The Troll Horn Conundrum

At her urging, I recently made a visit to one of DisneyFoodBlog guru AJ’s favorite spots, Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Epcot’s Norway pavilion.

While I LOVE the Maelstrom ride in Norway (“Those who seek the spirit of Norway face peril and adventure!”), I must confess that I rarely stop into Kringla when I’m at the pavilion. Depending on which way I’m traveling, my hands are usually already occupied by a margarita from Mexico or a bag of caramel popcorn from Germany.

AJ’s motivation for having me visit Kringla Bakeri was to investigate the mystery of the disappearing Cloudberry Horn. She had heard (gasp!) they were off the menu.

The Cloudberry Horn is one of those Disney cult classic items that a squadron of devotees defend with zeal. MUST HAVE CLOUDBERRIES! (Say that with a troll voice and you’ll tremble slightly.)

Indeed, when I got to the pastry counter I found that there were no “Cloudberry Horns,” but instead there were Troll Horns available. (Do trolls even have horns?)

This troll has no horn, or maybe she chopped it off :-)

The menu lists Troll Horns for $3.89, same price that the Cloudberry Horns had been.

And look, those cone-shaped sweets are labeled “Troll Horns” in the case.

Upon closer inspection of both a horn and the menu, the difference between a Troll Horn and a Cloudberry Horn is the flavor of the filling.

Up close and personal with a Troll Horn. Look at those yummy sugar crystals coating the outside.

The Cloudberry Horn cream was flavored with, you guessed it, cloudberries. (Every time I write this I think it’s a made up Willie Wonka name like “snozberries.” Anybody with me?)

The Troll Horn cream appears to be flavored with lingonberries.

Troll Horn cross section

Maybe this has something to do with it: After some online investigation and liberal use of Google Translate, I found that there has been a real shortage of cloudberries. The Scandinavian cloudberry harvests have been troubled as of late, possibly impacting the use of cloudberries at Epcot.

Whatever the reason for the switch, I can assure you that the fruity cream currently filling the horns is indeed delish. Sweet with just the right texture and a nice, fruity tang.

I was trying to get a great photo for you, but while I was adjusting my camera, my husband couldn’t help himself and bit off a giant piece. I literally had to rip it out of his mouth. You’re welcome.

So there you have it — the latest menu escapades over at Kringla!

So what do you think of the switch from cloudberries to lingonberries? Can you tell the difference? Are you disappointed or excited to try it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Shelley says

    A little off-topic, but have you ever tried the Ham & Apple sandwich on the menu? I’ve had something similar at place near where I live and it’s delicious! I’d be interested to get your opinion. Or, I’ll just try it when I’m in Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival! ;-)

    Thanks for all the great info!

  2. Anna says

    “Snozberry? Who’s ever heard of a snozberry?” Love it.
    Would totally try the the Troll Horn. Thanks for the review.

  3. William Wells says

    Ah, lingonberries. Like them. I like to go to my local pancake resturant and get their Swissish crepes with lindonberries. Yum. sweet yet tart.
    I have never had cloudberries.
    So the Troll Horms is on my to do list.

  4. Cheryl D says

    It looks yummy! I’m sorry I never got the chance to taste cloudberries. As it is, lingonberries are rather hard to find over here. Back in the 80s, I managed to find a few jars for a Viking-themed banquet we were having in New Haven, CT, and I remember the little gourmet shop charged us $5 a jar. (That was the only place I could find them, before the days of the internet and smart phones.) I thought they tasted just like cranberries, which I like, but are a whole lot cheaper. That said, I will be sure to try a troll horn next time I’m there.

  5. RB says

    It’s a shame about the cloudberry supply (I’ve had cloudberries in Scandinavia and they are delicious! Try some with cloudberry liqueur over vanilla ice cream!). However, lingonberries (which taste to me a bit like cranberries, only slightly sweeter and richer) are equally delicious, and the region is represented well either way. Looking forward to trying either next time we’re in Epcot.

  6. Kathy C. says

    @Cheryl D – I’m in New Haven! Small world, huh? We now have an Ikea here that carries lingonberry jam, among other things. Not a problem finding it now!

  7. Katie says

    Never tried the cloudberry horn but I like lingonberries ok, I have tried them a bunch of times at Ikea :) I always thought that the cloudberry horn had just a plain vanilla filling, so I never tried it, choosing the ever popular and delicious school bread. The pictures are starting to change my mind because the cloudberry (excuse me, troll) horn looks creamy and delicious!

  8. Michele says

    My favorite is the rullekake!!! It’s a must-have now for me. I’ve never tried the troll horn, but it’s on the list now!!! Thanks!

  9. Alan says

    It’s a little sad. Cloudberries sound so much more exotic. Oh, well, this is still one of the very best places in WDW for a nice pastry.

  10. Jessica says

    Embarrassing confession: I’ve made several visits to Epcot and had never even walked inside the Kringla Bakery until I started reading the Disney Food Blog. Now I’ve tried the School Bread and the waffle with jelly. I think the Troll Horn may have to be next. Thanks for sending me on a food-venture!

  11. Paris says

    Every time I hear about cloudberries, I think about Winnie the Pooh; one of the stories has Roo and Tigger getting cloudberries for dessert. :)

  12. Essie says

    I like the looks of it. Anything with berries, cream and that big crunchy sugar is a winner in my mind.

  13. SharonCW says

    I really hope the Troll Horn can make me happy. My tradtion is to get a Cloudberry Horn and a latte while we wait for Illuminations to start. I will give the Troll Horn a try, but I sure hope the Cloudberry shortage is over with soon. Thanks for looking into this, you know it was worrying me!

  14. Robyn Fischer says

    I have never eaten in Norway and I have never heard of a cloudberry either,it does sound made up,but now Will probably stop there in December and check out a troll horn. Love to read about new things to experience at Disney. Thanks

  15. Angelina says

    I think either one sounds delicious!! But the Veiled Maiden sounds like it would be most up my alley. What a treat to see a CS spot have such a diverse menu!

  16. says

    I always wondered why they switched the cloudberry to lingonberry…I bet the cloudberry shortage is the reason! They are both so delicious though… :)

  17. Joyce says

    This is my favorite stop in Epcot…I havn’t gotten past the frosted pretzels yet but will try the troll horns now…lingonberries and whipped cream…what is not to like!

  18. Marlene says


    The Ham and Apple sandwich is a close tie with the Norwegian Club for the BEST sandwiches anywhere in the World.
    We go every trip – sometimes multiple times!
    They will toast these sandwiches for you, too.

    The Roast Beef is good, too – but if you let them toast it, the roast beef will be quite “well done”, which my family did not enjoy.

  19. Geoff says

    Shelley…I agree wholeheartedly with Marlene. Had both the Norwegian Club and Ham & Apple sandwiches in December. Both were served warm and both were fantastic.

  20. Sandra says

    LOVE the cloudberries, so delicate. Lingonberries are a family favorite, and easy to get at our local IKEA food shop. We like them with anything poultry!

  21. Emma says

    As a Norwegian I must say I havenever heard of a cloudberry shortage but we had a horrible summer last year so I wouldnt be suprised the comercial market suffered a shortage (though my aunt had a nice one). Cloudberrys do indead sound really made up, In Norway we call them Multebær wich to some might sound equally made up. Lingonberrys do indeed taste a lot like cranberrys though I think the lingonberrys is tarter, Cloudberrys can’t be compared to anything I know of. And on a last note, I have never eaten at this place couse the offerings are on most notes exsactly what I could eat in any old school bakery here home so never bothered (even the smell in there!) so it has that going for it. Although the tasted coconuts on the schoolbread is weird.

  22. Chandana says

    Where can i get the recipe for the Troll Horn made at the Norwegian shop. I would love to try and make them at home.

  23. Laura says

    I wish Disney had done some research… The Veiled Maiden(tilslørte bondepiker) looks completely wrong. You really can’t use lingonberries as a replacement for cloudberries, and I’ve never seen anything like that horn. That being said, I would like to try the horn (only with cloudberries though) I just wouldn’t have called it Norwegian.

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