Review! New Club Cool Flavors in Epcot!

Club Cool has debuted several new soda flavors for guests to sample!

This fun, FREE option in Disney World’s Epcot has always been a dedicated fans’ pit stop in the middle of a hot, exhausting touring day (even though I really do miss the old “walk-through-a-glacier” entryway! That blast of cool air was awesome!).

The main goal of coming here is either to indulge in some of the more palate-friendly Coca-Cola beverages from around the world, or to trick friends and family members into trying one of the more bitter options — Beverly!

Speaking of — fans of Beverly don’t need to worry. The favorite Italian aperitif is still on tap.

But several options have been retired, and the new flavors include beverages from Zimbabwe, Thailand, South Africa, and Peru.

Club Cool Sign

Here’s a peek at the Club Cool choices!

New Flavors at Club Cool

Our friend @MealTrip tried them all, and wasn’t all that impressed. He much preferred the previous watermelon (China) and apple (Mexico) flavors to these.

But he went through and took pics of each new flavor so that you’d be able to see what you’re in for! :-) (Note: the see-through cups were used so that you could see the characteristics of each flavor. Club Cool still only offers the small, paper cups for the drinks.)

Fanta (Pineapple): This pineapple version is from Greece and has a sweet flavor with no caffeine. There are more than 90 flavors available in 180 countries. Fanta debuted in Europe in the 1940s and was introduced in the United States in the 1960s.

Pineapple Fanta from Greece

Fanta (Melon Frosty): This flavor of Fanta hails from Thailand and is the number one soda in that country.

Thailand Fanta -- Melon Flavor

VegitaBeta: Launched in Japan in 1992, this is a non-carbonated beverage with the flavors of apricot and passion fruit. This is also rich in beta carotene, which gives the beverage a bright orange hue.

Non-Carbonated VegitaBeta from Japan

Bibo: A fruit flavored, non-carbonated juice drink from South Africa.

Bibo from South Africa

Sparberry: This raspberry cream flavored soda is from Zimbabwe and is served exclusively in several countries in southeast Africa.

Zimbabwe's Sparberry

Inca Kola: This Peruvian soda is called “The Taste of Peru” and has a sweet, bubblegum-like flavor.

Inca Kola from Peru

Guarana Kuat: This soft drink is popular in Brazil and is flavored with the guarana berry.

Brazil's Guarana Kuat

And of course, Club Cool still has everyone’s favorite Italian beverage, Beverly!

Beverly: With its bitter flavor, this drink is a popular non-alcoholic aperitif. (Though many visitors to Italy claim that nobody knows about it there!)


While we’re going to miss some of the old flavors, we can’t wait to try out these new soft drinks and juices!

Which flavor are you looking forward to trying? Tell us in the comments!

Thanks to @MealTrip for the photos and the reviews!


  1. Frankie says

    As much as I’ll miss some of them (that Chinese watermelon!), I’ve been loads of times and the whole point is trying new flavours! As long as they don’t touch Beverly…

  2. Sue says

    I love that there will be new flavors to try. My kids will love it and I’ll get a chance to tell them about a few more areas from around the world.

  3. Sandy says

    Boo! I love the watermelon. I wish I could have it on tap at home! But I’m looking forward to trying the new flavors next year!

  4. says

    I will miss the honey lemon one they had from Israel, that was my favorite, and wish they bottled that one in the US. I had the Inca Kola when I visited Machu Pichu a few years ago, that is a very sweet drink.

  5. Len Mascaro says

    I will miss Mezzo Mix as a drink of that from Club Cool was always part of a visit to EPCOT. It reminded me of my many business trips to Germany. Looks like there are some other interesting flavors to try on next visit.

  6. Rach says

    Wait, didn’t Beverly used to be red with red & white artwork on the label? So they did do some changes to it!

    Also I’m surprised they think Inca Kola is rare & foreign when it’s pretty common in US areas that have Hispanic populations.

  7. Liv says

    It’s odd they’re still pushing Beverly, as it was discontinued in Italy four years ago. It didn’t seem to be popular there – not for the taste, but because Campari and Pellegrino apparently make similar non-alcoholic apertifs.

    So, either the Coca-Cola Company is burning off what remains of Beverly for visitors to World of Coke and Club Cool, or they’re still making small batches of the drink in the interest of keeping things interesting at the tasting stations.

  8. Sandra says

    My husband continues to sulk as one of the things he always enjoyed was the German soda, like a cola with a hint of orange. Thirty days and counting until I get to watch him pout in front of the machines and announce “There’s nothing left to drink but Beverly.”

  9. Lee says

    I have had the Inca Cola before. While in nursing school we had a carry in and one of my classmates is from Peru. She described it as a combination of Mountain Dew and Cream Soda, which when I tasted it thought that was pretty spot on. :)

  10. Alan says

    Even losing a few favorites – this is still one of the coolest spots in Epcot, especially on a typical Orlando summer day. I do miss the original set up, where you had to wend your way through piles of ice and snow, in a freezing cold room, to get go the sodas.

  11. Grace says

    We were just there this past week and were surprised and a little disappointed to see the changes. That said, our hands down favorite of the new ones was the pineapple Fanta. SOOOOOO good! I kept going back for more! :D VegitaBeta was pretty good too, as I love anything apricot and anything passion fruit. But the pineapple Fanta was the best.

  12. Jen says

    Are you all serious? Watermelon was the only one that was palatable. Beverly was the absolute worst one, it made me gag. I’m so glad they are finally getting new flavors.

  13. Kaytee says

    VERY excited about the pineapple fanta (who doesn’t love pineapple in all shapes and forms?)! I remember Bibo being available in Canada in juicebox form and drinking it when I was in high school. Personally I am glad they are switching things up and keeping it interesting, while still keeping the beloved Beverly of course! Can’t wait to trick my husband into trying it when we go in February.

  14. Joe B says

    I too was a fan of Mezzo Mix, Smart Melon, & Lift (Apple). At least I can get Mezzo Mix at Wegman’s or mix it myself. Some of the new flavors sound interesting but I don’t think they win me over compared to the others.

  15. Meghan says

    We are here now and we tried the new flavors yesterday. We really liked the pineapple fanta and the sparberry. We were not fans of bibo!

  16. Jan says

    I don’t care what they do with any of the other flavors as long as they keep Beverly. I know I’m in the minority, but I love that stuff.

  17. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    my daughter loved the watermelon .. it was the only way to keep her calm and quiet on the way to dinner was to tell her we would stop there

  18. Josh K says

    I, personally, am a fan of the guarana and pineapple flavored sodas. The Bibo was a tad bit too sweet for me, but the rest are all pretty good, as well. I think the only thing I terribly miss is the apple, and maybe the Kinsley lemon just a bit, as well. But change is good! :)

  19. Sara G says

    I am disappointed that some of the flavors are gone. I really loved mezzo mix (although I do regularly mix my own version at home), Krest and the manzana one. I look forward to trying the new flavors though. The pineapple and Gautama ones sound good. Also for the sake of not having to listen to my brother complain I am glad they didn’t get rid of vegita beta, he probably drinks at least 10 cups of it each time we visit.

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