Dining in Disneyland: New Cake Pops Spotted at the Disneyland Resort

I never miss an opportunity to see what Marceline’s in Downtown Disney is up to.  Even if I’m just quickly walking by, I always pop in to see if there is anything new.

On a recent visit, two fun cake pops caught my eye.  The Goofy and Cheshire Cat inspired cake pops appear to be close relatives to their caramel apple counterparts.  (You can read about the delicious Cheshire Cat Caramel apple here and the disastrous Goofy Caramel Apple here.)

This post though, is all about their mini lookalikes, which were introduced to the resort at the beginning of August.

New Cheshire Cat and Goofy Cake Pops Join Mike Wazowski!

Since I had already tried a Mike Wazowski cake pop (on more than one occasion) during the Monstrous Summer season, I purchased a Cheshire Cat and Goofy cake pop to go.  We were staying on property for the weekend, so I walked them back to the Disneyland Hotel for a little in-room review.

Cheshire Cat & Goofy Cake Pops

First up, we’ll take a look at the Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire Cat Cake Pop

Round with tiny triangular ears and a great big chocolate smile, the Cheshire Cat is covered with purple and pink sanding sugar. Take a bite into those ears and you’ll find chewy little marshmallows.

Marshmallow Ears

The cake pop is chocolate.  It’s moist and fudgey, very much the consistency of a chocolate brownie.  The white layer you see is a layer of white chocolate.  The chocolate is used to coat the cake so that they can get the sanding sugar to stick!

Cheshire Cat Chocolate Cake Pop

Now, on to Goofy. He’s quite a bit larger than the Cheshire Cat, and I thought it was clever that the cake pop was at the bottom of the stick instead of the traditional pop on top!

His hat is made from a marshmallow covered in green sanding sugar and then trimmed out with a chocolate stripe.  Goofy’s ears are also chocolate drizzle, while his “body” is covered in orange and blue sanding sugar.

Goofy Cake Pop

The cake portion of the pop is a generously sized chocolate medallion. Think chocolate hockey puck!

The consistency is the same as the Cheshire Cat, and it has been dipped in white chocolate to get the sanding sugar to stick as well.

Goofy Chocolate Cake Pop

Both cake pops can be found in multiple locations. I have seen them at Marceline’s in Downtown Disney, Candy Palace, and Pooh Corner in Disneyland; and Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure.

They are all $3.99 each, so if you want a little more bang for your buck, go with Goofy, he’s bigger!

Have you tried any of these specialty cake pops yet? Do you prefer these guys in cake pop or caramel apple form?

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. Carrie says

    Boy, those guys sure are cute, but I see absolutely no point in cake pops—because the whole point of cake is the frosting! If you’re just gonna mash it all into the cake to make something brownie-ish, call it a “brownie pop”…

  2. Heather Sievers says

    @Carrie – I like them for portion size and for their ease of eating while walking. As a mom, I like them because my kids are way less messy with a pop than a slice. But it is definitely more of a Brownie Pop for sure!

  3. Essie says

    I’ve never had one, but I’m certain to try one eventually. I don’t really think of them as cake either, but rather as a nice, easy to eat, sweet treat or snack. I also love to see the creative themes they come up with for them. I’d definitely get the Goofy!

  4. Angelina says

    I don’t know if i’d spend $4 on a cakepop…it would have to be really really good…but then i would eat it in two bites and it’d be gone…lol such dilemmas

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