Review: Iced Coffee at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Today, we’re stopping by Isle of Java at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a quick caffeine jolt!

You’ll find this little kiosk once you meander through the Discovery Island Oasis exhibits in the middle of the park. It’s stationed just outside of Disney Outfitters.

Isle of Java

A peek at the menu here actually turns up some really interesting options! You can, for instance, have an Island Cappuccino, which features white chocolate — and Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum! Note to self: remember this. :-)

But the real news here are some of the pastry options on the menu — especially the Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake!

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

This is one of my fa-vor-ite cupcakes in Animal Kingdom (next to the Elephant cupcake, of course)!

Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake

They also had a few other goodies, like freshly baked cookies and the Turtle Brownie!


Turtle Brownie at Disney's Animal Kingdom

But plain and simple, I was hot and needed a little jolt of java. So I went with the Iced Coffee. You can choose from French Vanilla or Mocha. I went with the latter.

Now, I’m usually a tea-drinker, but I’ll occasionally make allowances when it comes to iced coffee and an exhausted AJ!

Vanilla Iced Coffee

And this answered that call well. Tasting equally of coffee and vanilla, it was sweet and rich — not bad!

And when you’re craving your cup o’ joe, but can’t stand the thought of walking around with hot coffee on a hot day, this is a good option.

Vanilla Iced Coffee -- Up Close

It will be interesting to see what becomes of the selections at Isle of Java as Joffrey’s has been named Disney’s coffee provider.

As good as this was, I still think of it as “coffee light.” It doesn’t have the “oomph” that real coffee — or even real iced coffee — has. (But it’s still yum!)

So let’s hear from you: would you consider the iced coffee at Isle of Java to be adequate for your morning or afternoon cup? Let us know in comments!


  1. Sue says

    Does the iced coffee only come flavored/sweetened? If so, I’m guessing it will be too sweet for me since I drink my coffee without sweetener. I mean, how could I enjoy my cupcake if my side beverage was too sweet.

  2. JL says

    I’d prefer to have the choice of a regular, unsweetened iced coffee with only a little milk, but it’s good to know this is there. I’d probably try it.

    That’s the funniest looking cupcake ever!

  3. Sandra says

    My son would love this! However, his father can’t have the added sugar. On a very hot day, when he wanted coffee but not hot, a kind CM at Kusafari Bakery gave us a cup of ice along with his hot coffee. He made it to his taste and it hit the spot. My personal beverage favorite (well, besides the Yak Attack) in AK is something from the great selection of hot teas at the stand in Asia.

  4. heidi says

    I enjoy iced coffee a lot more than hot coffee anytime(even in the winter!).

    I really wish the elephant cupcake didn’t have coconut on it. I was also very upset when I asked if the elephant cupcake had any *tree nuts* on it and was told no. Thank goodness I did NOT give my great niece any!

    *coconut is not considered a tree nut but there is also pecans(?) on it.*

  5. Jenny S. says

    This is where we go all the time for a quick breakfast. Just grab some pastries and start the day. I haven’t tried the ice coffee there but I do like a nice cup on a hot day.

  6. Essie says

    The cupcake looks very good. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do like iced flavored cappuccino and flavored hot cappuccino in the Winter, so I would try this (the cupcake, too).

  7. LizC says

    Thanks for the review AJ. I need to try that cupcake! I had the white elephant one last year, and I will agree it was a definite winner. :)

    Do you know if Disney plans to add a Starbucks location to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios?

  8. says

    Sue — Haha! Good point! Yes, they were only available sweetened/flavored the day I visited.

    Sandra — What a great story of awesome customer service! Yeah…I love the teas at Royal Anandapur Tea Company, too! It’s one of my favorite stops. :-)

    LizC — Nothing specific has been announced yet, but they’ve said they’re planning more locations.

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