Review: Vanilla Ice Cream Brownie Sandwich at Downtown Disney’s Earl of Sandwich

The Earl of Sandwich is still one of the most popular “non-Disney” food destinations in all of Walt Disney World — and now in Disneyland as well.

But you may be surprised to learn that they also have some killer desserts — which take the form of sandwiches, naturally!

A while back I told you about some of them. My first discovery was the Brownie Creme Sandwich. Two of the most amazing brownies ever are stuck together with some rockin’ vanilla frosting. This was Nirvana enough. But then, I tried two more versions of the treat — the Chocolate Creme Brownie Sandwich and the Peanut Butter Creme Brownie Sandwich. Even. Better.

And when I heard about the EoS ice cream sandwich…it was time to return… .

Earl of Sandwich Vanilla Ice Cream Brownie Sandwich

Sure, the brownie sandwiches have been outrageously good up to this point, but they’re about to get even better. Enter, the Vanilla Ice Cream Brownie Sandwich.

It comes to you much like the other brownie sandwiches — nestled in a plastic clamshell.

Brownie Sandwich Earl in its Clamshell

Also just like the other brownie sandwiches, this one is pre-made, and the ingredients are available right on the container, just in case you have any questions about them.

Ingredients -- Click to Enlarge

Out of the box, you get your first look at the sandwich, and you can already tell that the brownie will be rich and chocolatey. Studded with chocolate chips, they have that perfect, dense fudgy consistency that you want in a good brownie.

(Aren’t I a good soldier taking pictures before diving in?!?)

Brownie Sandwich out of the Container

From the cross section, you can see just how dense that brownie is — and you know this is going to be worth every extra mile on the treadmill.

Brownie Sandwich -- Cross Section

And it is.

I was eating this on the run — headed out of Downtown Disney and to the airport to catch a plane. But I SO wish I could have spent some serious alone time with this dessert.

There’s something about the contrast of flavors and textures here that’s pretty amazing. And since the ice cream isn’t as rich as frosting, this didn’t feel quite as heavy.

This is definitely a winner and worthy of your time and money if you’re looking for something sweet while strolling around Downtown Disney.

Have you tried the Ice Cream Brownie Sandwich at the Earl of Sandwich? Let us know what you think about this dessert below in comments!


  1. Cheryl D says

    It looks wonderful! I was hoping to go there for a counter service meal at some point. Can you tell me if they let you have one of these or the brownie creams as the dessert for a counter service meal? I tried to get one of the brownie creams in their NYC store, but they don’t have them at all! (Sigh.)

  2. Marlene says

    Do they use the same Ghirardelli brownies that they sell?
    Those brownies are the best!

  3. Kimberly says

    I am in love with EoS brownies. In fact, we were married at Discovery Cove and I bought a bunch of brownies from EoS the day before the wedding and, with a can of vanilla frosting, assembled our own little wedding cake at our room at Old Key West that night. It was heavenly!

    That ice cream sandwich sounds to die for! I will be definitely trying that next month when we’re down there. Thanks for all your hard work ;).

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