Photo Tour and Review: NEW Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge in Disney World!

Um…this is why I LOVE writing this blog. It’s completely a group effort!

Yesterday, DFB readers Jacquie Symonds and Alan Cohen sent over some AWESOME pics of the brand NEW (i.e. JUST opened yesterday and they were the second people to eat there!!!!) Hollywood Brown Derby Patio Lounge!

We reported on this fun-ness on Tuesday, and we’re so excited to share an inside look with you today! Huge thanks to Jacquie and Alan!


The Patio Lounge is on the Brown Derby’s never-usually-used patio (natch) out in front of the restaurant. There’s an entrance next to Starring Rolls Cafe!

Ribbon Cutting!!

Guests will be seated both indoors and outdoors, so it’s still a good option even in the rainy or cold weather. Outdoor seats are under umbrellas and feature iron furniture with padded backrests.

A bar stands ready nearby to crank out all of those specialty drinks!

Patio seating at Brown Derby Lounge

Indoors, you’ll be seated in padded, dark wood chairs along tile flooring.

Inside Patio Seating at Brown Derby Lounge

Remember, no reservations are needed for this new location. If you’re at the Studios in need of some hearty eats, head on over!


The menu here is full of delicious options created by Hollywood Brown Derby chefs, so you know you’re getting high-end eats and drinks!

The small plates and desserts menu includes yums like duck confit tacos, Prince Edward Island mussels, and strawberry champagne cheesecake… .

Small Plates and Desserts

Jacquie and Alan tried the Sliders — Wagyu Beef with Cognac-Mustard Aioli, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Bacon, and Avocado; and House-made Chorizo with Chipotle Mayo, Manchego Cheese, Pickles, and crispy Onions for $15.00. This looks like a great deal!!

Wagyu Beef with Cognac-Mustard Aioli, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Bacon, and Avocado; and House-made Chorizo with Chipotle Mayo, Manchego Cheese, Pickles, and crispy Onions

Here’s a peek inside, because Jacquie and Alan are awesome.

Beef Slider Inside

They also sampled the CHEESE PLATE! This one featured Champignon Brie, Midnight Moon Goat, and Flora Nelle Blue with Raisins on the vine, Pear Jelly, Spiced Pecans, and Crostini for $15.00.

Cheese Plate, featuring Champignon Brie, Midnight Moon Goat, and Flora Nelle Blue with Raisins on the vine, Pear Jelly, Spiced Pecans, and Crostini

Cocktail flights include the awesome Margarita and Martini flights! And there are some great wine flights featured as well!

Wine List and Flights

Martini Flight at Hollywood Brown Derby

Brown Derby Citizens Take Flight Margarita Flight -- Bucky Greenhorn's Derby Margarita, Melvin Macheezmo Mango Margarita, and “Ready” Freddy Fiddlesticks Pomegranate Margarita

Wine at Brown Derby Lounge

And don’t forget to try some of the other specialty cocktails!

Specialty Cocktails

I can’t wait to check this spot out for myself! Thanks again to Jacquie and Alan for reporting! :-) Note, the Lounge does accept Disney’s Tables in Wonderland dining discount program!

What’s YOUR choice from the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Angie says

    Looks like a great place to hang out with my hubby if we get to take the adults only trip I’m dreaming of :-) Do you know if TIW discount will apply?

  2. says

    Angie — Yup! TiW will apply! Apologies — we noted that in our post on Tuesday, but I forgot to include it in this post! Will remedy that right away.

    Scott — Thanks for confirmation!

    catherine — Thank you for the review, my friend!!! :-) So glad you got to double dip the festival this year!!!

  3. Chuck says

    Awesome review thanks guys!!!
    This is really exciting I can’t wait to eat here on my next trip!

  4. Tom says

    Adding this to my must-do list. Food and flights look fabulous, and who doesn’t like a padded chair after a few hours in the park?

    Great review! A.J., put Jacquie and Alan on the payroll.

  5. Jenn @ Fairest Run of All says

    You DID say we can order from the regular menu, right? I may need to check this out…

  6. Lucy says

    That cheese plate looks delicious! I’ll add it to my “Cheese Around WDW” list! I love how you don’t need reservations here, I’ll be sure to stop by in 362 days!

  7. says

    Wow! That was fast. I had envisioned them closing in the patio and turning it in to an actual lounge rather than just switching to high top tables and a temporary bar. Perhaps it’s a test?It would be great to have another air-conditioned lounge in the studios!

  8. says

    Ron, no DDP at the lounge, I think. That martini flight looks amazing, but torn between that and the margarita flight. And those sliders, wow! DHS just got a lot more interesting for us. Yay!

  9. says

    We had the martini flight last year at Brown Derby, and I must say it has a bit of a punch. I’d recommend sharing…and definitely not driving anytime soon after.

  10. Joanna says

    We had our lunch there today. We had the sliders and they were delicious. Two of us split them so we each had half a slider. We were going to get the cheese plate too but decided we’d rather try the strawberry cheese cake. It was very light and airy. Really tasty. We saw some people having the Margarita flight and plan to return to try that. It was a beautiful day today and perfect to sit outdoors and have some good food and drinks and people watch. Highly recommend this new addition to the Studios dining. They did accept TIW.

  11. says

    This looks even better than I had expected. So sad that I didn’t have a chance to get there yesterday! I was too busy checking out the Haunted Horseshoe limited time magic, F&W, and the Smash Mouth Concert! Back in 3 weeks and putting this on the calendar.

  12. Frank Stefanec says

    Looks great. What time does it open??
    Can you get in from the standard reservation desk or just from the entrance by Starring Rolls??

  13. Megan & Chris says

    Just finished drinks there and really liked it. They are temporarily opening at noon (BD service starts at 11:30) but will hopefully sync up there timing in the next week or so. We had the margarita and martini flights and both were excellent and a good value it seemed. The bartender (Aaron) was also very attentive.
    We had the mussels and they were delicious as well. Very buttery and filling. More than I expected. Overall we will be returning. Good way to end an early morning at studios. I’m sure it gets more crowded at night but for lunch on a Friday it was a very light crowd.

  14. catherine says

    Opened at noon. No idea if they will let you in through the reservation desk. Everyone I saw came in the gate by Starring Rolls. They did have the doors open from inside.

  15. Tom says

    Nice addition, would be nice if they went away from the all day menu (I know they’ve had some lunch specials lately), it appears they gutted the beer menu.

  16. Frank Stefanec says

    We were there today also.
    Had the white and red wine flights. Both excellent.
    Had the duck confit taco’s, shrimp and blue crab dish, along with the sliders.
    Food was excellent.

  17. Carly says

    Does anyone know what time this lounge closes at night? Thinking about trying this for a light dinner next month. The margarita flight looks yummy!!!

  18. Deena says

    We had the pleasure of enjoying a relaxing afternoon here on 4/30 and it was fantastic. We walked right up, got seated and savored Margarita Flights and Cobb Salads and even got a special birthday desert! The staff was so gracious and the patio was nearly empty, only 1 other couple sharing the space.
    Highly recommend this “hidden treasure” as it is a fun way to spend a leisurely hour or so relaxing and taking in amazing drinks, great food and the ever festive Studios atmosphere.

  19. Liz Fuentes says

    A true treasure. As passholders we are always looking for something new. This did not disappoint! So incredibly delicious….. We had the sliders and the mussels…WOW! The drinks are well prepared and the service is wonderful! Can’t wait to do it again.

  20. Mirandamidas says

    We ate here in May at about 7pm for a light meal before Fantasmic. We enjoyed the sliders, which are currently the Wagyu beef shown in the review pics and a shredded duck, which were both delicious. We also asked for a full-size slice of the Grapefruit cake, which the server was happy to bring us. It is still one of the best cakes in Disney! The full size slice isn’t on the menu, but just ask for it.

    The cocktails were terrific, Martini flight is totally fun, and the server was great. It was nice to be able to sit outside but still have shade from the umbrellas, and the chairs were really comfortable. We will definitely visit again.

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