have been known to eat half for breakfast,goes great with coffee!

  6. Mosiphine says

    My favorite!! This has been the snack I most look forward to at WDW for years, I live it more than I love Dole Whips, so that’s saying a lot ☺. This was also a major craving of mine during my last pregnancy, so yummy. I’m surprised that its not more recognized among WDW foodies!

  7. Jen S says

    This sounds just like what we used to call “Hello Dollies”. Hello Dollies have pecans too, but if you leave out the pecans it sounds just like these. I’ll have to try the Disney version on my next trip because these are my favorite cookie bars.

    There are recipes for Hello Dollies all over the web. Here is a link to one

  8. Kathy C says

    Joni – It’s inside. I forget exactly where, we kind of stumbled across the Marketplace as we wandered around the resort. Worth finding!

  9. Christine O says

    This is an amazing snack! Our last trip there in 2011, we took about 5 of these home with us (to use up our snack credits). These are sooooooooo yummy! Definitely work trying.

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