Disney Dining Tip: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Private Dining at Uzima Springs Pool Bar

I don’t know about you, but it’s Monday where I am, and I could use a trip to a pool bar. Fortunately, we are headed straight for Uzima Springs Pool Bar today!

Uzima Springs Pool Bar Sign

Wow — I haven’t written about this place since waaaaaay back in 2009 (awwww…look at the baby food blog!). Shocking, since it’s one of my favorite pool bars! :-) I mean — check out these pics! This is from back when Uzima Springs Pool was GREEN!

OK, enough reminiscing. I’ve got some news about this spot that makes it even more fun to visit!

Uzima Pool at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Located poolside at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Jambo House, this spot is truly an oasis. It’s often a most welcome sight — especially after a hot hot HOT Orlando day.

Uzima Springs Pool -- LOVE Zero Entry!

The enormous pool offers a fun, family-style atmosphere amidst gorgeous jungle-like landscaping.

Pool from Another View. Waterslide -- WOO!

Poolside information (starring PUUMBA!) gives you a rundown of the activities at the resort, as well as operating hours for most of Disney World’s attractions.

Uzima Springs Pool Info

C’mon! Grab a hula hoop! You know you wanna!

Hula Hoops!

Uzima Springs Pool Bar Food and Drink

For a long time, I’ve loved the pool bars at Disney’s various resorts. I mean, nothing says, “Hey, you’re on vacation!” more succinctly than sidling (c’mon; everyone sidles on vacation) up to a waterside watering hole, and grabbing a brew or a drink topped with an umbrella.

Uzima Springs Pool Bar

You’ll find the Standard Disney Bar Menu here — both posted and on the laminated menu.

Posted Menu -- Click to Enlarge

But don’t forget that there’s usually a rolodex around with those classic Disney drinks we know and love. So if there’s something special you’d like, be sure to ask.

Drink Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Above and beyond the standard menu though, you’ll find a full bar here.

Bar Area

There are even a few African beers available. Be sure to ask about the selection.

Beer and Liquor -- Up Close

But even with the umbrella drinks and cool oasis vibe, I’ve always been a little bummed that you couldn’t get much to eat here. After all, stops like Hurricane Hanna’s over at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club, or The Sand Bar at Disney’s Contemporary, offer grilled items made to order. Other spots, like Leaping Horse Libations at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, feature cold sandwiches and snacks at least.

At Uzima, you can get…chips.


But wait!

WE have NEWS!!!

That’s actually only part of the story. Because these days, you can also order from the Private Dining Menu and have your order DELIVERED to you POOLSIDE. Pretty posh, eh?

That’s right! A selection of hot and cold sandwiches (plus one salad) come delivered straight to you, served in a Bento Box with Watermelon, Tomato and Blue Cheese Salad, Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Lavosh Crackers, and White Chocolate Mousse for dessert!

Children’s meals are also available. Their Bento Boxes arrive with Mixed Fruit, Carrot Sticks, and Chocolate Brownies.

Private Dining Menu -- Click to Enlarge

You’ll place your order via this special dedicated line, rather than giving it to the bartenders.

Private Dining Phone to Place Order

Once you’ve finished your order, take a number, and your food will find you!

Private Dining Order Numbers

I really love the convenience of this system, and I think it’s great that it makes getting a real meal delivered to you so easy. You don’t even have to put your pool cover up on and head into the Mara — your burger comes straight to you!

Of course, there is a price to pay for convenience. Delivery charges and automatic gratuity are applied to the orders, just like they would be applied to a private dining order to your room. But hey — sometimes, it’s so worth it, don’t you agree?

Have you ordered lunch or dinner via Private Dining with the sweet setup at Uzima Spring Pool Bar? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience!


  1. Jenn @ Fairest Run of All says

    What, what constitutes an African-style Cuban sandwich?! Someone order it and tell me! :D

  2. Disney Hipster Andrew says

    The pool bar menu picture is out of date unfortunately. :/ My beloved citrus infusion is gone. I believe the pool bar menus across property changed about a month ago…

  3. Joel says

    Hmm might need to try ‘private dining’ this week. Still rather expensive for food that I presume is just sent over from The Mara in a box.

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