New Look for Walt Disney World Private Dining Menus

During my recent stay at Walt Disney World’s Bay Lake Tower, I did my usual arrival-time scan of the room: lights work (check), TV works (check), hangers in the closet (check), room service menu on the table … whaaaaat? No room service menu?

I don’t often get room service, AKA Private Dining, during my Disney visits (there’s soooo much yum to eat out in the parks and restaurants), but sometimes at the end of a long day of park hopping, room service is exactly what you need. Plus I was visiting with my husband for our 20th wedding anniversary, so, you know. Anywhoooo, I was a little confused when I didn’t immediately see the room service menu in its familiar place on the table.

As it turns out, the menu was there all along, just in an entirely different format. The previous room service menus were oversized and made of sturdy card stock.

The old Contemporary/Bay Lake room service menu, large and in two parts.

The new menu is hiding among a bundle of pamphlets and information in an all new guest check-in presentation folder. See it there, third item down on the left.

New guest presentation folder

The new menu is smaller, with smaller print, but in my opinion, the cleaner typeface and more open design make it easier to read and more user friendly.

New Contemporary/Bay Lake room service menu

The actual menu offerings are substantially the same. If you compare the “Sweet Shop” sections of the old and new menus, you’ll see that they’re identical.
New menu vs. Old menu.

Hey wait, it says in both places that a pint of Haagen Dasz serves two. I thought it was all for ME! :-)

What do think of the new format? Have you seen revamped private dining menus in other resorts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Sam says

    I would have liked to seen the menu itself.

    I love room service for breakfast…and even for dinner for first night arrival.

    One of the best ones was mid 90’s at wilderness lodge. I had a polenta, game sausages, and greens (fiddle head ferns at that time I think). Delivered to the room which we had on the balcony.

    Can someone correct me…at the time I think you could order off the Artist Point Menu for room service at normal hours. I think we went down stairs to the bar area had a few cocktails and asked for a Artist point meal to be sent to the room.
    Do resorts still do that? Room service and Artist Point basically came out of the same kitchen in the Lodge.

  2. Marcos Valenca says

    I report that the presentation guest check-in folder at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort, that I visited in JUN/ 2013, is basically the same, but it’s red and the three first pamphlets are different.

    1. The Let Your Story Begin pamphlet is resort specific;
    2. The Dining – Shopping – Recreation pamphlet has a food court picture on its top and is also resort specific; and
    3. The third pamphlet is, of course, Pizza Delivery Menu, which is different from Private Dining Menu at the DeLuxe resorts.

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