News! Chase VIP Lounge Comes to the America Pavilion for the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

We’ve been hearing since the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Preview last month that the Chase VIP Lounge, first introduced in 2012, would be back again this year!

America Pavilion in Epcot

In 2012, the lounge was located in Festival Center. This year, it will change locations to the America Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase.

We also have some MORE exciting news for Chase Disney Visa Card Members at the end of this article, so read through to get all of the important updates!

The Chase Lounge at the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

The America Pavilion, which is central to World Showcase, provides a great midway point for stopping and resting during a trip around the World.

The lounge will be located on the third floor of the pavilion building. Guests can use the elevator located between the attraction and the gift shop. Just show your Chase Card, and you’re in! (Note: The Chase VIP Lounge is available to all Chase Cardmembers.)

Chase Lounge on the Third Floor of American Adventure

This will be a great place to take a break from the festivities and enjoy some a/c!

Chase Lounge at American Adventure

Guests can also recharge their cell phones while enjoying complimentary soft drinks. And new this year, you’ll also have the option of purchasing beer and wine.

Catch a score on the television, or flip through a magazine while you relax a bit.

Refreshments for the Chase Lounge

Enjoy some terrific views of Epcot from your third floor vantage point! While the windows here are small, it could be a good location to catch a view of IllumiNations.

View from the Chase Lounge

Also back for 2012 — the interactive festival map!

Interactive Festival Map from 2012

But we also promised you some big news for Chase Disney Visa Card Members!

Chase Visa Card Members Can Book Food and Wine Events a Day Early!

Holders of the Chase Disney Visa Card can book select Food and Wine Special Events one day before they are open to the general public.

To take advantage of the early booking opportunity, call (407) WDW FEST between 7am and 11pm Eastern Time.

Chase Disney Visa Card Members can choose to book the following events:

Spaceship Earth from Chase Lounge

Chase card members can visit the lounge from 11am until 9pm Sunday through Thursday during the festival, and from 11am until 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

Want More Details About the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival?

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Will you be taking advantage of early booking for these Food and Wine Festival Special Events? Leave a comment below and let us know!

(And thanks to MealTrip for the use of his great photos!)


  1. Jenn says

    Do you think only the Culinary Demonstrations, Mixology Seminars, Wine Schools, Cheese Seminars and “3D” Disney Dessert Discovery can be booked? Or all the events? The e-mail and verbiage on the Disney Rewards site is unclear, in my opinion.

    “For one day only on Monday, August 12 from 7am-11pm EST, Cardmembers will have the opportunity to book special events at the Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival before sales open to the general public on August 13.1 Indulge your taste buds with a range of events, including:

    Culinary Demonstrations
    Mixology Seminars
    Wine Schools
    Cheese Seminars
    “3D” Disney Dessert Discovery

    Click here to explore event details, dates and pricing.”

    The link takes you to the official Disney site with all events listed.

  2. Cheryl D says

    I was at the festival last October, and I really appreciated the lounge. My friend was able to charge her cell phone, and I did some pin trading while I waited, and had a cup of coffee. I wish they had a lounge all year round! I’ve had a Disney VISA card from “Day One”.

  3. Amanda says

    Are kids allowed in this lounge or is it just for adults? We are going in October, and this would be a great place for all of us to take a break!

  4. Dale Knight says

    You can book more events than what is listed above. By the time I got through though all the slots that were allocated for Disney Visa cardholders were taken. Better luck tomorrow I hope!

  5. Sam M says

    The lounge was really appreciated last year in the hot weather. However, more sugarless drinks and less screaming children would be even more appreciated.

  6. Dana says

    I was able to book my culinary demonstrations today using my Disney Visa, and the woman I booked with made it sound like you could book any of the events.

    I did think, from the email they sent me, that you could only go into the lounge with a Disney Chase card, not just any Chase card. I kind of hope that’s true, otherwise it’s going to be packed in there!

  7. Jimofh says

    On the website (, it indicates the following: “Present your Disney’s Visa Card to gain access to the Lounge.”

    Sounds like not any Chase card will due — only Disney Visa card.
    AJ, did you get info from Chase or Disney indicating that any Chase card will get you into the Chase lounge?

    Also, in fine print at bottom of this web page, it says the following: “Cardmembers can visit the Chase Lounge from 11am-9pm on Sunday through Thursday and 11am-10pm on Friday and Saturday during the Festival to enjoy the complimentary amenities as long as capacity allows. “. Note it says “AS LONG AS CAPACITY ALLOWS” — implying you may not get in if they are crowded, even with a Disney Visa card.

  8. says

    Jimofh — The lounge is open to all Chase Visa Cardholders, not just Disney cardholders. Early booking on the 12th was open to only Disney Visa cardholders.

  9. Lynda says

    Wow, they did not leave any slots for regular guests today? Called exactly at 7am, connected straight to a person, but was sold out of the Buddy Valastro sweet Sunday already. That really stinks. :'(

  10. Mike says

    I managed to get through this morning to book my F&W Mexican & Italian luncheons with great surprise. I was on hold for 58 minutes, (called right at 0700) so was expecting my luncheons to be sold out, but alas!!! I’m super excited about attending these two events again this year. They were definitely my wife and I’ s favorite dining events from last year’s F&W festival… Whoaboy!!!

  11. Janet Sala says

    If anyone had trouble booking an event early this morning, try again! I was told that four events were sold out, when in fact there were “technical issues” that prevented the CM from booking the events. Tried again around 10:30-11AM and everything that was sold out at 7AM was then available. TRY AGAIN!!!

  12. Lynda says

    Thanks! I tried again in the afternoon and was able to book the event that I was turned away from this morning! Yay! I can’t wait!! But I feel sorry for others who called this morning and don’t know to try again. :(

  13. Erika says

    Was so excited to get the email from Chase saying I could reserve event seating one day early! Called right at 7am (4am here!), was on hold for 25 minutes, and was able to get the Party for the Senses tickets I wanted. Last year I didn’t! Unfortunately, the Hibachi Experience was already sold out. Looks like I need to call again to make sure. And I can’t wait to check out the Chase Lounge! Last year it was sort of out of the way. 80 days and counting!

  14. Nicole says

    Thanks for the news…Can’t wait. The view looks outstanding… The people sitting all look a little, um, not thrilled… Definitely not a Disney Marketing Photo! LOL!! Love this blog!!!

  15. Mealtrip says

    Nicole – Actually, in the third photo from the top, the gentleman in the center of the photo, with the white pants and multi-colored shirt… is none other than Disney Legend, Bob Gurr.

  16. says

    Amanda — Children are allowed in the lounge.

    Opa — Each cardholder “may bring 9 guests into the Chase Lounge.”

    Dana and Jimofh — Just a little further clarification…Chase did confirm that any Chase cardholder could use the lounge, even though the email said Disney Visa Cardholders.

  17. Jimofh says

    Thanks for the follow-up on the Chase cards AJ. To be safe, I had gone ahead and applied for a Chase Disney card on Monday night anyway. I will be taking my mother, who is in a wheelchair to the festival, and thought the lounge would be a great rest stop where we could also get a comp cold soft drink. Thanks also for doing such a great job on this blog!

  18. Kylea says

    Thanks for the info on the Chase lounge! We went last year the first week of the festival and found it completely by accident. I saw people going through a doorway with someone standing guard and I just had to know what was back there! The lounge was a great place for us to sit down, cool off (or dry off from all the rain), have a cold soda or hot tea, charge phones, and use the restroom. All for free! As a party of 4 adults, we visited a few times and have only good things to say about the lounge. What a great perk for card holders. This looks like a larger space with a nice view. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Jan says

    After reading all of these posts regarding the 2013 F&W Festival,,,the content refers ONLY to the 2012 Festival…so…Is there any NEW information or updates on THIS years Fest.
    Are we to believe that all of this from 2012 is still the same in 2013?

  20. Cindi says

    Last year the Chase lounge offered special wrist bands for preferred viewing of Illuminations Have you heard if this will be available again this year?
    Thanks for all your great info, AJ!

  21. Shayla says

    I have the same question as Cindi regarding the wristbands for Illuminations. We got them last year, then the show was cancelled 10 minutes before it was supposed to start due to weather.My kids were very disappointed.

  22. Joanne says

    Similar question as Shalya and Cindi. Will Chase be offering wristbands to the Eat to the Beat Concerts as well as Illuminations? I sure hope so because that was great. Thanks for any info you can provide.

  23. Rich Wallace says

    The lounge is NOT open during Illuminations, and so cannot be used as a viewing spot. And, despite the picture, it would not be a good spot. The center lake fireworks are obscured by the American Theater which is clear from the picture, what is not is that the windows are not tall enough to allow a higher view than what the picture shows, so nothing up high.
    And yes, the wristbands are available this year, but, and this is a big but, they are only available for Disney Chase Cards, not all Chase Cards.

  24. Rich Wallace says

    Sorry, minor correction, All Chase cards for Illuminations, only Disney for concerts. And Only on select dates, mostly weekends. Unlike last year they are not available all days.

  25. Julana says

    Does anyone know the rules for the eat to the beat wristbands? Are they just for Disney cardholders? And what does the wristband get you?

  26. Helen says

    Where is the lounge for 2014??? Same area??? Looked up the link but all old info from last year and older. Time to update folks!!!

  27. says

    Helen — Thanks for your comment! Yes, the Chase Lounge will be located in the America Pavilion within World Showcase again this year. This post is from 2013, and includes links to 2013 information. You’ll find all of the 2014 Epcot Food and Wine Festival here, including info on the Chase Lounge on the Main Index page. For ease of access, you’ll also see an icon on the right side of the DFB website. Hope this helps!

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