Review: Tropical Pastries at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

If you’re at Caribbean Beach Resort and are hoping to start your day with a taste of the islands, then you’re in luck.

The last time DFB was here was when AJ reviewed the one-of-a-kind Monkey Cupcake! Today, it’s time to check out another unique set of Island-y goodies!

The Grab and Go area at Caribbean Beach’s Old Port Royale food court is now serving tropical-inspired breakfast pastries! Kudos to the pastry chefs here for coming up with such fun additions to the menu!

Grab and Go Area at Old Port Royale food court

This will be the first area you encounter — to your right — when you walk into the Food Court from the parking lot area. It’s a wide open space that you can’t miss.

This area of the food court features cold sandwiches and snacks for a quick bite any time of day. (And it’s a great place to pick up your midnight snack before heading back to your room after a long day in the parks.)

Stop by the Grab & Go

Refrigerated areas offer some healthier for you snacks, too, like fruit, salads, and pre-made sammies.

Display at Grab & Go

But we were here to check out the unique pastries with tropical flavors!! Here we go!


As I approached the bakery case, I noticed many favorites that are standard across Disney World Resort food courts (Cheese Danish, Chocolate Croissants, and Cinnamon Rolls, among others).

Bakery Case

Bakery Items

But I was especially impressed to find several tropical treats to choose from. I counted eight in all: the Mango Almond Tartlet, Pineapple Turnover, Pineapple Coconut Muffin, Ginger Mango Muffin, Guava and Cheese Danish or Turnover, Mango Coconut Muffin, and the Banana Turnover. Welcome to the Islands!

Tropical Pastries

I was tempted to grab what would most obviously suit my tastes: the Guava and Cheese Danish. There are few things I love more than a Cream Cheese Danish. Add to that a dollop of Guava puree and… GOOD MORNING!!

Guava and Cheese Danish Display

Guava and Cheese Danish Close Up

Since that one was a no-brainer, I thought it best to try some of the pastries that were unlike things I already know and love. I carried my choices to the outdoor seating area… not a bad place to start the day, huh?

Outdoor seating

First up? I tried… The Mango Almond Tartlet.

Mango Almond Tartlet

This tartlet is a light pastry base topped with almonds and a few positively HUGE mango pieces, then drizzled with icing.

Mango Slice

I was expecting an almond taste to the pastry from an added extract, but the almond flavor was purely from the shaved almonds themselves. I enjoyed the pairing of the nuts with the mango — they lent a nice crunch to the softened fruit, and the icing delivered just enough sweetness. It’s definitely one of the more unique pastries I’ve seen in the Disney Resorts.

Next… The Banana Turnover.

Banana Turnover

I had high hopes for this one due to the combo of banana and chocolate. This one is a flaky pastry stuffed with chunks of banana and chocolate drizzle on top.

Bananan Turnover Cross Section

The chocolate drizzle, I think, is where the turnover didn’t meet expectations. The drizzle seemed to be more of a chocolate syrup as opposed to a thicker sauce. The weaker consistency caused the chocolate to soak into the pastry instead of remain on top of it, so what should have been a flaky crust ended up soggy. The flavors were exactly what I’d hoped for, but were unfortunately overshadowed by the texture.

As a coconut fan, I just had to grab the Mango Coconut Muffin.

Mango Coconut Muffin

This muffin is pretty straightforward in presentation. No icing or streusel to be found, no surprises tucked inside –- just a dusting of toasted coconut on top, and coconut flakes throughout.

Mango Coconut Muffin Cross Section

The flavors were really quite subtle. Honestly, I didn’t detect much mango at all -– maybe just the slightest bit in the aftertaste. But the coconut flavor and toasted coconut bits were just right, and I would get one again in a heartbeat. It’s a terrific option if you’re looking for something quick, easy, and tasty to grab on your way out to the Parks, and also a great choice if you prefer something not overly sweet or sugary first thing in the morning.


I love it when the Resort food courts embrace and express their themeing right down to food choices, even in something as simple as a breakfast pastry.

Eat and Be Happy

It’s just another one of those things that gives each Resort its own special touch.

Have you tried any of the tropical pastries at Caribbean Beach? What’s your must-grab breakfast item in the Resorts? Let us know with a comment!


  1. Chrissy O. says

    The guava cream cheese turnover and mango almond tartlet are so yummy! That’s how I start every beautiful morning at CBR! Thank you for highlighting this pretty amazing, often over-looked resort!

  2. Katherine says

    Yeah, that guava and cheese was AMAZING. We stayed there last year and I think I ate it three times, that’s how impressed I was with it.

  3. Wendy says

    Caribbean Beach really is a special place :). I haven’t seen a collection of pastries like this anywhere else, and you can’t beat a clear, sunny morning with treats around Barefoot Bay!

  4. Paul S. says

    It’s been over 20 years since I stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort. But I truly LOVED my stays there and the food court was a wonderful experience. I know it’s not always consistent when it comes to the food courts anywhere. But I believe, personally, that Disney, at least, attempts to bring variety to the food choices at their resorts.

  5. Kat says

    We just left CBR yesterday (tear) and I already miss the guava cheese danish! I walked over the bridge to Old Port Royale every morning promptly at 6:30am so that I could get a warm GCDanish fresh off the cart the lady walked in with to stock the cases. OMG so good. Made my mornings. I will be dreaming of those Danishes until I get my hands on one again.

  6. Wendy says

    Kat — ooh… I haven’t tried a warm GC Danish, that sounds like a great strategy :). Hope you had a wonderful time and a great holiday!

  7. Ret says

    Sadly, it appears that the guava and mango pastries didn’t make the cut and probably won’t be available at any of the temporary dining locations during construction. So glad I enjoyed them this past February.

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