Guest Review: Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Reception Food and Wedding Cake

Guest author James Armstrong first shared his Disney Wedding Tasting with us. Now, James returns with a magical review of his Disney Fairytale Wedding! We wish Meghan and James a lifetime of happiness (and fabulous Disney vacations)!

James and Meghan at their Fairytale Wedding!

The food has been chosen and the big day is here. There is nothing to do but wait. After the food tasting we waited six long months for the big day.

Rehearsal Dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant

It all started the day before our wedding day with our rehearsal dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant. They did not have group reservations open yet when we had to book, so we made a reservation for 14 and trimmed the list to the bare minimum.

They actually divided our table up into two groups of seven. We sat in the main ballroom and had an excellent meal.

The best part was they brought out six orders of The Grey Stuff for everyone to share at the table.

The Grey Stuff!

The Big Day!

The big day was here and it was starting to get real.

Disney’s execution of the wedding was excellent! They took care of everything and if there were any issues, they were never brought to our attention and were handled behind the scenes.

Bridge to the Wedding Pavilion.

Aisle Runner inside Disney's Wedding Pavilion.

Altar overlooking Cinderella's Castle!

After the ceremony, while we took formal pictures, our guests attended the cocktail hour. Our guests were more than happy to report to us that the food was excellent. They had Spanakopita, Mushrooms tartlets, and Antipasto display (with meats, cheeses, marinated veggies and various breads).


After this came the reception; it was everything my wife and I envisioned for our special day.

Happily Ever After!

Reception Wall.

However, this blog is about the FOOD, so without further ado I will skip ahead to the reception food, including the Salad Caprese, Truffle Mac & Cheese, Herb Mascarpone Risotto, and Pan Seared Mahi Mahi.

Suffice it to say everything was just as good as the tasting, if not better. Fresh and hot, definitely not your standard wedding buffet. Here are some pictures from the reception to get your mouth watering.

Salad Caprese.

Truffle Mac and Cheese.

Pan Seared Mahi Mahi.

The buffet was set up very elegantly, and if you needed assistance, the servers were more than willing to get the items for you so it did not seem like a typical buffet.

Dinner Service.

Dinner Buffet.

The buffet also included some items we did not try in our tasting. For our sides we had a Roasted Beets with shaved Fennel, Truffle Oil, and Crumbled Goat cheese. It had both regular beets and Golden beets with some creamy goat cheese and a wonderful herb mixture.

Beet Salad.

The Olive Oil Grilled Veggies consisted of yellow squash, zucchini, red onion, carrots, and asparagus. They were good, but just your typical vegetables. Why waste valuable stomach space on veggies when there are so many other options?

Dinner Vegetables.

For the main courses we had chicken, fish, and beef. The fish and chicken were the same as we had in the tasting, but the beef dish was slightly different due to the constraints of the tasting. The chef only prepared us single filets and added the peppercorn mustard rub after he cooked it.

For the actual event they prepared the Whole Beef Strip Loin with the Peppercorn Mustard Rub while it cooked. This was served fresh on a carving station and you could get a piece according to your “done-ness” preference.

This was more tender than what we tried at our tasting and was probably my favorite dish of the evening.

Beef Strip Loin.

The dessert table had two options (besides cake that came later) — a Chocolate Truffle Torte and a Cheesecake with almonds, raspberries and white chocolate. Both looked very good, but honestly we did not have a chance to try them. By the time we made our rounds greeting people, it had been taken away. Some of our guests that had a chance to try it said they were both very good.

Dessert Table.

Chocolate Truffle Torte


Finally came time to cut the cake. We had three layers; the bottom and largest layer was Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Mousse Frosting. This is the one pictured below and the layer we both ate.

The next layer was White Cake with Dark Chocolate Mousse Frosting and the Anniversary Layer was Red Velvet with White Chocolate Frosting. The Cake was very moist but very rich; it was hard to finish a whole piece but somehow we managed.

Wedding Cake.

Serving the cake.

Cake slice served.

We also arranged to have all the guests receive a white chocolate favor to take home that looks like a Cast Member’s name tag. We kept ours, and it is currently sitting in our freezer.

Chocolate Favors.


All in all, Disney did an excellent job with our wedding, they took care of everything and made the schedule of events and planning stress free. The only complaint we can think of the experience was that the servers were a little too efficient in clearing the tables. If you took your eyes off your plate for more than a few minutes, it would be cleared away.

Disney is known for the quality of their food and they did not disappoint. We would definitely recommend a Disney wedding for anyone looking to get married or to renew their vows.

Have you attended a Disney Wedding or other special event? What kind of cake would you order for your special occasion?


  1. Sara says

    Congratulations James and Meghan! The wedding (and the food!) looked like it was gorgeous and wonderful!! This post is making me even more excited (if that’s possible haha!) for my upcoming Disney wedding in October!! :)

  2. Jessica says

    Congratulations James and Meghan! Everything looked perfect!

    I must admit, I was living vicariously through this post! My husband and I would love to renew our vows at WDW one day.

  3. Cheryl D says

    Congratulations James and Meghan! Everything looked just beautiful, and delicious! I really like the fact that they let you have different flavors for cake for the different layers. When I asked one bakery, they said, “I could do dat for ya lady, but that’ll cost ya extra.” Another bakery flatly refused to do it!

  4. Sarah says

    Everything looks fantastic! Congratulations! I’m with you Jessica, our 20th is coming up and I could see me and my hubby doing this! Sooo exciting. :)

  5. Amanda says

    It’s so great to hear that their Disney wedding was excellently executed – and had delicious food! As a wedding and event planner I haven’t brought a bride to Disney yet, but it’s definitely on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Katie says

    First of all, congratulations, James! It’s great to hear your positive review of your wedding day experience and food. My fiance and I have our Wishes wedding next month (Oct. 20th), so this is perfect timing!

    We are having a brunch reception at Italy Isola, complete with Mickey waffles and Jiko mac, and a dessert party that evening in the UK. I won’t bore everyone with all the details of what we’re having but our tasting was fabulous. (I meant to take pictures of everything at the tasting but only ended up with two photos. Oops.)

    We are also having the red velvet and cream cheese for part of our cake. I still can’t get over how rich and moist that cake was in the tasting. The other layer of our cake is yellow cake with strawberry mousse.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  7. Shayne says

    Congratulations, James & Meghan! Thanks for sharing your special day with us, including the yummy food!

  8. CanadiansloveWDW says

    my daughters are way to young to get married (8 and 2) but i am going to start to drop hints now this is where they should get married…
    and CONGRATS

  9. Joy O says

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing. Who doesn’t love a good Disney/wedding/food combo post?! Food photos were STUNNING (as was your bride;). SO glad to hear a review on food quality. Hubby and I have discussed doing a vow renewal there. Definitely convincing me that I have great ideas ;) Thanks again for sharing with us.

  10. Sharon says

    Thanks for posting. This brings back wonderful memories of our daughter’s wedding at WDW 10 years ago. Disney did such a wonderful job and made it totally stress free. Loved the planning, tastings, and the wonderful results. Even the weather co-operated. We did a Welcome Party the night before at the “Adventurer’s Club” (no longer in existence), wedding chapel for the ceremony, Italy terrace for the fireworks and cocktails before dinner at California Adventure. I like that Disney had great ideas to get the most for your money. We did elaborate flowers in the chapel and at Disney’s suggestion they took the pew arrangements to the reception where they were placed n tall vases (so people could see each other at the tables) making them almost free table decorations.

  11. JL says

    The food looks amazing – I would not have guessed it would be so impressive and delicious looking.

    Congrats – what a great beginning!

  12. says

    Sharon: I’m assuming you mean you had dinner at California Grill. But if you went from the Italy terrace for cocktails and the fireworks then flew to California Adventure to have dinner, kudos on the most awesome wedding ever! ;)

  13. Jennie says

    Looks like you two had a fairy tale day. Much congratulations for a long and happy union. Ants for sharing your day.

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