Rumor: Will Disneyland’s Club 33 Expansion Include Walt Disney World?

The exclusive members-only restaurant, Club 33, in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square will undergo a major expansion in 2014. Disneyland recently announced that Club 33 members will be able to book reservations until January 5, 2014. Now that members have been given access to a Preview Center, we have more details to share!

Led by Imagineer Kim Irvine, Walt’s original vision for the space will be incorporated with new design elements. Changes will include the relocation of the Club’s iconic entrance (the famous door will stay but not be used), foyer, and Parisian elevator.

Club 33 Door

What does this mean for non-members? The beautiful Court of Angels will no longer be accessible to park guests!

The historical Trophy Room will become the restaurant’s kitchen as it currently uses the backstage facilities at the Blue Bayou.

Trophy Room

During the renovation, the main dining room’sfireplace will be removed in order for a window to be placed in its location. New chairs and china are in the works! Old items will be auctioned to Club 33 members!! Upstairs, a guest lounge with a bar will be added.

Club 33 Dining Room

Oh, and those famous throne seats will remain, although the restrooms will be relocated!


Of course, Club 33 members can expect menu changes as well when the restaurant re-opens in summer 2014.

Club 33 in Walt Disney World?

Stitch Kingdom is reporting that Disney has registered new domain names for Club 33 — CLUB33DISNEYWORLD.COM and CLUB33WALTDISNEYWORLD.COM — making us wonder about the exclusive club’s expansion to Walt Disney World…

What are your thoughts on the Club 33 expansion in Disneyland? Do you think we’ll see Club 33 expand to Walt Disney World?


  1. Dana says

    So… this would be a new addition that none of us could go to? Would there be a new waiting list to become a member? I thought the waiting list for the other Club 33 had been closed for years.

  2. Manny says

    I’m lucky enough to have eaten at Club 33 at least 15 times. Sad to see the traditional entrance go. If they do expand to WDW I hope they put it in the MK, such a cool experience to eat there and then head back out to the park.

  3. Jay says

    Growing up, the only thing we had to do when visiting Disneyland was take a family picture on the staircase in the Court of Angels. When I got older and went with my friends, I made sure we still always took a group picture there. When I eventually proposed to my wife, I knew of no other location as serene as the Court of Angels. It devastates me that someday when we have children, we won’t be able to share this location with them because the elite are too important.

  4. Ed K says

    Nice to know that Disney provides a place where the effete can avoid mingling with the unwashed masses.

  5. Steve says

    Honestly folks, get over it. If you can get a membership or guest entry into 33, fantastic, but don’t fault those who can and have.

    Those who can do… Those who can’t go to Be Our Guest :)

  6. will says

    I completely disagree with Steve

    1) when existing open to the public space at disneyland is re-purposed for club 33 members (e.g. court of angels) that is an encroachment on the park experiences for every day guests.

    2) The reason why I am against this is it is creating have/have nots. If club 33 membership was open to everyone then it would be ok- but its not. They do not accept any new members, and the reason is to keep it a select experience. Puling public areas into private (e.g. court of angels) is a dangerous precedent. Maybe next they will say blue bayaeu will be club 33 lite (e.g. 1000 for membership) or pirates attraction is only for club 33 members

    3) I am fine if they want to build a new structure or open a closed area (e.g above adventureland) to create a club 33 in MK.

    full disclosure: I am on the club 33 waiting list.

  7. says

    ONE) Club 33 and Blue Bayou use the same kitchen? Why oh why is the food so disgusting at Blue Bayou? Is it disgusting at 33 also? (I haven’t been there, nor will I go anytime soon unless I “marry up.”)

    TWO) Ummm… is it me or does it look like someone used the toilet without lifting that lattice seat? Yeesh. Hopefully the renovation features a thorough cleaning.

  8. Angelina says

    I have never had the chance and unless i hit the lottery and find someone who is a member to take me into club 33 but I will be extremely sad and dissapointed to see that Court of Angels be closed off. NOS is my favorite part of DLR because of these hidden gem areas (another spot where the disney gallery once was that has now been turned into the Dream Suite which I am sure I won’t ever get a chance to see either) but they seem to be dissapearing. :(

  9. Jennie says

    I’ve been fortunate enough to eat at Club 33 a dozen or so times. We are going Nov 8th with a huge group and will be in the Trophy Room. I will be sad to see it go next year. I will also miss using the iconic entrance. I agree it’s a shame they are taking the CoA. We like taking pictures there every Christmas season. I am excited to see the changes and while I enjoy the food, it’s not even close to par with Napa. I hope they’ll get some real executive chef dishes.

  10. HollywoodF1 says

    To correct some inaccuracies:

    The Club has never shared a kitchen with the Bayou. The Club’s kitchen is adjacent to the Trophy Room. The kitchen door has an oval glass window, visible in the photo above.

    Membership is not closed any longer. It’s just a long list. And pricy. The word “exclusive” is not really appropriate, because the only barrier to entry is money and patience. If that were the measure of exclusiveness, Disneyland itself would be exclusive. True exclusivity connotes that there are insurmountable barriers to entry, like family pedigree, race, creed, religion, and the like.

    Parts of the park are added, deleted, and repurposed all the time. The Court des Anges is no exception. If Disneyland becomes a museum, it will not be long for the Earth. Change is necessary; Walt said that all the time.

    Club 33 is a tiny and rather boring thing jammed into what would otherwise be attic space. Don’t get all bent out of shape that it exists. There is a gigantic park out there, all for the rest of us. And without that park, there would be no Club 33.

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