Photo Tour! Re-Imagined Restaurants and Lounges on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship!

Remember when we told you that the Disney Magic cruise ship was about to get a full makeover?? Well, today we have an awesome photo tour for you!!

The Re-Imagined Disney Magic

The Disney Magic – The original cruise ship of the Disney Cruise Line – first set sail in 1998. Fifteen years later, she has just launched again after a lengthy stay in dry-dock where she spent her time being “re-imagined.”

Re-imagining is more than simply being refurbished or refreshed. Some spaces around the ship were entirely redesigned while others were enhanced. She sure is a beauty!

Disney Magic

Since the re-imagined areas are primarily public spaces, this, of course, means that some of the dining areas and adult lounges were re-imagined or refreshed as well! Though some spaces, already timeless, remained unchanged or just refreshed.

Let’s have a look inside this amazing vessel and see what’s new!


The biggest update to the dining scene on the Disney Magic is the addition of Carioca’s.

Carioca's Entrance

What was previously Parrot Cay now pays homage to one of Donald Duck’s top amigos… Jose Carioca!


We’ll explore Carioca’s in-depth another post here on DFB, but for now let’s enjoy a glance at the spot that transports you to Rio de Janeiro, no matter which waters you may be sailing!

Beautiful new decor

Lanterns inside Cariocas


Along with the new surroundings comes a brand new menu featuring South American specialties. We’ll share our review in a later post, but here’s a tantalizing preview!

New Menu with South American Specialties


Entree at Cariocas

Animator’s Palate

Animator’s Palate has also received a sleek refreshment, though the fun-loving, whimsical theme remains happily the same.

Following the process of animation from initial pencil sketch to final inked-and-painted story, your surroundings magically change throughout the meal from black and white…

Entrance to Animator's Palate

Animator's Palate Table

Animator's Palate Beast Sketch

…into COLOR! The changes are subtle at first, but they positively burst at the end!

Sketch changes to blue


Dory in color!

The story here brings moments from Disney classic films into a montage of moving moments that are sure to make even the most stoic of passengers reach for his napkin claiming he “has something in his eye.”



There is another change here… on cruises of 7-nights or longer, Animator’s Palate features the Animation Magic show — previously featured only on the Disney Fantasy — where guests become “Disney Animators”!

Yep! You draw a picture at the beginning of the meal, and you’ll see your “character” dance across screens by the end!

Fantasy Show

Fantasy Animator Logo


Lumiere’s is unchanged. It remains a beautiful, elegant tribute to Beauty and the Beast featuring French cuisine.


Deep Fried Brie with Cranberry Chutney

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Nods to the film are in some places obvious, as in this mural depicting the ballroom scene.

Lumiere's Mural

Beauty and the Beast

In other places the tributes are less obvious, but lovely all the same. Look up, and you may spot an enchanted rose with fallen petals.

Lumiere's Chandelier

Lumiere's Enchanted Rose


Then, of course, there is the adults-only Palo.


Table Setting

The luxurious restaurant featuring fine Italian cuisine has not been redesigned, however it has been beautifully enhanced with details, including this river of light in the ceiling that echoes the winding water paths of Venice.

Ceiling Light

Close-Up of Ceiling Light

(Can you spot Mickey?) :)

Other lighting fixtures add to the beauty.


The addition of gondola-style poles stand in honor of what gives Palo it’s name (“palo” meaning “pole” in Italian).

Gondola Pole

The food remains, thankfully, DIVINE.

Lobster Ravioli

Beef Tenderloin

And the view isn’t bad, either…


After Hours

Speaking of places just for adults, there is a whole new array of lounges and nightclubs to enjoy!

After Hours Entrance

While families are welcome into these spaces during the day, after nine o’clock these areas are strictly for guests 18 and older.

The area that was once Beat Street is now appropriately named After Hours.

After Hours


We’ll visit these spots again, but let’s take a quick stroll through the sophistication of Keys, the piano bar.


Piano at Keys

Table at Keys

Coco Royale

O’Gill’s Pub

Next we’re off to O’Gill’s Pub to enjoy a pint along with some live music or televised sporting events.



Chilled Leprechaun


For those wishing to dance the night away or enjoy fun adult-only entertainment such as comedians or audience-participatory game shows, there is Fathoms.

Entrance to Fathoms



A fathom is a unit measuring the depth of water, and these jellyfish creatures on the ceiling show you that you are, indeed, fathoms below the water’s surface!



And finally, for everyone, there is Cabanas! Formerly Topsiders, this breakfast and lunch buffet offering indoor and outdoor seating has received a makeover complementary to the fleet’s newest ships, the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.

Cabanas Sign

Cabanas’ colorful themeing represents an Australian beach complete with umbrellas and seagulls!

Bright colors in Cabanas

Umbrella in Cabanas


I especially loved the wooden art pieces offering tribute to Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo mural at Cabanas.

Cabanas wood mural

I’m looking forward to sharing a little more with you about some of the amazing spaces in coming weeks! Until then, I wish you smooth sailing :)!

Share your thoughts on the new restaurants and re-imagined spaces aboard the Disney Magic! Join the discussion by leaving a comment below!


  1. Chrissy O says

    I wish so much that I could talk myself into going on a cruise because this looks just phenomenal! It seems like it’s defintely the place for food lovers! Oh that lobster mac and cheese looks sooo good. I’m amazed at how much Palo looks like Cali Grill. I think this is an eye opener because these look like such special places; not like what you’d think of typical cruise line fare. Leave it to Disney to go above and beyond! If I ever do cruise one day, it will have to be a short one because I could see myself gaining a pound a day, and boozing it up every night! Thanks for the peek onto the ship, Wendy!

  2. Anna says

    I’m surprised that you didn’t identify O’Gill’s as being from another Disney movie. I believe the name comes from Darby O’Gill and the Little People, one of my favorite live action movies growing up. It’s definitely appropriate that it’s a pub. :)

  3. Wendy says

    Hi, Anna! Yes, you’re totally right — great catch (no pun intended ;)!) I’m hoping to do a future post where we can explore the After Hours spots more in-depth, including a bit about “The Legend of O’Gill’s.” I hope you enjoy it! I spent a little time exploring a few nods to the film around the pub. That’s awesome that it’s one of your faves :)!

    Chrissy — I do hope you get to go one day… I think you’d love it! It is a different way to travel, to be sure… It took a while before I was convinced it was right for me, but now I’m in love :).

    Kelly — it is! Anything with Beauty and the Beast is always a winner in my book :). Is it one of your favorites, too?

  4. Kelly M says

    I do love Beauty and the Beast…warning, dont sit next to me at at the DHS show, there will be singing, it will be loud, and bad :-)
    For me its one of the most visually compelling of the hand animated movies. And it has some of the best songs!
    (When I have done something strange my family change the words to Belle to ‘she really is a funny girl that Kel….how cheeky!)

  5. Wendy says

    Ha! Oh, I wish my name could be inserted in a Disney song, but “Wendyrella” doesn’t have quite the same ring ;)!

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