Review: New Macaroni and Cheese Burger at Epcot’s Electric Umbrella

Welcome DFB reader and author Wendy with a review of the NEW Macaroni and Cheese Burger. Venture to Epcot’s Electric Umbrella in Future World for a bite of comfort food!

Okay, I confess… I’ve passed by Electric Umbrella in Epcot’s Future World on my way to grab some fish & chips at the United Kingdom Pavilion’s Yorkshire County Fish Shop in World Showcase many, many times.

But I heard a rumor about something new on the menu that piqued my interest and made it a must-visit.

Burgers? Mac and Cheese? What’s not to love? We had to try it!

Electric Umbrella Sign

Electric Umbrella Sign

This futuristic counter service restaurant is much-maligned, but we’ve actually had a few good experiences here in recent visits. And I was really looking forward to what might happen on this stop in.

Upon receiving my order, I chose this great table between the cheerful – and, yes, electric — umbrellas…

Electric Umbrellas!

Electric Umbrellas!

Table at the window

Table at the window

… and the window facing the fountains. This is a great spot when it’s 9 bajillion degrees outside but you still want to watch the fountains dance.

Dancing Fountain

Dancing Fountain

After getting situated, it was time to dig in!

Allow me to introduce you to… The Macaroni & Cheese Burger.

Mac and Cheese Burger

Mac and Cheese Burger

Another confession: I came to this item with a bias. I’m a HUGE fan of the Macaroni & Cheese and Truffle Oil Hot Dog Dog found at Fairfax Fare, so if Mac & Cheese scored a home run on a hot dog, than why not on a burger?

Mac and Cheese Hot Dog Close-Up

What else tops this burger aside from Mac & Cheese? BACON! And (wait for it…) MORE CHEESE!

That’s right… someone had the idea to top Macaroni and Cheese with a slice of Cheddar Cheese. I’d like to shake the hand of whoever made that decision. That was a bold move.

Macaroni and Cheese Burger Description

Macaroni and Cheese Burger Description

You may be wondering, “How big is this thing?” Let’s face it – it’s composed of what typically serves as two entrees (burger and mac & cheese) and a side item (bacon) in between 2 pieces of bread (‘cuz, you know… why not?).

When considering how to convey the size to help you plan your eating strategy accordingly, I realized I had someone with me who might be able to help: our friend, Sonny Eclipse from Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café!

Sonny Eclipse VinylMation next to burger

Sonny Eclipse VinylMation next to burger

As you can see, the Macaroni and Cheese Burger is one Sonny Eclipse VinylMation high! A terrific portion while also being totally manageable!

Perhaps it’s unfair to compare apples to oranges… or hamburgers to hot dogs. But I did notice that, unlike the Mac & Cheese and Truffle Oil Dog, the Mac & Cheese on this burger is baked.

Baked macaroni and cheese

Baked macaroni and cheese

The “baked” aspect, however, is where we get the good news/bad news factor.

The fact that it’s baked really helps the burger stay together. I was amazed that I could cut it in half for sharing, eat my entire half, and have it remain completely intact.

Burger Cross-Section

Burger Cross-Section

Unfortunately, the baking seemed to strip the mac & cheese of some of its gooey-goodness and flavor. It actually struck me as bland, which was the last thing I expected.

The bacon and cheddar suddenly became necessary ingredients as opposed to over-indulgences on an already well-loaded burger. They brought some needed punch to the flavor.

Thankfully, there was NO skimping on the bacon… it had a great texture and there was plenty in every bite!

Pile of Bacon

Pile of Bacon

Mac and Bacon close up

Mac and Bacon close up


I can’t say that this “must-try” item turned into a “must-try again.” That said, I believe I will visit Electric Umbrella again in the future.

While I went in for the Macaroni and Cheese Burger, I found myself tempted by some of the other items on the menu, like the Vegetarian Flatbread and my tried-and-wonderfully-true Chicken Breast Nuggets. (Seriously, WHY can’t I ever get enough of those?!).

Menu for Electric Umbrella

Menu for Electric Umbrella

Add to that, it’s a great place to steal a little more time in Future World, which I tend to neglect in favor of World Showcase. And maybe I’m missing out on something there. After all, you really can’t beat this view…



So, once again, Electric Umbrella temps us even though it’s easy to pass by this long-time Epcot counter-service spot.

Does your family stop by Electric Umbrella during a day at Epcot? What’s your favorite item to order? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Chris says

    I had it. I thought it was extremely boring and lacking. The buns that WDW uses for their burgers nowadays always fall apart, and certainly couldn’t handle all of this extra topping. Pass.

  2. Alan says

    This burger is starting to appear in a few places where I live in NC. My wife loves it but I find that these flavors seems to neutralize each other. I think that putting Mac and cheese on a hot dog makes a little more sense as the saltiness of the dog brings a little more zestiness to the combination. Nice review, great pics and Sonny Eclipse is a nice, funny touch.

  3. just a guest says

    Anyone want to take a guess on the number of calories it has?!
    Wonder why Disney doesn’t have to post nutritional information on their menus like McDonald’s does.
    I would love to try the hot dog and mac&cheese though.

  4. James says

    I love a good burger. And just the description has me wanting to try this thing on my next trip. The fact it’s been baked and doesn’t provide the mess you’d expect from such a burger is a positive.

  5. says

    You think getting the grapes on the side balances out the nutrition? :) Looks like it’s worth a try. And Sonny Eclipse gives a great perspective!

  6. Sandra says

    Hmm. This might be overkill. Maybe if you could get some mac and cheese on the side, we’d be talking. We used to love Electric Umbrella for breakfast. Early in the morning, we’d sit outside and enjoy a wonderful breakfast pizza. Now THAT was worth stopping in for! But I bet my son would eat this burger anyway–assuming he didn’t go for his favorite chicken nuggets.

  7. says

    Great article, but amazing menu item form a park that caused controversy when it tried to steer kids away from grossly unhealthy foods!

  8. Wendy says

    Chris — glad I’m not the only one to tackle it so far! I was fortunate in that mine stayed together very well, but you’re right… it’s a LOTTA topping on there.

    Alan — Thank you! That’s wild to think this is catching. I wholeheartedly agree that the hot dog is a much better compliment. Are you seeing that combo anywhere in your area?

    justaguest — I chose to put that thought out of my mind ;). I can’t even begin to imagine the count! I did need nutritional info on an item once at Karamell Kuche in EPCOT, and a Cast Member was able to provide a reference sheet for me to read, which was great. I’m not sure how many places that is the case, as it was just a one-time need for me. I may look into that a bit more!

    Melissa — that’s awesome! It really is perfect, since the size is standard. I happened to have Sonny along because a friend of mine asked me to see if I could find any fun trades. But now I’m thinking of getting one of my own for future measurement purposes! (you know, for research. ;) )

    James — If you give it a try, I would love to hear what you think! Enjoy!

    Laura — you know, I did consider the grapes momentarily for that reason ;). Ha!

  9. Essie says

    Hmmm, even though I love the Fountain there, I think that I would pass on this and go to the Un. Kingdom Fish Shop. I’ve already decided to try that place on my next trip anyway! Nice report, and I really liked the measuring tool that you used for us; although I myself am a Pin Trader, I admire your creativity!

  10. Carol says

    So I guess this replaces the burger that was there before which I really did like.. hmmm… Based on the review it’s not a good trade! Next stop!

  11. Angelina says

    I think that this is one thing that I would skip. I’m not against it from a calorie standpoint (although that is a good soapbox to stand on) but it just looks dry and unappetizing. Kudos to Disney for trying out new combinations though…A for effort!

  12. Deb C says

    Do they still have a regular hamburger or cheeseburger? This doesn’t look that appetizing to me.

  13. Kristina says

    Love baked mac -n-cheese. Actually, its more like an obsession.

    I wonder if the kids version is baked or plastic?.

  14. Jess says

    Thanks for sharing! Too bad it wasn’t as good as it looks. I haven’t ate here for years. It seemed empty to me walking by it in April. I might make a stop next time I need a counter service meal at Epcot. I tend to go to World Showcase or Sunshine Seasons but the menu seems to have some different options which is nice for a change. I really enjoyed the Mac & cheese hot dog. Also, I loved seeing sonny eclipse for perspective!

  15. Wendy says

    Sandra – I’m with your son on that one… If there are chicken breast nuggets on the menu, I will always consider them, no matter how many more new items are on the menu!

    Essie & Kev – thank you :)!

    Deb – I didn’t see one on the menu, but since they have the makings for it, I’m sure you could ask and I doubt it would be any problem :).

    Kristina – Ha!

    Jess – Thank you! That’s what I was thinking, too… nice for a change of pace from where I usually tread! And I love the old school feel of it!

  16. Lori says

    I had this burger last week at the Electric Umbrella. I was definitely not impressed. Very bland no flavor and burger wasn’t that hot. I’m not concerned with calories.. When I’m on vacation I’m on vacation and I don’t sit and ponder my caloric intake. I won’t get it again not because of the cheese or the calories, I won’t get it again because it had no flavor.

  17. nicole says

    Had this burger on my trip in July and it was amazing! I was so full afterwards! Mac and cheese on a bacon cheeseburger.. what could be better?! It’s so yummy!!

  18. Nita says

    Wendy – love the Vinylmation scale. I might have to remember that one… and I can’t remember the last time I ate at the Electric Umbrella…

  19. Lisa says

    That looks amazing and I am so going to try to make this at home. As a side note, what are the odds that someone who buys this burger is going to opt for the grapes over the fries?

  20. Denise says

    Our boys split one in October…they enjoyed it. This EU menu is much better than it was several years ago. We had written it off after eating a couple gross meals there. It’s back on our “on our way out of the park” radar, but there are so many other places we go to in the WS first if we’re not leaving the park soon. =)

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