Review: Halloween Desserts and New Dinner Menu Items at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Please welcome back DFB author Wendy with a review of Halloween at Be Our Guest Restaurant!

It’s time to dine once again with the Beast in his Castle for dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Even though Be Our Guest will celebrate its first birthday next month, it’s still fun to take in the sight of the Ballroom (especially for that hard-to-snag Advance Dining Reservation!).

Be Our Guest Restaurant Ballroom Dining Room

Chandelier in Ballroom

No matter where you’re seated, you should definitely take a minute to stroll a bit and take in all of the amazing detail. Now it is, of course, October -– the month of ghouls, goblins, and all things foreboding — so it seemed somehow fitting when our party was placed in the West Wing, the only room that was off-limits to Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

West Wing Dining Area

This room is darker than the others, with dark tapestries and ornate seating.

West Wing Table

Fans of the movie will remember that this is where the Beast’s Enchanted Rose resides. Guests can watch the rose slowly losing its petals throughout their meal!

Enchanted rose

I love some of the touches unique to dinner at Be Our Guest, from therose-shaped napkins to the soft bread rolls.

Rose Napkin


I hadn’t dined at Be Our Guest for dinner since last year, so I was excited to experience one of the more recent menu offerings!

Menu Cover

Dinner Menu — click image for larger version

I typically notice just one or two entrees on a menu and make an easy choice (“What’s made of beef? I’ll have that, please!”). But this time I had a hard time choosing.

I was intrigued by both the Thyme-Scented Pork Rack Chop, and the Layered Ratatouille, but ultimately chose the Chicken Breast Provençal.

Chicken Breast Provencal

Perhaps the other dishes were great as well, but I was definitely pleased with my choice. The skin-on chicken was a wonderfully fresh, hearty portion, but the real standout was the rich, flavorful herb and wine sauce. The Roasted Fingerling Potatoes were a perfect accompaniment – simple, but delicious.

My friend chose this beauty: the Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops, served in a Puff Pastry.

Shrimp and Scallops

We were informed this dish is Belle’s favorite, by the way :).

As delicious as dinner was (and I’m happy to say it really was), there is just something about seeing that dessert cart rolling towards you, beckoning you to select one of the cupcakes or cream puffs.

Dessert cart

Goodies in dessert cart

Umm… did I say, “select ONE?” Scratch that… we’re throwing that silly dessert rule straight out the Beast’s window because there are two Halloween-specific treats in that cart on Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party nights: the Chocolate and Blood Orange Cream Puff and the Poisoned Caramel Apple Cupcake!

Halloween Desserts

The Chocolate and Blood Orange Cream Puff arrives topped with a chocolate spider web and whipped cream.

Chocolate and Blood Orange Cream Puff

You won’t detect the presence of blood orange until you dig in.

Inside the Cream Puff

The flavors here were quite different from what I’d anticipated. The chocolate puff was surprisingly not sweet at all. It really had more of a pure cocoa taste to it, prior to the addition of the sugars. The cream in the center was both sweet and citrusy, and there was PLENTY of it! I’m not one who enjoys the combination of fruit and chocolate, but if you favor it, you’re in luck here.

The Poisoned Caramel Apple Cupcake is a gem of a thing to look at: periwinkle blue icing gives way to iridescent red and purple poison. Perched atop is a chocolate Witch’s Hat.

Poisoned Apple Cupcake

The base is vanilla cake (the icing is vanilla as well), and there are no surprise fillings to be found inside. Instead, the twist here is proudly displayed upon arrival: a dollop of caramelized apples topping the icing, which lends a nice bit of tartness to the very (very) sweet cupcake.

Inside the Apple Cupcake

Still itching to get your hands on the Grey Stuff? You can now – no special celebration required! You can try it via the Grey Stuff Cupcake, or it comes on top of a brownie directly from the cart (this item is not exclusive to Halloween).

Grey Stuff Brownie

This was my second dinner visit to Be Our Guest Restaurant. The surroundings remain stunning even for return visits, and I have to say that my recent meal topped my first experience. Plus, the Beast himself stopped by!

Hello, Beast!

He was available to greet guests and pose for pictures after the meal (a Cast Member can lead you to the greeting spot).

Beast in Greeting Room

From the meal to the expanded desserts, to the presence of the Beast himself, I feel as though what was already a truly memorable dining experience has been even further enhanced. Lumiere and Mrs. Potts would be proud :).

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Have you dined at Be Our Guest recently? Tells us your thoughts and/or experiences with the new dishes!


  1. Sonya A says

    Do you know if the Chocolate and Blood Orange Cream Puff and the Poisoned Caramel Apple Cupcake are offered during lunch at BOG, or are they offered anywhere else in the MK??
    Thank you!

  2. Katie says

    Do you know if any of these desserts, especially the Grey Stuff Brownie are available at lunch? I couldn’t get a dinner reservation, but I have FastPass+ for lunch. I’m going in 10 days and I can’t wait!

  3. Mark D. says

    The grey stuff brownie was pretty tasty. It was a little different than a normal brownie. You can sort of see it a little in your picture where it is almost a more cooked brownie shell with a less cooked brownie filling in it.

    I was there last week (no Halloween deserts) and had a dish that I don’t see you having listed. It was a pork shank (I don’t remember the official name). Sadly, it wasn’t great. It really lacked seasoning. I actually had 3 pork shanks over my 10 day trip and I have to say only the one from Gaston’s was good. The one from BOG and the Osso Bucco one I had from Mama Melrose really just needed to be seasoned. They lacked flavor.

  4. Wendy says

    Hi, Sonya! I believe these desserts are only at Be Our Guest on the nights when Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is going on at the Magic Kingdom.

    Katie — SO happy for you that you got in with FastPass+! The lunch menu doesn’t have these items, BUT I have good news: there is a Grey Stuff Cupcake (called The Master’s Cupcake) that is only available at lunch. Enjoy :)!!!

    Mark — I haven’t tried the others, but I do love the one from Gaston’s! Thanks, too, for the more detailed description of the brownie :).

    Becky — I know… Waiting for the next trip is hard. Hope you have plans to visit soon!

  5. Rusty says

    Hopefully with the new Dining cancellation program more people will get the chance to dine here.

    On two trips it was impossible to get seating for 3 5-6 months out….. I find it especially heinous because now this is the ONLY place for a photo op with BEAST.

  6. Traci says

    We have always gotten photos with the Beast in Epcot– France Pavilion. He greets there with Belle several times a day.

  7. Tracy says

    We’ve been lucky enough to eat there once for lunch during preview and twice for dinner (January and again in June). The atmosphere is absolutely amazing imo better than any disney has done to date but I’ve found the food the be hit or miss. The cupcakes are great, moist, well balanced but the entrees have been all over the place in terms of quality. We’ve had issues with food being really bland as well as issues like cook times…med-rare steak coming out completely well done, under cooked chicken. Service for us has also been hit or miss but that can happen anywhere at any time depending on the particular server, staffing levels etc…so I don’t hold that against them to much since it’s been more good than bad for us. I just keep hoping they’ll improve the overall quality and consistency of what’s coming out of the kitchen.

  8. Essie says

    I like the combination of orange and chocolate, but I won’t be there for Halloween until next year. Oh well, that sure gives me something great to look forward to!

  9. Sandy says

    The grey stuff brownie was the best thing I ate on my trip! Absolutely amazing. Bummed I missed the apple cupcake! So cute.

  10. Chrissy says

    So, are you saying that the restaurant is now open during the party or these desserts are available for the very short time from 5-7 on party nights only? I wish they would open during the party. That would be news!

  11. Susan says

    I managed to get a reservation right before Christmas this year for around 8 pm. I was thinking we could just have dessert that evening since it will be late and my kids aren’t likely to eat anything on the menu. I don’t see prices on the menu however. Does anyone know if you can use your reservation for just dessert?


  12. Katie says

    OMG! I am at Magic Kingdom today and I had my FastPass+ for lunch at Be Our Guest all set to go. I went to check in with the cast member and the guest next to me was asking if there were openings for dinner reservations, and there were. I cancelled my lunch FastPass+ and will be going to dinner there instead. The cast member was wonderful, and it goes to show you that it never hurts to ask. I can’t wait to go and maybe try out some of the Halloween desserts!

  13. Kim says

    Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed your dinner. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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