Guest Review: Disneyland’s Big Thunder Ranch BBQ

Let’s give a welcoming “Howdy” to guest author Victoria Kabakian. Today, she is sharing a review of Big Thunder Ranch BBQ in Disneyland. Now, let’s get to the grub!

There’s only one place that can marry an unequivocal love for Disneyland with the perfect bucket of stick-to-your-ribs, you’ll-need-to-floss-afterwards barbecue, and that’s none other than Big Thunder Ranch BBQ.

During a recent visit to the park, we had to take an unplanned detour through Fantasyland to get here, due to the current refurbishment at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Even with the added obstacle, it was worth the frantic pace required to make it in time for our advance dining reservation.

Entrance to Big Thunder Ranch


Perhaps it’s because nearby Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed at the time, but our visit to Big Thunder Ranch BBQ was a quiet escape from the typical crowds at Disneyland.

The moment we saw the wooden archway welcoming us to Big Thunder Mountain Ranch, “Home of the Happiest Horses on Earth,” we felt like we had entered another world.

Rows of Picnic Tables

We had a somewhat late afternoon reservation at 1:30PM, and the space wasn’t overly crowded at that time. When we checked in for our ADR, we were asked if we minded sharing a table with others or if we preferred our own table. Since they had the space to accommodate us, we opted for our own table and were then handed a buzzer to alert us when the table was ready.

Picnic Tables Surrounding the Stage

Wooden picnic tables covered with red-white-and-blue plastic tablecloths and shaded with canopies are lined up in concentric semi-circles around the focal point of an elevated stage featuring live entertainment.

Live Entertainment

With short sets and frequent breaks in between songs, a piano player, acoustic guitarist, and singer take the stage with down-home ranch-style entertainment. This is just a sliver of the fun that is to be had during a meal at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ.

Fun Sign Near the Restrooms

Even a trip to the bathroom feels like an adventure in time and space (especially when you get lost following simple directions) with playful signs for “100% Splinter Free” bath tissue, and Cowboys and Cowgirls entrances for his and hers facilities.

“Cowgirls” Sign for the Ladies Restroom

Once we finished our *ahem* business and headed to our own private picnic table (no sharing required, thank you very much), the laid back country vibe of the space continued with a stack of bright Mickey Mouse-red dishes and a bucket of utensils, napkins, and wet-wipes for inevitably sticky fingers.

Help Yourselves!


The menu at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ differs only slightly between lunch and dinner and features all-you-care-to-enjoy barbecue. Hearty portions of barbecue chicken and ribs, cole slaw, ranch beans, and corn bread round out the options at lunch, while dinner additionally includes smoked sausage and corn cob wheels. As I mentioned, we were here for lunch, so the latter two options weren’t part of our experience.

Lunch and Dinner Menus

Before diving into endless buckets of meat, I’d like to point out that drinks are included in the set price of the meal, which currently wavers from $23.99 at lunch to $26.99 at dinner for adults, and a solid $11.99 at both meals for children.

Lunch Menu

Drinks range from soft drinks to iced tea and lemonade. I elected the unsweetened iced tea and found it perfectly refreshing on a hot day. All drinks are served aptly in mason jars, which follow through on the themeing of this rustic restaurant.

Refreshing Iced Tea Served in a Mason Jar

Onto the bucket of meat! A pile of bone-in, well-seasoned chicken is paired with fall-off-the-bone succulent ribs (extra barbecue sauce is available on the side) in endless buckets that can be refreshed as often as you’d like.

Bucket o’ Barbecue Chicken and Ribs

One of the perks in having a set menu for all diners to enjoy is that when you ask for more (be it seconds or thirds), it’s ready and brought to your table before you can say “the most magical place on Earth.” And it’s piping hot and delicious to boot!

The chicken isn’t really “barbecue” per se, as in it’s not naturally slathered in sauce, but rather seasoned and grilled. It’s incredibly moist and flavorful, regardless of the lack of sauce (in fact, I prefer it that way, but you can always add your own), and along with the typically “bbq” ribs, both options are completely satisfying, whether you’re a cowboy or not.

A Perfectly Rounded Meal

The perfect slew of side dishes begins with a bucket of ranch beans. These are essentially baked beans, but far superior to their canned counterparts, and slightly less sugary. As a lover of all legumes, I was very happy with this addition to my meal.

Ranch Beans

A slightly sweet, vinegar-based cole slaw may lack a traditional mayo dressing, but it’s a bright and crisp complement to a finger-licking kind of meal.

Cole Slaw

Last, but certainly not least, a basket of corn bread studded with corn kernels and served with large pearls of fresh butter is practically dessert in my eyes. There’s something so perfect about sweet cornbread paired with smoky barbecue that fills my arteries with gluttonous joy. We definitely went for seconds here. No regrets.


The only down-side with an all-you-can-eat family-style meal that is delicious from top to bottom is that finding room for dessert can be a true challenge. In our case, we were spent after multiple buckets of barbecue and all the fix-ins. No dessert for us on this visit, but perhaps next time!


Although perhaps pricier than other dining options at Disneyland, Big Thunder Ranch BBQ is actually a great bargain because you can fill up to your stomach’s content. This could mean you could save money on other meals throughout the day, and snack on smaller items instead (we only needed a corn dog and Dole Whip to round out the rest of our day, and our bellies were fully satisfied).

The meal is appropriate for all ages, and even includes a vegetarian option per request. Anyone with a healthy appetite who enjoys traditional barbecue cooking will get a kick out of this laid back, Disney-fied dining option tucked away behind Big Thunder Mountain.

Victoria is a Minnie Mouse-obsessed Disney enthusiast and food blogger at Mission: Food. She’s a classically trained cook with a soft-spot for cooking up Disney favorites in her kitchen when she isn’t park-hopping or sailing away on Disney Cruises.

Are you ready to book a meal at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Kelly says

    The vegetarian option is Tofu, and it’s really good if you add the bbq sauce to it!

    Thanks for the nice review. The only things I miss about the original Big Thunder BBQ are the dirt floors and the open firepit. Naturally, both are too much of a liability these days but they really added to the atmosphere.

    The recipes have changed since then, too, but the current offering is really, really good and I recommend it!

  2. Essie says

    I may never get to the DLR or the West Coast, but I enjoy reading blogs about DLR. The food in this article makes my mouth water and the setting and entertainment look like so much fun. I hope to get out West someday and DL would certainly be one of the main spots on my itinerary. In the mean time, thanks for sharing these great articles with us on the East Coast! :)

  3. Lucy says

    These pictures are absolutely amazing! I’m drooling already and dying to try this place if I can ever get over to Disneyland! Awesome review! =)

  4. Kelly says

    My family of four ate here a few years ago during one of our biannual trips to Disneyland. We love barbecue and weren’t impressed. Yes, it’s all you can eat but my kids (ages 4 and 7 at the time) didn’t eat $12 worth of food each. And even my husband and I felt that we didn’t eat our money’s worth. Not to mention, we didn’t think the quality of the ribs (tough and fatty) or chicken (too moist from being previousy frozen) was that great. Portions at Disneyland tend to be huge so we often share a few entrees among our family to get the most bang for our buck. This is obviously not possible at a buffet so it wasn’t a good value for us.

  5. Angelina says

    In all of my 23 years that I’ve been going to Disneyland I think I may have eaten here once or twice. I feel like if they had a counter service option i might be more likely to try it. I like to take my food and find a secluded place to eat it…or eat on the way to the next attraction. Also, i agree with Kelly that if you can sharing meals is the way to go. not only does it cut down on huge portion sizes, but it allows you to try numerous things such as snacks throughout the day.

  6. Jenn R. says

    I love the barbeque but the last time we went our drinks were charged separately. If they are now included that is wonderful! Dessert is also separate but since you are usually full from the meal that’s a viable option.

  7. says

    Actually the drinks are included in the price! Options range from soft drinks to iced tea. The only thing not included are desserts. Those are additional :)

  8. Charles Gilman says

    We’ve eaten here a few times, enjoying both lunch and dinner. I’ve had BBQ in Texas and all along the west coast. No, this isn’t a mesquite smoked brisquet that’s been tended to for 12 hours but it is pretty good. The sausage and corn on the cob make the extra $3 per person for dinner worth it. The atmosphere is amazing, especially at night.
    For desert, we always order the cookie with ice cream on top. There’s enough to satisfy four adults with a bit left over. If you’re going to get it, order it when you arrive because they cook those fresh and they take a while.

  9. Rachel says

    Our family has been wanting to try this place forever – we take our little guy (who’s not so little anymore!) to the little petting zoo area every trip. We’re leaving in a few days to enjoy Halloweentime at the resort and we are definitely going this time!! I can’t wait to try it and as much as my son loves Star Wars I’m disappointed that this area is being taken out for the new land. It’s one of our favorite stops to relax a little and especially at Halloween and Christmas they have little activities for kids. It will be missed. Sigh.

  10. Janet says

    We always enjoyed the BBQ Chicken and Ribs dinner there because in my opinion it’s far better tasting food at Big Thunder Ranch, than at any of the other food concessions they have around the park. This does not apply to their themed restaurants of course. Juicy, delicious, tender ribs, chicken, sausage, and beans and cornbread are delicious too! Enjoyed our tradition of having a Big Thunder Ranch dinner there after riding The Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster, Then continue the rest of our day there going into the shops. It’s a shame to lose such a wonderful area as Big Thunder Ranch, I do hope Disney considers relocating Big Thunder Ranch elsewhere in the park. (sigh) Lovely memories.

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