First Look! Starbucks Opens at Epcot’s Fountain View Cafe

Last year, we shared the announcement that Epcot’s Fountain View Cafe in Walt Disney World would become a Starbucks location. This Future World location that was popular for ice cream treats joins the Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom as a counter service retreat for coffee lovers.

Today, we have a FIRST LOOK of the new Fountain View Cafe doing business as a Starbucks!

Fountain View Exterior with Starbucks signage.

Fountain View Cafe Starbucks Atmosphere

Follow the walkway up into the new, futuristic Starbucks!

Walkway and fountains.

Guests will see Epcot’s iconic Spaceship Earth reflected in the window with Starbucks logo.

Spaceship Earth Reflection!

Starbucks is prominently displayed at the entrances and on the windows of Fountain View.


Doors to Fountain View.

Check out the cool Retro font!

Cool example of retro font.

Once you’re inside, you’ll be able to survey Future World.

View of Spaceship Earth.

…and check out all of the futuristic additions to the cafe!


Cast Members are all ready to help from the fittings of light woods and frosted glass fixtures.

Cast Members!

Fountain View Cafe Starbucks Menu Items

Let’s take a look at the menu! This location is now serving breakfast sandwiches (check out the Gouda!!).

Breakfast Sandwich Menu.

And other Starbucks classics are available as well. Here’s the full menu!

Menu. Click image for larger version.

Frap Menu!

Beloved pumpkin spice drinks have arrived for the fall season.

Pumpkin Spice!

And guests are welcome to snag some bagged coffee for their hotel room (or for the trip home)!

Starbucks Coffee for sale.

The bakery case features the same types of goodies you’ll find in the Magic Kingdom’s Starbucks — cake pops, scones and breads, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes.

Bakery case.

Yes, there are Disney-specific cupcakes. Check out the Mickey Cupcake or Chocolate Cappuccino Cupcake for $4.19.

Disney cupcakes!

Disney fans can opt for a Sugar Cookie with Mickey sprinkles. Both the sugar cookie and chocolate chip cookie sell for $2.39 OR a Disney Dining Plan snack credit.

Sugar Cookies with Mickey sprinkles!

Watch for our full Fountain View review coming soon!

What are your thoughts on the new Starbucks format at Fountain View? Chime in!


  1. Lynne says

    What? Again, NO seating?? Looks like all of the tables that were on the outside are missing! Fountain VIEW? Where do you sit for the view? They ruined the cool round front window too. Total fail.

  2. CanadiansloveWDW says

    awesome… PSL for a snack credit.. i noticed that the cupcakes had no sign as a snack credit..

  3. Stacey says

    Now that is Starbucks in Disney. What a terrible design. Why don’t they just call it the Fountainview Starbucks? I agree a total Fail.

    The salted caramel mocha is really good too. It’s got the sweet and salty taste, going for it.

  4. sarah says

    My question is where are we supposed to get our ice cream floats and ice cream cookie sandwiches in Epcot now?? Missed them this summer already :-(

  5. AmyW says

    I guess I’m kind of surprised that if they’re going to offer Disney specific cupcakes, that they’re not going to be snack credits, like most other cupcakes in the World are. Grrrr…

  6. Trish says

    Sarah, I’m not positive on this, but I thought I read that we can use our Starbucks card, but we will be unable to reload them. Hope that helps!

  7. Joy O says

    So….apparently I’m alone in this when I say this is better than Main St? I actually find that this location incorporates the EPCOT theming a little better than Main St. I also think the Disney food additions are a great idea – wish they would do more in both locations. May help quiet the nay-sayers. Furthermore – I think the more people buy the Disney products in the Starbucks locations may prompt a snack credit change. Disney changes things all the time with that Dining Plan – we all know that. So you never know. Step in the right direction. Perfect? No. Getting there though. I am personally excited to think I can walk around futureworld with a pumpkin spice latte. I also love the photo with the Spaceship Earth reflection in the window. Awesome. I hope they sell a Starbucks/DisneyWorld mug!! My collection would be complete!!!

  8. Joy O says

    PS: I think Trish is right. In the last post of the Main St Starucks opening that information was provided. I’m not sure if it gets us our stars either. But hey – its less money to appropriate in my vacation fund. My coffee money is there all the time:)

  9. JennyC says

    I agree with Joy, I think this location is much better than the Magic Kingdom one. It fits the Disney market more.

  10. andrea says

    I love the design of this! I also like that they feature Mickey cupcakes and cookies! They do take Starbucks cards, I’m pretty sure! :)

    There are plenty of places to get cold treats, in World Showcase anyway! When I’m at Epcot, I like to indulge in country specific items anyway, so I go with green tea ice cream or gelato or cold icy drinks!

  11. Huysmans says

    I might be alone in this but I love writing and reading in the parks on vacation. It’s like an ultimate people watching location. having a Starbucks, hopefully with wifi, just makes this perfect! And though this particular blog loves to be overtly positive about the quality of food at most Disney counter service places, Starbucks will add a great deal of quality to that area.

  12. Jimofh says

    We used to stop at Fountain View for a root beer float or ice cream around noon time before heading over to World Showcase — sit outside, rest, enjoy the fountain, and people watch. Not being coffee drinkers, and with no outdoor seating, we will no longer visit Fountain View — totally unhappy with this change.

  13. Robert says

    With all the food and drink options in the world showcase I can not imagine stopping at a Starbucks that you can find on any street corner in America unless it is before opening. Even then I would just wait because while I enjoy the coffee products the bakery items are fast food quality at best.

  14. Lucy says

    You had me at salted caramel mocha frappuccino! So glad I’ll be there around fall next year to enjoy this beauty again!

  15. Susan says

    Yes, you can use your Starbucks gift card or Gold card. You will get stars for purchases made there. You cannot reload your Starbucks card. You can not redeem free drinks or food at Disney Starbucks.

    I really like this design. It looks like it fits in perfect with Future World. As for not having a seating area, how many people would actually stop and sit and drink their drink? I see everyone walking around the park, drinking their Starbucks. That’s what I plan to do-get my Starbucks, then go walk World Showcase. And of course, Instagram my Starbucks cup in front of Spaceship Earth. ;)

  16. Jess says

    Is the crumb cake (from the old Main Street Bakery) available here and at the new Main Street Bakery? I see it is available at Animal Kingdom but I am not sure of any other locations. I usually buy one to take back home for breakfast the next day to ease back into reality.

    The salted caramel mocha frap sounds so good and and also the guava pocket. Are these disney items or can these be found at all Starbucks?

    I like the font and look of the new fountain view sign. I occasionally get Starbucks at home but I enjoy the Jofferys stand near universe of energy when I visit Epcot as I can’t get it at home unless I order their coffee online.

  17. tkcanada says

    Hmmm…well- I find the addition of Starbucks to be ho hum in general… I find their food offerings boring and of mediocre quality and I don’t like how they roast their beans. The main street location is ok— not incredibly themed but definitely freshened up.
    I agree with some of the other comments re: why buy something from Starbucks when a unique Disney treat is right around the corner?

  18. Paul says

    I drink my coffee black and enjoy almost all dark roast coffees, but not Starbucks. In my opinion, most folks who love Starbucks are drinking flavored coffees or drinks made with espresso like the Frappachino, Mochachino, etc.

    In any case, the removal of seating is a non starter for me no matter how consistent the decor is with the theme of EPCOT.

    I was sad when they changed the Fountain View to ice cream only, but I still enjoyed it while eating a sundae at the outside or inside tables and watching the fountain. :) If there is truly no seating, I will be taking my business elsewhere when I need coffee. Unfortunately, they ruined the desserts at Les Halles in “France” as well. :( Maybe the school bread at Kringla Bakery in “Norway” is still good. I know THEY have seating where one can enjoy the food. :)

  19. Donald says

    @Jenn: The spinach wrap with cage-free egg whites is available at Starbucks locations across the country. I doubt the eggs at ‘Disney’ locations would meet that standard. ;)

    This hasn’t come up in the comments yet, but before Fountain View was a purple/pink mess of an ice cream shop (sponsored by Edy’s), it was a cafe and bakery (sponsored by Nescrape). So really, Fountain View is returning to its previous function, except with a much better coffee sponsor and a much more appropriate style for Epcot/Innoventions Plaza. This is clearly a huge win for the park (at least for people who can survive at Epcot without an ice cream cookie sandwich, which is still available at multiple WDW locations).

    Another thing – don’t forget about L’Artisan des Glaces if you’re looking for an ice cream fix. Their homemade ice creams/sorbets seem to be much higher quality than the generic Edy’s options that were previously available (and are still available at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, Sleepy Hollow, Hollywood Scoops, Beaches & Cream, and basically every other ice cream location).

  20. Jen says

    BUT why a Starbuck’s in Disney? Or now 2 or 3 or 4 etc. as other folks commented, we can get that ANYWHERE in the USA, why do they need to park on our little piece of Magic? It concerns me that other corporate products will invade & lessen the quality and/or ruin the novelty of things that we foodies like to snack on just in Disney. Whether it’s a rootbeer float, turkey leg, Mickey bar or fiesta margarita.

  21. Donald says

    I still don’t get why Starbucks is sparking such a controversy – corporate sponsors are nothing new for Disney parks.

    Just look at the Mickey bar – besides the shape, there’s nothing ‘Disney’ about it. It’s made by Nestle (a corporation that’s much bigger than Starbucks, with a questionable ethical history on top of that). And there are plenty of other examples. Coca-Cola is everywhere, Liberty Tree Tavern used to serve Stouffer’s, Tony’s Town Square used to be sponsored by Oscar Mayer, Disneyland used to have a Maxwell Coffee House, Main Street Bakery in MK used to serve Sara Lee baked goods (eww), and even McDonald’s had several locations operating in the parks for several years.

    At least in this case, the intention is to address an issue people have been complaining about for years (Nescrape). And if you don’t want to step foot in the Starbucks locations, what’s the harm? Dozens of other locations serve Edy’s ice cream and generic Disney pastries, so this doesn’t take away from the Disney experience unless you want it to.

  22. Jen says

    @Donald CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP is different than opening a franchise location. The only places I’m aware of other full-fledged franchise locations are in Downtown Disney. There are many places around the country that serve Starbuvk’s coffee without opening a franchise and selling their baked goods, sandwiches, etc.

  23. Donald says

    Jen: I’m not getting caught up in te technicalities. Previously, Fountain View was a horribly themed ice cream store that sold Edy’s ice cream, Nestle cookies, and Coke products. Now, it’s a better themed location that sells Starbucks coffee, Starbucks pastries, and Disney pastries.

    There are much bigger issues with WDW right now, so it’s not the end of the world to me that one food location in each park is going to serve familiar coffee and Starbucks food. Why does it matter that it’s a ‘full-fledged’ store? That’s actually a good thing, as it means the CM’s can prepare a beverage from the full Starbucks menu (far better than the single coffee choice people used to have). If you don’t like it, you can walk a few feet and get a Nestle ice cream bar or go into Sunshine Seasons.

  24. cupcake says

    Apparently those throwing a fit about a franchise in WDW totally missed out on the McDonalds years.

    WDW has been sorely hurting for decent coffee and tea options, and now we have dozens. Chai? Green tea? Espresso? Dark roast? Sugar-bomb frappuccinos? You name it. And all for around the same price as the crappy 12-ounce non-customizable cup of joe offered at Disney kiosks.

    And Disney’s quick-service breakfast locations are notoriously terrible, $6 hockey pucks and generally offered in one or two varieties. I’ve tried a number of the Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, and they’re cheaper and a heck of a lot tastier.

    I don’t know, I just struggle to understand the complaints here. More options that are better made and at cheaper prices is a bad thing since…when? And again, if your issue is an outside business presenting itself within the parks…you clearly haven’t been a Disney enthusiast for very long.

  25. Pudge the Fish says

    I agree with Donalds view. And I’m not sure what makes people hate Starbucks so much, whether it’s inside or outside of Disney. Substitute the name Coca Cola for Starbucks in any Disney reference and not too many people would be offended. Corporate sponsorships have a long Disney history going back to the opening day of Disneyland.

    I don’t drink Starbucks and I don’t drink Coke. I prefer Dunkin Donuts coffee and Pepsi cola but I’m not opposed to either Coke or Starbucks at Disney.

    Also, I find it to be ironic that right next to Fountainview is the Coca Cola tasting station. No one hates that location, people actually think its funny to make their friends drink weird flavored soda. Even the people that are pranked eventually have a good laugh. Yet somehow people will complain about the taste of Starbuck’s? Shrug it off, there are plenty of other beverage choices in the “World.”

  26. Erin says

    I am thrilled about this! I too am confused as to why everyone is throwing a fit over Starbucks for the same reasons that have already been stated. It doesn’t take away from the “magic” any more than the other places around the parks that sell non-Disney items. Also, for those that say why have a place in Disney where there is already one on every street corner in America? Well, no, that is not the case. Not everyone in America lives in a large town or city with them. We only have three here, quite spread out, and I live in a capital! But, like everything else that comes to Disney that people like to complain about, it will pass eventually. I will be there in 37 days happily walking around with my PSL. Woohoo!

  27. Kirk Harrod says

    Starbucks is not my favorite but it is 100 times better than the Nescafe that was served previously. I am just happy to be able to get a decent cup of coffee to get me thru 18 hour days at Disney!

  28. Sam says

    My only problem would be the lack of seating. The Fountain View was my favorite place to watch the fountain ‘show'; they had speakers for the music track right there.

    I hope it’s just a side effect of the refurbishment and the outside “Fountain View” tables will be back.

  29. JL says

    I’m not qualified to judge this vs what was there before (I never saw it!), but I have to admit I’m glad to have the familiar Starbucks coffee menu in the parks. Only because I’m worried about managing to grab my morning coffee, and I can easily home in on the familiar Starbucks logo, and know what I want to order.

  30. Sandra says

    Pudge, some of us just don’t like their over-strong and burnt-tasting coffee, having been brought up on the smoother blends like Dunkin’ Donuts or Chock-full-Nuts. And further, when Starbucks arrives, local coffee spots tend to die. Sort of like WalMart killing local clothing and hardware stores. My son likes the occasional mocha, and my husband will drink it if he must (and considers it a better choice than Nescafe). I’m fine with them redoing Fountain View as a Starbucks, because we hadn’t been in there in years, but a bit sad over the Main Street Bakery. Serving their coffee drinks is fine, but I prefer the various Disney treats to SB’s 400 calorie pound cake slices. And seating? Those of us with mobility and endurance concerns really need a place to sit. For myself, I’ll head to the back of WS to the Outpost for my rootbeer floats. :)

  31. Pudge the Fish says

    Sandra. I hear you on the taste (and seating) issue. I don’t drink Starbucks, or Coca Cola because of my taste preferences. My point was more on the issue of branding and corporate sponsorship. You could easily make the same argument that Coke put many small soda companies out of business 75-100 years ago. I am awestruck that people embrace one sponsor that is ubiquitous in the parks with their product and signage (Coke) yet deride another (Starbucks.)

    And sadly Disney (unlike Coke bottles and Starbucks menu boards) does not blantantly post the nutritional content of their products. I would be afraid to learn the amount of calories that I have consumed in my numerous ice cream and fresh cookie sandwiches or jumbo cinnamon rolls (with extra frosting, thanks AJ!) :)

  32. Belle says

    To those worrying about the cupcakes – they are snacks on the DDP! The guava pockets are also a Disney pastry, Not Starbucks. Gift cards can be used but not reloaded, Rewards from Starbucks can’t be redeemed at this location. Mobile phones can be used.

    As for those of you who are unhappy with this change – Walt said in his video about Disney World, and more specifically EPCOT –

    “EPCOT will be an experimental prototype community of tomorrow that will take its cue from the new ideas and new technologies that are now emerging from the creative centers of American industry. It will be a community of tomorrow that will never be completed, but will always be introducing and testing and demonstrating new materials and systems. And EPCOT will always be a showcase to the world for the ingenuity and imagination of American free enterprise.”

    Walt wanted EPCOT to always be changing, while we don’t have his exact version of EPCOT, why are you complaining about what happens when we do get bits and pieces of what Walt wanted for EPCOT [Change!]. As for American free enterprise – Starbucks is an American company. While it’s products may not be for everyone, complaining about Starbucks coming to Disney isn’t going to make it go away either.

    Disney and Starbucks wouldn’t have partnered together if it was something that the majority of guests who visit would be against.

  33. says

    Glad to see the PSL! We are going in a few weeks ( okay 86 days…which is kinda a few weeks!) And I live on PSL in the fall!

  34. Donald says

    Pudge – agreed. I’m not a fan of the beverages at Starbucks either (their speciality creations such as pumpkin spice lattes and frappuccino drinks are too sweet, IMO), but I can still respect that this is a huge step up for the casual coffee drinker, who can now get exactly what they like (sweetened or unsweetened; skim milk or soy milk; caramel flavoring, etc). I also don’t like soda at all (which I see as a good thing, since it means I don’t have to deal with refillable mugs and increasing soft drink prices), but I’m not going to deride Disney for serving Coke products everywhere. At least the Starbucks options (for those of you who hate the place so much) are limited to one location per park.

    And I agree – bringing calories into the discussion isn’t really relevant (since Starbucks discloses while Disney usually doesn’t), but I’m happy that Starbucks makes this info available. It makes some of their options slightly less tempting, but it also makes me feel good about ordering certain items (such as the wrap with spinach, egg white, and feta). I highly doubt that ‘Disney’ pastries have lower calorie contents – that’s clearly a case where ignorance is bliss.

  35. Jeff C says

    Very excited about this! And really happy to see that they have the salted caramel mocha frap on the boards! Be there in 10 days :)

  36. Jill D says

    Donald I agree with your comments. I can’t see why this has become such an issue. I have read (and agreed) complaints about Nescafé for years. Now that Disney upgrades (and it is an upgrade) still complaints.

    I want to see Starbucks sell a signature pound of WDW blend coffee. We could buy it only at WDW and take it home.

    Fountain view was a walk by location. I’m happy it looks so much better now.

    And a Venti at $5.49 is a snack! Great value.

  37. Beth in MI says

    Ok this is just my two cents here but I think why some people may be upset is that the Starbucks sponsorship seems to be more prominent then the other sponsorships. The Disney Cast members are trained to do things like a regular Starbucks would operate, where as Coke lends it name to facility and Disney operates it as they see fit. Also the loss of seating and Disney baked goods for prepacked Starbucks baked goods seems like a downgrade. I am not a coffee drinker so this does not affect me one way or another. I can honestly say I don’t ever remember going into the Fountainview for ice cream but I did enjoy breakfast at the Main Street Bakery. That one bothered me more. If they had converted a different beverage location in the MK I think people wouldn’t have been as upset. I just hope this business model doesn’t happen in other beverage/food locations.

  38. Angelique says

    It looks great!! Thanks for this quick review, looking forward to the full review AJ :-) Happy another breakfast point outside has opened, I’m sure there is a nice bench nearby to enjoy my lovely coffee and wrap. I’m coming from the Netherlands and Starbucks is not usual stuff for us, so I’m very happy about this change.

  39. Bruce says

    We enjoy Starbucks and look forward to having good coffee at WDW. The only downside is the “real world” entering the parks. Used to enjoy the Sbux at MCO airport as the re-entry into regular life, before return flight home. Oh well. Bigger gain than loss.

  40. stephanie king says

    It’s about time disney got a proper coffee place. Up until now the coffee at disney was dire, except at typhoon lagoon. Look forward to having a dizbucks latte in february.

  41. Mydogsdallas says

    I love Starbucks. I am neutral on them being in the parks – I’m sure I’ll visit their locations and enjoy my coffee. We usually hit up a cafe cart like the one by Test Track or the one that used to be by Main Street. In my opinion half the cast members at the carts don’t know how to use the equipment or take 15 minutes to make two lattes. I was CP cast member and always dreaded getting assigned to the coffee stand because first the Nescafé was gross and the machine was notoriously cranky. I am sure I will enjoying some Starbucks in March when we go and I bet it will be a lot more prompt than my visit this year at a cafe cart. At least you know what to expect, and it doesn’t seem like they are jamming it down our throats.

  42. Becky says

    I am so happy to finally have my Starbucky while I am in the Happiest Place on Earth. If you don’t like Starbucks don’t go in there and stop complaining about it. I think it is a great addation to the parks. Disney’s coffee sucked before. I would bring my instant Starbucks with me from home, now I won’t have too.

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