Review! New Vegetarian Fare and Allergy Kiosk at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We were excited to tell you about the brand new Gardens kiosk at Disney’s Animal Kingdom last week, which caters to guests with allergies and special dietary concerns. The new information station debuted over the weekend — and today, we have photos for you!

But in addition to the Gardens, guests who prefer a vegetarian menu will find some great new vegetarian options in the park, too. We’ve reviewed two new options today for you!

Gardens Kiosk Menu and Offerings

New Gardens Allergy Information Kiosk

The Gardens kiosk opened for business on Sunday, and it looks like a real winner. It’s another great step in Disney’s commitment to being a great destination for guests special dietary needs or restrictions.

The hub, located centrally on Discovery Island near Flame Tree Barbecue and the entrance to It’s Tough to Be a Bug, serves to educate guests about the top eight food allergens.

Cast members are available to advise guests with food allergies on the best places within Animal Kingdom to eat.

Cast Member Giving Guests Information at Gardens Kiosk

But it’s more than just a great place for advice. Guests can stop by the handy booth for snack items that are free from the most common food allergens!

In addition to prepackaged snacks like Lundmind’s Rice Chips and Rocky Mountain Caramel Popcorn, guests can also purchase some tasty gluten-free, vegan treats made by Babycakes NYC!

Gardens Kiosk Menu -- Click to Enlarge

There’s even a gluten-free beer — Omission Lager Gluten-Free!

Mr. Kamal’s Offers New Vegetarian Options

Bradley Falls, one of our favorite kiosks known for delicious vegetarian options, is temporarily closed. But never fear, you can get their refreshing Noodle Salad and Edamame across the way at Mr. Kamal’s!

We’ve previously loved this little stop for amazing boneless wings. But at present, they’re serving up some delicious vegetarian fare.

Kamal's Menu -- Click to Enlarge

We tried the Falafel Sandwich, which is served on a Pita with Lettuce, Tomato, and a Tahini-Based Sauce. It comes with chips, but you can substitute apple slices if you’d like! It was fresh and delicious.

Falafel Sandwich at Kamal's -- Available with Choice of Chips or Apples

Many Disney fans love the Samosas (pea and potato turnovers) served at Sanaa and Tusker House. Now, you can also get them at Mr. Kamal’s, served with a Raisin and Carrot Slaw and Mango Chutney for dipping!


With the emphasis on accommodating guests with special dietary needs and the introduction of some additional vegetarian options, Animal Kingdom continues to carve out a spot as an interesting dining destination in its own right!

Will you be stopping by the Gardens for a treat or Mr. Kamal’s to sample some vegetarian snacks? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite!


  1. Dana says

    Oh, my. $5.99 for a cupcake? As awesome as it is to have gluten free desert options, I’m not sure if I really need a cupcake that badly….

  2. says

    Wow!! I’m gonna hit Mr. Kamal’s ASAP, those are some great quick service veggie items. I’m always on the lookout for quick service hot vegetarian items (too often it’s just desserts or cold stuff/snacks) – this actually looks meal-worthy =)

  3. Sabrina says

    Why is Bradley Falls closed? Do you have any info ob when it will re-open? And great news on the kiosk :)

  4. Heather Estes says

    Wonderful! We are a vegan family and wish they would put more vegan fare in all the parks. These options look great!

  5. says

    How many gluten free cookies do you get for $6.49? I would hope 3 or 4. I hope you get at least 2 cupcakes for that $5.99 too! Yummy, but those prices are steep even by Disney standards.

  6. Jimofh says

    In case anyone from Disney is reading this, what would be really, really great would be for the kiosk to have a listing of “nutritional facts” (i.e., the little charts showing fat, cholesterol, sodium, calories, etc) for all food items served in the park. A lot of us older folk either have heart issues or are concerned about them, and need low fat, low cholesterol, and/or low sodium items. Those of us that do have a reasonable idea what foods are probably OK, but you can never really be sure unless you stick to fresh fruit or vegetables, or are able to talk to a chef at a restaurant. It can be tough sometimes to pass up some great looking items — for example, the cupcakes and bakery at the Kusafiri shop!! It would be great to know the actual sodium and fat content of those things so we could make a good decision.

    Also, please expand this kiosk idea to the other parks as well!

  7. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    YUM, finally! Vegetarian options in AK! It always shocked and upset me that this was the park that I had the most difficulty finding something to eat…really? One QS meal that I can choose from? Pathetic! So glad they are hearing us and are expanding the selection for us non-meat eaters. Thanks for the great report, AJ, I can’t wait to try the Falafel.

  8. Sam says

    I wish there were more Diabetic options listed as I have a relative that’s Diabetic.
    Most of the counter service places are weighed toward higher carb sandwiches and sugary items. A few lower carb and lower sugar main courses would be nice. It’s in the nature of theme park food to have high sugar sauces and glazes for even healthy items. The samaos looks like a good choice, but the mango sauce appears to have additional sugar in the sauce.

  9. says

    LOVE seeing these options, pricey or not. As a longtime Disney lover and a longtime vegetarian, it’s encouraging to see Disney put more veggie options out there. I remember when I was vegan back in college and went on the trip to WDW with my family (back in the late 90s), and really struggled to find decent vegetarian fare.

    Now it’s SO much easier, and tastier. Those samosas would make a great snack!

  10. Sam says

    I wish they’d continue this concept to their set down resturants. Especially the biggest culprit of all—Portion Size.

    I’ve heard that it is possible to order half portions of some items; but have never seen any proof of that. We’ll often split an entree and appetizer for a meal; but then we have to decide which entree we’d like to share.

    It’s very difficult for me to finish a Disney sized entree by myself.

  11. Hayley says

    I tried the vegan blondie’s and they were really good. You get four little bite size cupcake treats. They were nice and cold after being stored in a refrigerator and had delicious choc chip pieces. Heading back tomorrow to try the other vegan items.

  12. Alan says

    On the negative side,some of the food prices throughout the World are higher than we would like but you have to admit, the WDW folks do try to accommodate everyone. So here’s hoping they attempt to balance the pleasing and the pricing.

  13. Niki says

    Anyone know if the samosas & falafel (minus the sauce) are vegan? Love that they are adding more veg options in the parks!

  14. Ali says

    So excited about this! AK is my favorite park, but it’s been virtually impossible to find veggie counter service there. My sister, who’s allergic to dairy, is thrilled that Babycakes NYC is infiltrating the parks. See you in January, Mr Kamal!

  15. Shayne says

    My next visit to WDW isn’t until January, but I can’t wait to nosh on some samosas while strolling around AK!!

  16. Tricia says

    I know this is an old post but I was really looking forward to trying the Veggie Samosas on my upcoming trip in October but this place is not listed on the Disney website. Is it still there? Is it only open seasonally??

  17. Summer says

    I have the same question as Tricia. As a vegetarian looking for good quick service (usually an oxymoron) at WDW this looks great! Is it still there? Do you know the hours? Is there anything nearby (quick service) that my meat eating family members could grab?

  18. says

    Summer and Tricia — It’s still there, and is now known as Terra Treats. You’ll find it located across from Creature Comforts (Animal Kingdom’s Starbucks location.) Pizzafari is nearby for other family members seeking additional quick service options. Recently, they’ve taken some of the GF/Vegetarian Options off, but they still have pre-packaged snacks as well as gluten free beers and ciders.

    I have seen the Samosas at the Bradley Falls Kiosk. Check there. Also, the new(er) Harambe Market area might have them as well as other vegetarian options.

  19. Summer says

    I should have been more clear. I was referring to the second half of the article that discussed Kamal’s. That falafel looks great!

  20. Ali says

    Summer and Tricia – We had lunch at Mr Kamal’s in September. They still have samosas with fresh mango chutney, hummus and falafel. One of the nearby carts (Bradley Falls?) was serving Asian noodle salad. Still one of my favourite places for lunch in AK. There are other carts nearby and Yak & Yeti isn’t far.

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