A New Batch of Mystery Vinylmation Cupcakes is Fresh Out of the Oven

A few years back the oh-so-clever merchandise makers at Disney cooked up something special when they combined two of my mostest favoritest things ever, cupcakes and Vinylmations, into the Vinylmation Bakery series of collectibles. Disney characters hiding under Disney-themed faux frosting – delicious to look at!

They’ve done it again with a new series, Mystery Vinylmation Cupcakes, now available at disneystore.com, Disney Store retail locations, and in the parks for $12.95 each. Here’s the packaging. Note the bakery string printed on the boxes, such a sweet detail.

There are six types of characters represented in this series: Mickey, Stitch, Figment, the Toy Story alien, a Snow White Dwarf, and a Haunted Mansion ghost.

As this is an open-window set, where you can see which character (or character family) you’re getting, you can choose your favorite. But in a twist that’s new to the Vinylmation World, hidden in each open character is one of three mystery facial expressions. So you know, for example, that you’re getting Mickey, but you don’t know which of the three Mickeys you’ll receive. You have control and surprise in equal measure.

I purchased two of each of the six characters and was lucky enough to get two of the three variants for five of the characters. Confusing, eh? In other words, I bought 12 and got 11 different ones.

First I pulled the frosting off Figment.

Then Mickey.


The Aliens.

And the ghosts. I pulled Ezra and Phineas. I’m still on the hunt for their pal Gus.

I ended up with Dopey twice on my last pulls. The other cupcake dwarfs are Grumpy and Doc. I wonder if Doc would caution me about indulging in so many cupcakes? :-)

I think the element of surprise is great in this new series! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Are these on your wish list? Would you choose a real cupcake or a Vinyl one? Let us know in the comments below.

Erin Foster is the Disney Food for Families columnist and a behind-the-scenes guru here at Disney Food Blog! Check out more of her posts here.


  1. William Wells says

    I am not a vinylmation collector but these cute little one will change my mind. I collect pins and did not get into vinylmation one to save them for the children to collect but the child in me is weakening. All of my favorite characters are represented here. Heart be still. But here is the best part. THEY ARE TRADABLE! If you buy one tat you already have or do not like. Fine someone to trade with. Try it.

  2. Jenny says

    I love vinylmation, a have a few. :) I think I will want to add the Dwarfs set and then the Haunted Mansion set. Yep going to try to get those. :)

  3. Essie says

    I’ve never gotten into the Vinyls. I love my Trading Pins and just can’t afford to collect both so I’ve stayed loyal to my pins which I can actually wear when ever I want for special occasions, seasons, holidays, movie premiers, etc. I have, however, seen some vinyls that I thought were very cute and clever (especially since I love the ‘Big M’)! I’m sure the people who collect them, like you Erin, enjoy them as much as I enjoy my Pins! Thanks for the article and sharing this with us.

  4. Tricia says

    Oh no!!! Figment is toooooooooo cute. I might just have to own one. This might be the beginning of the end for me.

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